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Home Wiring Update Services in Lafayette, LA

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Untangle Old Wires With Mr. Electric of Lafayette

Appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves become outdated over the years, and the same is true for electrical wiring. As your system gets older, it only makes sense that the wires will wear down over time. Fortunately, Mr. Electric of Lafayette is here to offer home wiring updates whenever you need them. We provide outstanding services to multiple Louisiana communities, including Lafayette, Broussard, and Scott, and our team can take on all kinds of wiring updates. We'll ensure everything is up to code and repairs are completed promptly. Save yourself anxiety about electric shock and fires—update the electrical wiring in your home today.

When Is It Time for an Update?

Is your home more than 40 years old? Has it been a while since an electrician last looked at your wiring? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, updating your home electrical wiring is likely in the cards. However, there are plenty more reasons why you may want an upgrade. Here are some of the most common reasons to request a wiring update:

Your Current Wiring Is Too Old

Homes more than 40 years old probably need to be at least partially rewired. Some homeowners may only need to replace a few sections, but homes built before 1980 will likely need entirely new wiring. Many older homes were built using materials that are known safety hazards, so it's in your best interests to seek the help of a licensed electrician.

Your Home Has Ungrounded, Two-Pronged Outlets

Did you know two-pronged outlets are a safety hazard? These outlets aren't properly grounded and increase the risk of electric shock and damage to electronic devices. A surge protector isn't enough to prevent problems—talk to our team about installing three-pronged outlets.

You Don't Have GFCIs

Look for receptacles that feature "TEST" or "RESET" buttons. Can't find any? Then you're missing GFCIs that provide crucial protection against electric shock in high-moisture areas. You'll want these receptacles placed in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and other spaces susceptible to water damage. Our team can get you set up with GFCIs quickly and easily.

Your Home Has No AFCIs

AFCIs are vital protection against electrical fires. They act as circuit breakers and disconnect immediately if there's a fire risk. You should have ACFIs installed in all bedrooms, and in some cases, every room of the house.

Your Outlets Can't Adequately Support Appliances

Updating electrical wiring in an old home is often done because of new appliances. Many household appliances need special plugs to function properly, but old homes don't always have the proper outlets. The team at Mr. Electric of Lafayette will make sure you have the proper outlets to support all your new appliances.

Your Electrical Panel Isn't Efficient Anymore

Oftentimes, the cost to update electrical wiring in the home includes the price of a new electrical panel. When your panel is no longer sufficient for your home's needs, talk to Mr. Electric of Lafayette about a replacement. The 60-amp panels of the past just aren't enough for modern-day electricity demands. Consider an upgraded breaker box if you have multiple devices all plugged in at once.

Schedule Your Upgrades Today

You should never procrastinate on home wiring updates! Staying in line with local and national regulations is the best way to keep your family safe from electrical fires and electrocution. Luckily, Mr. Electric of Lafayette can take care of the hard work for you. We'll complete quick and efficient updates, and we can even schedule a full inspection. Let us know how we can give you peace of mind.