Outlet Installation in San Antonio, TX

Installing Electrical Outlets Wherever You Need Them

Do you need to use extension cords or hunt for a free outlet because you don’t have electrical outlets in your home or lack them where you need them? You might think your electrical outlets are permanent fixtures, but you can have a licensed and professional electrician install new outlets to power all your appliances and devices. Your new outlets can go by your favorite reading chair, or we can install one behind your entertainment center to support your movie-watching and music-listening. Even if more electrical outlets aren’t part of your ambitions, you may need to replace your old or damaged outlets with new ones to avoid malfunctions and safety hazards. Outlets tripping regularly or sparking whenever you connect a device to them might put you at risk of electrical shock or fires. Most importantly, two-pronged outlets require replacement because they’re considered unsafe compared to newer three-pronged, grounded outlets contractors and electricians install in today’s homes. Fortunately, Mr. Electric of San Antonio performs electrical outlet installations at San Antonio, Bulverde, and Boerne, TX properties. You can contact us for more information about the types of electrical outlets our talented electricians install at homes and businesses!

Mr. Electric electrician working on a power outlet

Choosing the Right Electrical Outlet to Install

After deciding to improve your home’s electrical system by installing new outlets, your next action is to decide which outlet type you wish to install. Many people are surprised by how many outlet varieties are available. Some outlets include high-tech add-on features, while others protect your property and loved ones with advanced safety features. One of Mr. Electric of San Antonio’s friendly electricians will gladly consult with you and explain your choices. We have been helping San Antonio, Boerne, and Bulverde households update their structures and guiding them through the outlet installation process for years. Some outlet types that we frequently install include the following:

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets – GFCI outlet installation effectively prevents electrocution in wet areas and other home spaces. These outlets monitor for abnormal current flow running through them and cut off power flow before an electrical shock can occur.
  • Arc Fault Current Interrupter (AFCI) Outlets – AFCIs look a lot like GFCIs with “Reset” and “Test” buttons on their receptacles. However, AFCIs detect electricity arcs, which are common with exposed wiring and break the circuit before a fire happens.
  • Smart Outlets – Smart outlets connect to your home’s other smart devices, such as doorbell cameras and security systems. You can also throttle your devices’ electricity consumption when you’re not using them with some smart outlets.
  • Switched Outlets – These outlets are half switch and half electrical outlet. You can control devices plugged into one of these outlets by flipping a switch.
  • USB Outlets – Instead of cluttering up your existing outlets by plugging in USB adapters, you can add an outlet with built-in USB charging ports to free up your outlets and connect other devices.
  • Tamper-Resistant Outlets – If children live in or visit your home, these innovative child proof outlets provide better protection than plastic plugs.
  • Two-Duplex Outlets – Two plugs might not be enough to support your device usage. We can upgrade your outlets with two-duplex outlets, giving you four places to plug in appliances and devices.
  • 15-Amp Outlets – This outlet is the standard choice for homes. These three-pronged outlets work well in areas around your home where you don’t use multiple high-power-drawing devices simultaneously.
  • 20-Amp Outlets – You can spot 20-amp outlets around your home by their left plug’s horizontal slit. These outlets supply your devices with more power to handle kitchen appliances, power tools, and other devices with higher power demands.
  • 30-Amp Outlets – Electricians often reserve these high-powered outlets to support water heaters, furnaces, RVs, and other heavy-duty appliances.
  • 50-Amp Outlets – 50-amp outlets are the electrical industry’s most powerful outlets we can install at residential properties. Homeowners use these outlets to power ovens, clothes dryers, air conditioners, and other major household appliances.

Request an Appointment for Expert Outlet Installation

If your home has outdated outlets, don’t let them continue to inconvenience your daily life. Mr. Electric of San Antonio puts safe and reliable household power back in your hands. Let us install electrical outlets in the exact locations where you want to power various appliances and devices. We’ll walk you through the many outlet options to select those with the safety features and amperage you need to support electricity use in all your home spaces. Request your outlet installation appointment today for exceptional outlet solutions at your property.