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Electrical Repairs in Lafayette, LA

Comprehensive Electric Repairs for Homes & Businesses

The highly trained expert team at Mr. Electric of Lafayette offers comprehensive electrical repairs to cover various issues affecting homes and businesses throughout Lafayette, Broussard, Youngsville, and Scott, LA. Our friendly and licensed electricians can assist your household or workplace with a broad range of electrical repair services with quick and impressive work quality anytime you need it. We’re dedicated to completing repairs correctly the first time to help you return to your regular daily routine. Get in touch with us today to schedule a convenient appointment time to receive residential or commercial electrical repair services on any part of your electrical system.
Electrical Repairs in Lafayette, LA

Comprehensive Electric Repairs for Homes & Businesses

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  • Many homeowners and business owners or managers might think attempting to perform electrical repairs themselves will save time and money. However, hiring a professional, licensed electrical technician to handle all their residential or commercial projects involving electricity is vital to their safety and the system’s long-term performance. Below, you’ll find several commercial and residential electrical repair services Mr. Electric of Lafayette offers as a local electrical expert:
    • Circuit Breaker Replacement – Does your circuit breaker trip frequently? Does your circuit breaker need upgrading to support a higher electrical capacity and ensure all your devices and appliances work whenever you need them? Our expert electrical technicians can repair, replace, or upgrade your home or business’s current circuit breaker.
    • Wire Replacement – Your home or business can have many problems if its wiring is old, including outlet malfunctions and house fires. Unfortunately, aluminum wiring and other old wiring systems put your property at severe risk of a fire. You should replace old wiring immediately to keep electrical flow safe in your home or workplace.
    • Electrical Outlet Replacement – Outdated two-prong outlets no longer meet today’s electrical code requirements. Older homes’ electrical systems often haven’t been updated with modern electrical safety outlets. Our technicians can upgrade your electrical outlets and safeguard your home or business against electrical hazards while providing a reliable power stream to your devices and appliances.
    • Electrical Code Updates – You may want to put your home up for sale on the real estate market or make modifications to ensure your home meets current electrical code requirements. We can guide you through the entire updating process and ensure your residential or commercial property is up to the latest electrical code. Furthermore, upgrading your current home or building’s electrical system may improve your chances of selling it promptly when a potential buyer shows interest or makes an offer.
    • Child-Proof Outlets – Child-proof outlets look almost the same as standard wall outlets. However, manufacturers design these outlets to ensure all children in your home or workplace are safe while protecting your electrical system. Spring-loaded receptacle cover plates prevent young family members from inserting objects when they apply unequal pressure to the receptacle's contact points.
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When looking for a local electrical repair company serving Lafayette, Youngsville, Broussard, or Scott, LA homes and businesses, look no further than Mr. Electric of Lafayette. Whether you have particular concerns about your residential or commercial property’s electrical system or want to ensure the wiring, outlets, and other system components are up to code, our seasoned electrical experts are ready to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for quick and reliable electrical repair services!

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