EV Charger Installation in Colorado Springs

If you own an electric vehicle in Colorado Springs, some of the more obvious perks of EV charger installation have probably already occurred to you—in fact, you've probably had plenty of time to think it over while charging your vehicle away from home, or struggling with a charging unit that takes almost an entire day to get your car charged up. But if you're considering purchasing an electric vehicle and investigating your options, you need to know more about the differences between types of chargers and the benefits of EV charger installation in Colorado Springs.

Or, maybe you are a business owner in Colorado Springs who is interested in attracting more attention from prospective customers, boosting your reputation as a leader in environmentally friendly action, and getting a leg up on your competition. Professional EV charger installation on your commercial property can accomplish all of that and more.

If you're interested in residential or commercial EV charger installation in Colorado Springs, count on the team of service professionals at Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs. We have plenty of experience with EVSE stations of all types, so you can rely on us to provide the highest standards of quality workmanship and outstanding customer service whenever you need a Colorado Springs electrician.

What Does EVSE Mean?

EVSE is an acronym that stands for electric vehicle supply equipment, and it refers to the electric vehicle (EV) chargers that power up electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric-gasoline vehicles. The equipment is also referred to as an EV charging station, electric recharging point, or just charging point. EVSE comes with a number of built-in safety features that prevent your car or electrical system from being damaged.

EVSE Charger Levels

There are three basic levels of EV charging equipment, and it is helpful to understand the differences before you dive into the advantages of EV chargers.

  • Level 1: This is the basic EVSE that comes standard with many types of electric vehicles. It doesn't need to be installed, because all you have to do is plug it into a regular three-prong wall outlet. The downside is that it's only capable of slow charging—an 8-hour overnight charging session may not be enough, as some EVs can take up to 20 hours to charge with a Level 1 charger.
  • Level 2: This is a more advanced electric vehicle charger model that requires a dedicated 240-volt outlet, so it does need to be installed by a professional electrician. It is much faster than a Level 1 charging station, and is capable of completely powering up your car within approximately three hours.
  • Level 3: These stand-alone stations are mainly used for public charging stations made available by municipalities and large businesses. They are very fast, and can add a surprising 160 miles of range in just 30 minutes. However, they require an industrial-level power draw, so they aren't suitable for residences, but they can be installed at some industrial commercial properties.

Because of the ratio of relatively fast charging speeds in exchange for a reasonable electricity draw, a Level 2 EV charger is the best choice for most homeowners and business owners in Colorado Springs. However, some businesses with increased needs, such as a company with a fleet of electric vehicles or a large parking garage, can absolutely benefit from a Level 3 station.

Colorado Springs Residential EV Charger Installation Benefits

There are some huge advantages to having a Level 2 residential charging station installed at your Colorado Springs home. You can save money and time, and it offers increased safety for you and your property. Here are some of the ways that homeowners can benefit from professional EV charger installation in Colorado Springs.

Greater Convenience

We probably don't need to tell you that powering up your vehicle at home within three hours is a lot more convenient than waiting 20+ hours for an inadequate EVSE to do the job, or driving to a public location in Colorado Springs so you can add a few miles of range before you can head to work or take care of errands. Once our electricians handle installation services for a Level 2 device, you'll be able to get a convenient charge overnight or during the day without ever needing to worry that your car won't have enough juice to get you where you want to go.

More Cost-Effective

When you need to drive to a second location away from your home to use EVSE, you are paying time and money as well as adding stress to your day. While the cost of EV charger installation is an upfront expense, you'll recover that money over time by not having to use a public charging station. The use of a residential EVSE will cause a slight uptick in your average power rates, but the cost of power will still be less than you would need to pay to use a public charger in Colorado Springs, not to mention getting to and from the public EVSE. In addition, your local utility company may offer a charging station rebate for installing a Level 2 charger at your residence.

Safer for You and Your EV

Snug in your garage is the safest place for your car or truck. Charging at public EVSE stations leaves your property exposed to the same risks that can occur when you park your car on any street or in a parking garage in Colorado Springs, such as vandalism, theft and damage from harsh weather, wildlife or other natural elements. When EV owners have access to fast, effective home charging power, they reduce the risk of something happening to their vehicle or themselves.

Advantages of Commercial EV Charger Installation in Colorado Springs Business

If you own a business or income-generating property such as an apartment parking garage in Colorado Springs, it pays to consider EV charger installation for a station—or multiple stations—that can be used by your customers or clients and your employees. Here are some of the ways it can benefit you as a business owner to offer this perk at your commercial property.

Attract New Customers

When you have an electric car charging station available for use, your business will be listed on both official and unofficial directories and phone apps that exist to inform EV drivers of their options for charging. Prospective customers who stop so they can charge their vehicle for an hour are highly likely to enter your business, giving you the opportunity to show them the products or services you have on offer. But, there's more to it than that. Electric vehicles are generally more costly than other types, so they are typically owned by drivers with higher incomes who are more likely to make high-cost purchase decisions. They are motivated to make repeat visits to your business as well. If you are interested in attracting attention from customers who are willing and able to buy your products or services, getting commercial EV charger installation in Colorado Springs is a surprisingly effective way to go about it.

Added Perk for Employees

Your EV charger won't just attract customers. Potential employees who drive an electric vehicle or are thinking of getting one in the near future will consider workplace charging a major employment perk that will help you attract and retain new employees who are interested in innovative, sustainable technology. It will also improve loyalty among your existing employees who enjoy the amenity of being able to charge their vehicle while working.

Get Ahead of Competitors

Electric vehicles are much more than just a passing trend, especially in places like Colorado Springs where real action is being taken to encourage EV ownership. It's a mode of transportation that is going to become more and more popular in the coming years, especially as available charging options increase. The number one action in the Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan is to increase the state's EV fast-charging infrastructure. A business who gets in on the ground-floor of this strategy will be providing a needed amenity that their competitors don't yet offer. Being one of the first adopters of public-facing EV charger installation will mean you are ahead of your competitors and better prepared for public demand to increase.

What to Expect from Our EV Charger Installation Services:

Initial Inspections

When you hire a capable, licensed electrician from Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs, you never have to worry that your EV charger installation will be done incorrectly and cause damage to your vehicle or electrical system. We will complete a thorough inspection of your EVSE and the installation site before we begin to make sure everything is in good working order and the equipment is properly installed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Installation Upgrades

Your EV charger installer will also take care of the electrical capacity and circuit breaker panel upgrades needed to bring your system up to speed with a dedicated 40-amp, 240-volt circuit with 8-AWG wiring that will support a 240-V Level 2 charging station. We have the years of experience and training necessary to make sure your electrical panel upgrades and wiring are installed safely and conform to both National Electric Code requirements as well as local safety and building codes in Colorado Springs.

Start-Up Inspections

Finally, you can rely on your professional Colorado Springs electrician to perform a start-up inspection to ensure everything is working perfectly after EV charger installation, and to offer you all the information you need on the correct usage of your electric vehicle supply equipment, as well as equipment features, required maintenance, warranty terms and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Colorado Springs EV Charger Installation

Can I Get a Grant or Tax Incentive for Commercial EV Charger Installation in Colorado Springs?

Looking for ways to off-set EV charger installation costs at a publicly accessible commercial business in Colorado Springs? Charge Ahead Colorado, which is a program jointly administered by the Colorado Energy Office (CEO) and Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC), offers grants for community-based Level 2 or Level 3 EV charger installation. The grants are designed to improve air quality, increase driving range, encourage EV deployment across Colorado and support the implementation of the Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan. You may also be able to access a federal tax credit that covers 30% of the cost of EVSE and EV charger installation, up to $30,000.

Will Eco-Friendly EV Charger Installation Help My Brand Reputation in Colorado Springs?

Customers and clients in Colorado Springs like to put their money where their mouth is and support businesses that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. EV charger installation is an environmentally friendly action that showcases your company's willingness to support and encourage green transportation options. In fact, according to a poll by Colorado College's State of the Rockies Project, 69% of Coloradans consider themselves a conservationist, and 63% think that action should be taken to address climate change. That means having a brand image as a green company is a valuable asset in Colorado Springs.

Can Getting EV Charger Installation in Colorado Springs Increase My Property Value?

If you're looking for ways to add value to your residential or commercial property in Colorado Springs, EV charger installation should be a key consideration. If you're thinking of selling your house or business in the next few years, this is a perk that more and more prospective buyers will be looking for in the near future. Business owners that install electric vehicle supply equipment right now can take advantage of grants and rebates offered for those upgrades. By getting in early when there are incentive options available, you can get a much better return on investment when EVSE stations are a standard business amenity that every business owner in Colorado Springs wants and needs on their property.

Are You Considering EV Charger Installation for Your Colorado Springs Home or Business?

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner in Colorado Springs, you can depend on the team of professional electricians at Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs for expert EV charger installation and many other expert electric services such as repairs, installation and electrical safety interventions.

Pick up the phone and give us a call today at 719-401-6131 to schedule charging station installation at a convenient time, or to speak with our friendly customer service staff about what your property's electrical system needs to be in perfect working order and better serve the needs of your household or business.