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Circuit Breaker Installation in Lafayette, LA

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Is It Time for a Circuitry Update?

As technology gets smarter, it often uses more energy. And it follows that electrical systems can no longer keep up with the demand. Fortunately, it only takes some circuitry updates to get all your appliances up and running. The team at Mr. Electric of Lafayette specializes in circuit breaker installation, and we'll make sure your system can support all of your electrical needs. Modern electricity demands can take a toll on older systems, but our team will ensure that your system is set up for success. We proudly serve homes and businesses in Lafayette, Broussard, and Scott, LA.

How Can I Prevent an Electrical Circuit Overload?

Installing a circuit breaker can go a long way to preventing an electrical circuit overload. Overloads trigger when there's too much amperage being transferred across an electrical wire. The circuit breaker trips and may lead to serious problems such as electrical fires. Luckily, preventing a circuit overload is easy when you request updates to your outlets and wiring regularly. Our team will evaluate your system and recommend circuit replacements and upgrades.

Here's Why You Should Get New Circuits Installed

Upgrading your circuits should never fall by the wayside. Even though you may not notice any immediate problems, there could be issues waiting under the surface. Staying on top of upgrades is the best way to ensure you don't run into serious problems. Here are a few more reasons to get a circuit update today:

  1. Overloaded Outlets—Are your circuit breakers constantly tripping? Do you have way too many power strips and extension cords? If you need more outlets, a circuit update is perfect for you.
  2. Security Systems—Security systems use lots of energy, so it's imperative to ensure your electrical panel can handle the responsibility. We'll make sure your system can support the security measures that give you peace of mind.
  3. Specialty Lighting—Hoping to add recessed lighting or wall sconces to your space? You may need to upgrade your circuits to allow for specialty lighting.
  4. Appliances—If you're out of outlets to plug in your appliances, it's time for an update. Our team will ensure circuits can support a second refrigerator, freezer, or any other household device you wish to plug in.
  5. Additional Outdoor Electricity—Do you love the great outdoors? Power your landscape lighting, pools, saunas, hot tubs, and sprinkler systems efficiently with a circuitry update.
  6. Ceiling Fans—The hot Louisiana summer calls for ceiling fans to keep the air moving. However, these units can take up lots of energy. Our team will ensure your system can handle the increased demand.
  7. Emergency Generator Installation—In the case of a power outage, it's a good idea to be prepared with a back-up generator. We can discuss emergency generator installation and safe ways to operate your unit.
  8. Entertainment Centers—Entertainment centers can use a hefty amount of power. If you're hoping to get a new TV, gaming system, or home theater, be sure your electrical work can handle the demand.
  9. Home Office Equipment—Run your home office equipment with ease when you get a circuit installation! We'll make sure you have sufficient outlets for all your devices.
  10. Cable or Satellite TV—Adding a cable or satellite TV to your bedroom may require additional or updated circuitry.
  11. Garage or Workshop—Hoping to turn your garage into a workshop? Make sure you have enough power for all your tools with help from Mr. Electric of Lafayette.
  12. Home Efficiency Upgrades—If energy efficiency is a priority for you, we can help. Our team can walk you through installing solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations and discuss changes to your electrical system.

Have Questions About How to Install a Circuit Breaker?

Whether you're wondering how to install a new circuit panel or simply need a professional to check out your system, Mr. Electric of Lafayette is here for you. We're proud to have helped so many home and business owners in Broussard, Scott, and the surrounding areas with top-tier circuit upgrades and installation. Contact us today to request service.