Commercial Business Backup Power Generators

Don’t Take Chances with Power

When your business loses power, you can lose sales and productivity. Keep your business running with a Generac full backup power generator from the experts at Mr. Electric. Our business is to keep your business online. As the largest Generac dealer in Alabama, Mr. Electric of Birmingham has the experience to determine the best sized generator for your facilities.

Full Power Generator Advantages

  • Protect the safety and comfort of your employees during extreme weather events like ice storms, hail, tornadoes or extreme heat
  • Run essential HVAC systems, appliances, machinery, computers and servers during a power outage without interruption
  • Keep the building’s security systems operational when the power outage happens beyond regular work hours

Choices for Commercial Power Generators

Portable Generators

An electrician can wire a portable generator into a subpanel, or appliances and tools can be plugged in to the generator with extension cords. Portable generators offer a limited electrical supply, just enough power for up to four outlets when wired into a system. A few appliances can be run, such as refrigerators and freezers to keep food from spoiling. To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning in an enclosed space, portable generators must be located at least 10 feet away from the building, away from windows and doors, and in a completely open area with good ventilation. Portable generators are an inexpensive backup power option, but they must be manually started and maintained with fuel.

Automatic Standby Generators

Automatic standby generators start as soon as the power supply to your business is interrupted, even in a brownout situation when the power fluctuates. The intent is to keep the power supply even as possible to prevent damage to systems, appliances, computers and machinery. Powered by natural gas, propane, or diesel fuel, automatic power generators operate more quietly than portable generators and do not need regular fuel maintenance. A professional electrician from Mr. Electric can install a standby generator directly into the building’s electrical system with a transfer switch and a subpanel.

Electrical Power Generator Sizes

A Mr. Electric licensed electrician can help determine the correctly sized generator for your business’ power requirements. We can calculate the wattage required by the entire system so that it is not overloaded or undersupplied when the generator starts. Overloaded power can damage your facility’s electrical system, so you want to make sure the generator’s power is accurately estimated.

Professional Generator Installation

An electrician from Mr. Electric will safely install the proper wiring for your generator, including a transfer switch and a direct connection to your facility’s electric service panel. The transfer switch properly disconnects the facility from the power grid in the event of a power outage. This ensures the safe delivery of power only to designated circuits. It also prevents backfeeding, which is when electricity is fed into the power grid by your facility. An electrical power service technician could be electrocuted accidentally if a downed power line has undetected backfed power from your generator. In addition, Mr. Electric can properly position and install generators to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and keep your employees and customers safe. Finally, Mr. Electric will arrange for a third-party inspection of the new power generator to ensure that it complies with all local codes and regulations.

Keep your business running with the help of a power generator from Mr. Electric. We install generators throughout the Birmingham metro area, including Alabaster, Hoover, Indian Springs Village, Lake Purdy, Meadowbrook, and Pelham. Don’t wait for a storm to find out if your business can survive a power outage, call Mr. Electric for a consultation today.