Home Generator Installation Services in Lafayette, LA

Home Generator Installation in Lafayette, LA

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Taking Care of Your Generator Installation Needs

What's your emergency preparedness plan? You might have water and nonperishable food items stored away, and perhaps you've talked with your family about potential meeting locations if you get separated. But another crucial way to be prepared in an emergency is to have a home generator installed. These units ensure you won't be without a working refrigerator, air conditioner, or phone charger if the electricity goes out. At Mr. Electric of Lafayette, home generator installation is among our specialties. Our seasoned team of electricians can set you up with a brand-new unit and explain proper maintenance techniques. Don't be left in the dark—get a home back-up generator installed today!

How Does a Generator Work?

Generators use gasoline or natural gas and a heavy-duty rechargeable battery to create electrical power. When something knocks the power out, the generator will kick on automatically and keep your essential appliances up and running. Generators are especially handy for ensuring you always have access to a refrigerator, freezer, furnace, sump pump, stove, lights, and air conditioning. Having a residential home generator is an invaluable tool during or after:

  • Blackouts—Blackouts often occur as a result of extreme temperatures affecting the power grid. You may find your electricity down for a while as the power grid struggles to keep up with energy demands.
  • Inclement Weather—Lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, and heavy winds can all mess with the power lines. Sometimes, power may be out for days on end.
  • Damage from Animals—Did you know damage from animals is the second leading cause of power loss? Having a generator means you won't have to deal with the fallout from these critters' antics.
  • Natural Disasters—Floods and hurricanes are often on Louisianan's minds. Generators go a long way to giving you peace of mind during a natural disaster.
  • Car Accidents—Vehicles crash into power lines frequently, causing interruptions in service. A generator makes sure you aren't left in the dark.

Types of Home Generators

Our home generator installers have experience with all kinds of units. As you browse the different generator types, we'll discuss special features, price, and longevity. Over the years, we've recommended these kinds of generators to our customers in Lafayette, Broussard, and Scott, LA:

Portable Home Generators

If you only need to power a few essential appliances, a portable home generator is a strong option. This generator has a manual start and connects with the appliance you'd like to power, giving it temporary life. Portable generators run around only $1,500, making them an excellent choice for those worried about a steep home generator installation cost. However, it's important to note that they come with an increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if used improperly.

Home Standby Generators

Home standby generators can restore power automatically during an outage. Using natural gas or propane, the unit will switch on as soon as it detects an interruption. Customers who choose this type of generator enjoy increased peace of mind and convenience. But home standby generators come with a heftier price tag, costing up to $15,000 for select units.

What Size Generator Do I Need?

Depending on your unique needs, you may need a larger home generator than your neighbors. Fortunately, Mr. Electric of Lafayette is here to help you make the right choice. We'll listen to your circumstances and recommend the ideal size for your home. Our professionals can estimate the wattage you'll need to power all your essential devices and point you to the best generators to get the job done.

Get in Touch With Mr. Electric of Lafayette

A good emergency preparedness plan includes a reliable home generator. Whether you're concerned about major storms or short power outages, the team at Mr. Electric of Lafayette can recommend the unit best suited to your needs and lifestyle. We've completed numerous home generator installations over the years, and we're proud to have helped so many families in Lafayette, Broussard, and Scott. Take advantage of our expert services—contact us today.