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Electrical Panel Upgrades in Lafayette, LA

Offering Panel Upgrades That Are Worth the Cost

When the lights work and the microwave turns on, it can be easy to forget all the nuts and bolts of your electrical system. But not paying attention to your circuitry can set you up for a disappointing surprise when something goes wrong. As we plug more and more items, your panel is at risk of an overload. While most units have safeguards against overloaded circuitry, older panels may no longer be able to keep up with the increasing demand on your power supply. If your electrical panel is getting old, reach out to Mr. Electric of Lafayette. We'll help you avoid hazardous problems with quick and easy electrical panel upgrades. Our team is proud to help so many homeowners in Lafayette, Broussard, and Scott, LA keep their systems up and running.
Electrical Panel Upgrades in Lafayette, LA

Offering Panel Upgrades That Are Worth the Cost

Mr. Electric electrician showing circuit breaker board to two people.

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  • An electrical panel is usually a gray metal box that connects your home to the main power line. The line brings electricity into the panel, which then distributes it throughout your home. Inside the electrical panel, you'll see all kinds of switches (circuit breakers). Circuit breakers help the power branch off into different lines and run appliances plugged into outlets in all rooms of the house. If you take a closer look at each switch, you should see how many amps the line can carry before the breaker trips. Alongside the circuit breakers, you'll find the main power breaker that allows you to turn off the entire system with just one flip of a switch.
  • Renovating a home is a complicated process with lots of moving parts. But don't forget about the electrical system! Many times, upgrading your electrical panel is a big part of a home renovation. Talk to our team, and we can evaluate your electricity needs and recommend amperage, new outlets, and other installations.
  • At Mr. Electric of Lafayette, we get lots of questions about the cost of upgrading an electrical panel to 200 amps. The total price varies according to your location and electricity needs. Nevertheless, it's important to remember that an investment in your electrical system is an investment in your safety and peace of mind. We welcome Lafayette residents to let us know the scope of their project and request a quote. Our team will take all factors into account and create a reliable cost estimate.
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We Can Help With Repairs, Too

Good news—you may be able to avoid the electrical panel upgrade cost! Not every electrical problem requires a full replacement. Many times, our team can repair an existing electrical panel. We'll take a look at your unit, evaluate your household energy demands, and recommend a solution. Mr. Electric of Lafayette is available for these types of repairs:

  • Circuit breaker replacement
  • Rewiring
  • Bus bar replacement
  • Electrical panel relocation

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