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GFCI Outlet Installation in Lafayette, LA

Mr. Electric of Lafayette, LA electrician installing a power outlet.

Staying Safe From Shocks With GFCI Outlets

When we power up our phone chargers or open the refrigerator, we typically don't worry about getting an electric shock. But if you've ever plugged something in near the sink or another water source, that's a different story. Today, specialized GFCI outlets make a huge difference in lowering the risk of electric shock in high-moisture areas. These receptacles are essential for keeping your home up to modern building code standards. The team at Mr. Electric of Lafayette can take care of GFCI outlet installation in any room in the house. We're proud to provide exceptional services to customers in Lafayette, Broussard, and Scott, LA, plus all the surrounding neighborhoods.

What Is a GFCI Outlet?

A GFCI outlet (ground fault circuit interrupter) is designed for parts of your home that are often exposed to moisture. They're perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and garages where the risk of electrical shock is highest. When the outlet detects an imbalance in the electricity's flow, it automatically cuts off power, protecting you from hazards. You can identify GFCI outlets by two small buttons labeled "test" and "reset." If you can't find any of these outlets in your home, it's time to call Mr. Electric of Lafayette for an installation.

Properly Operating a GFCI Outlet

Understanding how to properly operate this type of outlet is just as important as knowing how to install a GFCI outlet. If the GFCI stops power even with nothing is wrong, hit the "reset" to restore energy flow. They're very sensitive to small changes in the electrical current, and while they may unnecessarily trigger, it's well worth the protection from electric shock. In general, GFCIs are more reliable than circuit breakers in stopping dangerous electrical problems.

How Can I Make Sure the Outlet Is Working?

Testing all your GFCI outlets at least once a month is crucial to ensuring you and your family are safe from an electric shock. After we install a GFCI outlet, we'll make sure you know how to test it. If your outlet fails during any point of the following test, get in touch with Mr. Electric of Lafayette for a replacement:

  • Push the "test" button to stop the electrical flow
  • Plug in a night light or another device that uses a minimal amount of electricity
  • Check to see if the device is working—if the test button functions correctly, power should no longer be flowing to the device
  • Press the "reset" button to restore power

GFCI Outlets Are Required in High-Moisture Areas

Since 1971, GFCIs have been mandated in homes and along exterior walls surrounding swimming pools. Today, modern electrical codes require this type of outlet anywhere electric shock is increased due to the frequent presence of water. Many of these regulations have been in place since the '70s, but others are more recent, having just been implemented in 2005. Here's where GFCIs are currently required:

  • Spa and pool areas
  • Home exteriors
  • Bathrooms
  • Garages
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Crawlspaces
  • Unfinished basements
  • Wet bars
  • Laundry and utility sinks

Where GFCI Outlets Don't Belong

GFCI outlets are crucial in many rooms of the house, but they don't belong everywhere. First, these outlets shouldn't be used to plug in refrigerators or freezers. Because these appliances create electromagnetic interference, they'll trip GFCI outlets unnecessarily. Stoves, dryers, irons, and toaster ovens are also incompatible with GFCIs. And finally, refrain from using an extension cord on a GFCI outlet. Plugging in too many devices can trip the outlet and make it difficult to power everything at once.

We Can Help You Upgrade Today

Upgrading to GFCI outlets is easy! The team at Mr. Electric of Lafayette can handle the installation in no time. We'll walk you through how to install a GFCI outlet with four wires and explain the process for testing your outlets. Not only do our services ensure your home complies with current building codes, but they also give you peace of mind that you won't be getting a "shocking" surprise. Don't wait to install these crucial receptacles in your home! Contact us today to schedule an installation in your Lafayette, LA home.