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Electrical Safety Inspections in San Antonio, TX

Ensuring Your Household or Professional Safety

At Mr. Electric of San Antonio, your home or business’s electrical safety and reliability are our biggest concerns. We have a team of licensed electricians ready to perform electrical safety inspections in San Antonio, Boerne, and Bulverde, TX. You can protect your customers, employees, and family by verifying your home or business’s electrical system runs as safely as possible. People often don’t notice many electrical safety hazards in their daily lives, but ignoring your system and hoping for the best isn’t a valid solution. Our electrical service professionals offer various services, such as installingwhole house surge protectors, childproofing outlets, and upgrading wiring. Failing to schedule a routine electrical home safety inspection or requesting one because of a renovation or electrical issue can lead to damaging electronic devices and risking your loved ones’ well-being. We invite you to get more information about our home electrical safety inspections. After learning more, you can reach out to us to schedule your inspection or request an estimate.

Electrical Safety Inspections in San Antonio, TX

Ensuring Your Household or Professional Safety

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  • Regularly scheduled electrical inspections are vital to protect your property and the people occupying it. A faulty electrical system can cause various issues, including electrical shocks and fires. Mr. Electric of San Antonio’s electrical team can identify your electrical system’s shortcomings accurately. We may catch issues like tripped breakers and flickering lights. These problems may indicate that you need to upgrade your system. You get peace of mind from an electrical inspection because it lets our licensed electricians identify minor issues before they worsen and develop into more substantial and dangerous problems.

  • Mr. Electric of San Antonio offers electrical safety inspections for all property types, including residential and commercial properties in every industry. Our highly trained and certified professionals will thoroughly examine your home or business’s electrical components. We check for service panel issues, a lack of properly grounded wires, GFCImalfunctions, unsafe connections like exposed wiring or improper splices or frays, a lack ofcarbon monoxide or smoke detectors, and unsafe appliance connections. Our general home electrical inspections encompass reviewing your entire electrical system from top to bottom. We will examine your light switches, electrical panel, and many other essential system features. Electrical panel inspections are essential for planning projects like finishing your basement or a room addition to your current home. You may also want to add a pool, hot tub, or another major appliance, or you may buy an electric vehicle and need to install a charger. You should never try to carry out any of these jobs in an aging home without having a licensed electrician perform a comprehensive inspection first.
  • Potential homeowners should wait to buy a home until they schedule an electrical safety inspection of the property they intend to buy. We advise customers to schedule an electrical inspection on a new construction build as well. After signing on a home purchase, you inherit any electrical problems the previous homeowner or contractor left behind. Mr. Electric of San Antonio’s experts also strongly suggest performing an inspection before any major appliance installation. You can also use an electrical inspection to help you reduce your monthly energy bills and make changes to achieve a more energy-efficient home. Electrical inspections are also necessary before and after you finish any substantial renovations. Our electrical team also offers swimming pool electrical safety inspections. Even if none of these projects are on your calendar, you should have an electrician inspect your home’s electrical system every few years for safety’s sake. If you can’t remember when your last home electrical inspection happened, it’s time to schedule your next safety checkup with a licensed electrical team. Our electrical safety inspection checklist could potentially save your life and property.

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Mr. Electric of San Antonio’s talented team of electricians will gladly help you stay safe and ensure your electrical system runs reliably. Our expertise and adept skill set at identifying and resolving electrical issues at homes and businesses make our inspection an invaluable investment. We can visit your residential or commercial property and inspect every system component to verify it’s up to code and minimize your risk of shocks, fires, and insufficient wiring, circuits, and other features. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or request an accurate job estimate.

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