Circuit Breaker Replacement in San Antonio, TX

Circuit Breaker Replacement & Upgrades for Safe Power

When you need to replace your circuit breaker, you can leave your project in one company’s hands. Mr. Electric of San Antonio has a team of seasoned electricians with years of experience performing circuit breaker replacements and upgrades. As your home or business’s electrical system ages and technology continues to evolve, now is a perfect time to upgrade your circuit breakers to ensure they safely support your electrical needs today and in the future in San Antonio, Boerne, and Bulverde, TX. You might experience one or more warning signs, including your circuit breaker tripping frequently, or you could want an electrical professional to inspect your current circuits. Fortunately, you can trust our licensed electricians to help you with efficient and effective inspections, replacements, and upgrades for your entire electrical system to make your power usage safe, convenient, and reliable.

Mr. Electric electrician working on a circuit breaker

What Is an Electrical Circuit Overload? How Can I Prevent It?

When your system transfers more electricity across an electrical wire than its circuit can support, it can experience an overload. For example, if you plug in and run a computer from the same outlet as your hair dryer, your circuit may not have adequate amperage to run both devices simultaneously. This situation can cause your circuit to trip and cut power to all the devices connected to it. To protect your circuit against tripping, you should upgrade your outlets and wiring to ensure they have sufficient capacity to support all your electricity demands. Mr. Electric of San Antonio’s licensed professionals can perform a circuit breaker upgrade or replacement at your residential or commercial property.

When Do My Circuits Need Replacement or an Upgrade?

Homeowners and business owners have many reasons to consider a circuit breaker replacement or upgrade. Mr. Electric of San Antonio can replace your circuit breakers for any of the following reasons:

  • Overloaded Outlets – Do you have frequently tripping circuit breakers? Do you need to use too many extension cords and power strips to power your devices? Does adding more outlets to support all electronic devices and appliance sound like a necessity?
  • Security Systems – If you want to ward off intruders by installing a security system, you will need to connect your circuit breaker to your household electrical system.
  • Specialty Lighting – If your home electrical project includes adding recessed lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, track lighting, or other specialty light fixtures, our service professionals can ensure we correctly connect your new lighting to the corresponding circuit.
  • Appliances – Does your home require additional outlets to power your appliances? Or, you might want to place a second refrigerator or freezer in your garage.
  • Additional Outdoor Electricity – If you’re investing in outdoor space improvement with landscape lighting, pool, or new sprinkler system addition, we can help keep the process running smoothly.
  • Ceiling Fans – Does turning off your ceiling fan while keeping the light on at the flip of a switch sound like a worthwhile project?
  • Emergency Generator Installation – If you want to add backup power to your home or business in case a blackout occurs, you will need a dedicated sub-panel specifically for an emergency generator.
  • Home Entertainment Centers – Home entertainment systems use substantial energy to continue operating. We can help you safely plug in all these devices at once without your breaker tripping.
  • Home Office Equipment – Does your home office require additional power outlets to support all its electricity demands?
  • Cable or Satellite TV – Do you want to improve your home’s bedrooms by adding cable or satellite television?
  • Garage or Workshop – We can help you make your workspace or garage more functional by installing additional outlets.
  • Home Efficiency Upgrades – Do you plan to install an electric vehicle charging station, solar panels, or a solar water heater at your home? You’ll need our professional assistance to ensure your electrical system has the capacity to support any of these home improvement projects and additions.

How Much Does a Circuit Breaker Replacement Cost?

Circuit breaker replacements usually cost between $100 and $200, but the final cost depends on your job’s complexity and how many breakers an electrician must replace. Call Mr. Electric of San Antonio today for an accurate estimate.

Professional Circuit Breaker Installation Specialists

At Mr. Electric of San Antonio, we prioritize your electrical safety. While you might think you can save money and hassle by trying to repair your own electrical issues, hiring a licensed, professional electrician to perform all electrical repairs, upgrades, and installations is vital. Electricians must install circuit breakers to meet the latest code requirements to ensure your insurance policy accepts it and the completed work meets safety standards.

Schedule Premium Circuit Breaker Replacement Today

Whether your San Antonio, Bulverde, or Boerne, TX home’s circuit breaker needs professional replacement, repairs, or upgrades, our seasoned electrical experts can help. Mr. Electric of San Antonio will ensure we complete your electrical project with the unbeatable work quality you deserve. Contact us today to schedule service and replace your circuit breakers.