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Lighting Repair in San Antonio, TX

Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he perfected the lightbulb. We didn’t invent the lightbulb, but we can fix yours.

Mr. Electric®'s professional lighting repair experts are trained to provide brilliant repairs. When the darkness creeps, we bring back the light with quality lighting repair solutions for your home or business.

Lighting Repair in San Antonio, TX
Mr. Electric technician installing ceiling fixture.

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  • When lights flicker or leave you in the dark, the resulting frustration can leave you feeling panicked and uncomfortable. It’s time to call Mr. Electric. We can address many of the standard lighting issues that might complicate your ability to enjoy your home by sending a lighting repair expert to set your house alight.

  • Our service professionals take pride in providing the proper lighting repairs and upgrades to make your home or business into the space you’ve been dreaming of. We also help prevent future problems with appropriate wiring and fixtures to be safe and add to the overall feeling lighting creates.

  • Lighting makes a comfortable, beautiful home or business, and having enough fixtures can drastically help illuminate daily tasks as well as create a quiet ambiance at dinner. Adding smart lighting controls and dimmers gives you increased flexibility and control over your space for a warm, inviting feeling that guests will love.

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Types of Lighting

Lighting can be broken down into three categories. General, task, and accent lighting help create and accent your home’s atmosphere. Mr. Electric professionals are well-versed in navigating each type of installation or repair to enhance and brighten your home.

General lighting, also base or ambient lighting, provides an overall light in a space, usually coming from above. This creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, setting the foundation for other lighting.

Task lighting has a minor focus and is placed to benefit a specific location by providing more light. It is purposeful and helps you shine a light more directly, like a reading lamp next to your chair.

Accent and decorative lighting are similar but not quite the same. Accent lighting showcases focal points, like an architectural feature or favorite artwork. Accent lighting adds depth, while decorative lighting is intended to be aesthetic, making the house beautiful but not entirely necessary.

  • When lighting in your home gives you trouble, Mr. Electric professionals can help with effective and efficient lighting repair service. Our professionals are courteous and ensure that the diagnosis and upfront costs are explained and questions answered.

    If you notice flickering lights, light switches that are warm or give a shock, or there is an odd burning smell when lights are on, we are there promptly to relight your life.

    Even changing a light switch can become dangerous, so leave it to Mr. Electric. We will have you feeling comfortable in a well-lit space with no risk of harm to you or your family. We provide the right solutions and quality workmanship to ensure you aren’t ever left in the dark.

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Mr. Electric has the power to make things better. Embrace the ease of call-ahead scheduling with Mr. Electric's 24/7 availability. Our skilled technicians prioritize quality, respect your home, and provide transparent upfront pricing for peace of mind.

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