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Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement Services in San Antonio

Do you ever feel like your home needs more air circulation? Does your existing ceiling fan not move enough air? Do you want to save on your energy bills? If any of these are true, then you could benefit from professional ceiling fan installation and replacement from Mr. Electric® of San Antonio.

Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement Services in San Antonio
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  • Fan Won’t Turn

    If you flip the switch for your ceiling fan and the light comes on, but there is no fan movement, the fan’s motor might have reached the end of its life. It’s probably time to replace that fan with one that is newer, more energy efficient, and better matches the home.

    Fan Moving Air Inefficiently

    When your fan blades are moving, but there is no discernable change, your fan might be on its last legs. This is a common situation that could be repaired, but replacement is the better option, as the cost of repairs tends to exceed the price of a new fan.

    Noisy Ceiling Fan

    Loud screeching or scraping noises when in use are not the sounds of a properly functioning fan. When the noise is audible to the point of distraction, the constant noise can drive you crazy. Don’t let the sound drive you from your home; consider replacing the ceiling fan instead.

    Fan Wobbles

    Fans should not shimmy and shake when in operation. This is an indicator of improper installation or uneven fan blades. If the fan has been doing this for any time, it can damage the motor, eventually shortening the life of your ceiling fan.

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Mr. Electric's Ceiling Fan Services

Mr. Electric of San Antonio service professionals provide top-tier ceiling fan installation solutions for your home or business. We ensure the proper installation of both indoor and outdoor fans to optimize your comfort and energy savings.

Installation of New Fans

When you know your home can be more comfortable, our service professionals can provide quality installation. From new wiring to mounting in the ceiling, Mr. Electric can get your new fan moving.

Replacement of Older Fans

If your fan motor gives out or your home needs a new look, it could be time to replace your ceiling fan. With ceiling fan replacement, we make your home better than ever.

Lighting Upgrades

Mr. Electric service professionals can update your ceiling fan by adding new or different lighting. Give your home a new aesthetic that will shed light on the true beauty of your home.

Benefits of Professional Ceiling Fan Installation

Professional ceiling fan installation from Mr. Electric is a valuable service that helps give whatever space you’re in a more welcoming feel. Additionally, ceiling fans provide additional benefits like:

  • Energy Savings - A ceiling fan lets you use less energy to cool your space. This translates into a smaller carbon footprint and energy bill savings from decreased consumption.
  • Increased Home Airflow - Proper airflow will make everything feel much cooler to you and your guests. Whether indoors or out, a ceiling fan will put everyone in a better mood.
  • Aesthetic Advantages - A new fixture or updated lighting will improve your space's look and feel. Modern ceiling fans come in many shapes, sizes, and finishes. Whether you want a statement piece or something subtle, you can make your fan a unique representation of you.
  • Climate Control - Get a more consistent temperature and manage places that get warmer or colder easily. Don’t worry about being too hot in one room and too cold in another a ceiling fan benefits all the rooms in your home.
  • Having a service professional from Mr. Electric install your ceiling fan is always the right choice. Our professional installations make energy savings a breeze! We are committed to giving you the best service possible, and customer satisfaction is a priority.

    We’re locals like you, and we know how hot and sticky it can get in San Antonio. Trusting us with your ceiling fan installation or replacement will ensure your fan is mounted correctly, the blades are balanced, and all the wiring to and from the new fixture is correct. Are you concerned about 3-way switches and remote controls? We can help with that. We care for our community and treat you like our neighbor.

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