Electrical Repair Services for Homes & Businesses in San Antonio, TX

Expert Electrical Repairs to Ensure Safety & Functionality

Electrical systems can be complex and require the expertise of qualified professional electricians. At Mr. Electric of San Antonio, we offer comprehensive electrical repair services for homes and businesses in the San Antonio, TX area. Our licensed and insured electricians have the experience, knowledge, and equipment necessary to diagnose and repair any electrical issue. We offer fast and effective electrical repairs, and our services are available 24/7 for emergencies. Learn more about our electrical repair services, and get in touch with us today to request a quote.

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Comprehensive Electrical Repair Services for Homeowners

At Mr. Electric of San Antonio, we understand that electrical systems can be complex, and any problems with them should be diagnosed and repaired by qualified professional electricians. With our comprehensive residential and commercial electrical repair services, you can have peace of mind knowing that the job will be performed safely and effectively. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Wire Replacement – Old wiring systems can cause many electrical problems and dangerous situations, such as outlet malfunctions and house fires. Our experienced electricians can replace any outdated wiring systems, including aluminum wiring, to provide a safe electrical flow.
  • Circuit Breaker Replacement – If your home or business has a problem with circuit breakers that trip frequently, we can help. We can upgrade circuit breakers to ensure you always have the power you need for all your devices and appliances. Our professional electricians can also repair, replace, and upgrade circuit breakers.
  • Child Proof Outlets – If you have small children, child proof outlets are a wise investment. We can install outlets that look nearly identical to standard wall outlets but have a spring-loaded receptacle cover plate to prevent kids from inserting objects into them, reducing their chances of being electrocuted.
  • Electrical Outlet Replacement – We can keep your property up to code by replacing any outdated two-prong outlets. Our team of electricians can upgrade your outlets to ensure you always have a reliable power stream while keeping your people and property safe.
  • Electrical Code Updates – Whether you're putting your house up for sale or you own a commercial facility, it's crucial to stay up to date with electrical codes. Our professionals will handle all the details to ensure your electrical wiring is up to code.

Why Choose Mr. Electric of San Antonio?

Mr. Electric of San Antonio offers comprehensive home electrical repairs based on your needs. Our professional electric repair services are available for our customers in San Antonio, Boerne, and Bulverde, TX. We are proud to offer residential electrical repairs for homeowners, and we can also provide comprehensive commercial electrical services for businesses in the area. You can count on our electrician repairs to get the job done right and keep your people and property safe. We recommend scheduling a safety inspection to help us find any potential electrical problems and fix them before they get any worse. Don’t put your loved ones or electronics in jeopardy because electricity is nothing to take lightly. We are happy to answer your electrical questions and provide a quote for the services you require.

Schedule Your Electrical Repair Services Today

Are you in need of electrical repairs in the San Antonio area? Look no further than Mr. Electric of San Antonio. Our comprehensive electrical services include installations, lighting, electrical safety, and generator installation, among others. As part of the Neighborly® family of home service providers, our licensed and insured professionals have the expertise and equipment to handle all your electrical needs. Don't risk doing electrical work yourself, and contact us today to request a quote or schedule an appointment.