Complying With Electrical Code Updates in Lafayette, LA

Electrical Code Updates in Lafayette, LA

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Stay on Top of Your Home or Business's Wiring

The risk of electric shock and fire should not be taken lightly. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that electrical wiring problems cause around 30,000 house fires, 200 deaths, and 1,000 injuries yearly. Electrical issues cause hazards all the time, and it's important to stay on top of updates and best practices for wiring. If your electrical wiring is in need of an update, get in touch with Mr. Electric of Lafayette. We serve customers in Lafayette, Broussard, and Scott, LA with exceptional services and the highest expertise. Learn more about staying compliant with updated electrical codes.

What Are Electrical Code Updates?

Electrical code updates are outlined by the National Electrical Code (NEC). This agency creates standards for electrical installation, wiring, design, inspection, and more. For over 100 years, the NEC has announced updates to the code every three years, taking into account advances in technology and new information about safety precautions. The latest code update was issued in 2020.

the Importance of Complying with Updates

Don't allow electrical code updates to fall by the wayside! Staying up to date is vital to avoiding dangerous problems before they occur. Buildings without updated wiring put residents at increased risk of electrocution and electrical fires. We encourage our customers to get proactive about these threats and comply with new regulations as soon as possible.

Talk to Our Team About Getting Updated

Making electrical code corrections on your own is never a good idea. Electrical work is complicated, and it can be dangerous if attempted without the proper training. Fortunately, the team at Mr. Electric of Lafayette is here for you. Our customers enjoy top-tier service that encompasses all of the following:

  • Evaluating homes and ensuring they meet the latest requirements
  • Inspecting homes proper to purchase
  • Fixing electrical issues prior to the sale of your home
  • Protecting you and your family from electrical incidents and liability issues
  • Offering a reasonable electrical code update and correction cost

Here's What You Need to Know About the 2020 Update

The NEC's most recent update was announced in 2020. However, deciphering the update can be difficult if you're not a trained electrician. Here's a layman's guide to the key takeaways from the latest update:

  1. All new one- and two-family dwellings must have exterior emergency power disconnect switches. Installing these switches allows for safer working conditions for emergency responders.
  2. Rules involving de-energizing panel boards have been updated to protect electrical workers on the job.
  3. The NEC has updated load calculation tables to account for improvements in modern energy efficiency (i.e., widespread use of LED lighting).
  4. Guidelines for solar-generated energy storage have been revised to account for new home energy storage technologies (i.e., Tesla Powerwall home battery).
  5. Enhanced regulations have been implemented for surge protection affecting sensitive safety equipment.
  6. General requirements have been added to cover exposed cables on ceilings and walls.
  7. GFCI protection now includes all 125- and 250-volt receptacles supplied by a single-phase circuit of 150 volts or less to ground.
  8. Basement (finished and unfinished) receptacles must always have GFCI protection.
  9. Rules governing the use of Ethernet cables that transmit data and electrical power simultaneously have been updated.
  10. New rules have been stated for how homeowners may transfer power from electric vehicle batteries to residential wiring.

Schedule Your Inspection Today

Louisiana electrical code updates can be challenging to navigate, but Mr. Electric of Lafayette is here to make understanding regulations much easier. Our licensed electricians have years of experience in the field, and we can fix up your systems in no time. If you're concerned about the condition of your electrical work, don't hesitate to schedule an inspection. We'll ensure everything is up to date and in proper working order.