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Colorado Springs Electrical Remodel Services

Renovating your home is a great way to make it more comfortable and functional. The right renovation choices can also significantly boost your home’s property value and offer a high return on investment (ROI). But have you taken the time to check whether your current electrical system can handle the demands of your remodeling projects? Skipping this step could result in breakers that frequently trip, blown fuses, flickering lights, and other issues. Don’t just assume that your electrical system is functioning optimally—call a Colorado Springs electrician to complete an electrical remodel.

Our team of experienced electricians at Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs can inspect your current system, add new circuits where needed, and upgrade your panel when more room is required. To inquire about our electrical remodeling service or discuss your project needs, give our office team a call at 719-401-6131, or keep reading to find out more about what you can expect from our Colorado Springs electrical remodeling service.

Colorado Springs Electrical Remodel Services
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  • If you’re like most Colorado Springs homeowners, you probably don’t often think about your home’s electrical system. The only time you may inspect your electrical panel is during a power outage or malfunctions that cause you to wonder whether a breaker has tripped.

    There are two situations in which you may find yourself needing an electrical remodel in Colorado Springs: you expect you’ll need more circuits in the near future or you’re currently having electrical issues.

  • When doing a home remodeling project, such as a basement or bathroom remodel, you may find you need updated electrical circuits to allow for added lighting, outlets, and appliances. Modern kitchen remodeling projects sometimes include additional appliances such as a second oven range or garbage disposal. Additionally, if you have an electrical vehicle (EV) and wish to get a Level 2 EV charger installation, you’ll need a 240-volt circuit added. In all of these circumstances, one of our talented electricians will be able to install additional circuits to your electrical panel to support these additions.

    If you live in an older home, your electrical panel may not have enough space to support more circuits. In this case, we can upgrade your existing panel to a new one with a larger capacity.

An electrical panel attached to a wood beam in a part of a home with exposed wood framing for a remodel.

Malfunctioning Electrical System

Colorado Springs residents who live in homes built before the turn of the century may have old, faulty wiring that is no longer up to code. With more people working from home than ever before, having a system that can support your work infrastructure, as well as any entertainment technology you have, is of the utmost importance. Some indications that your electrical system is malfunctioning include:

  • Constantly having to reset breakers that have tripped
  • Blown fuses as a result of energy overload
  • Lights that seem to flicker or occasionally dim
  • Warm outlets, switch plates, or electrical panel
  • Discoloration around outlets, such as burn marks

Some of these signs can be highly dangerous. If you’re living in an older home and haven’t had your electrical system updated since moving in, it’s time to call in a licensed electrician to keep you and your family safe.

Our Colorado Springs Electrical Remodeling Service: What’s Involved

The term ‘electrical remodel’ is fairly self-explanatory, but unless you’re an electrician, you probably don’t know everything that this service includes. If this sounds like you, don’t worry—that’s why we’re the experts and not you! Your Colorado Springs electrical remodeling service will be unique to your situation and depend on the state of your current system and needs. That being said, the components of an electrical remodel may include some or all of the following:

Breaker Panel Inspection

One thing that all electrical remodel services have in common is a breaker panel inspection. Our licensed electricians will use their comprehensive knowledge to assess the condition of your panel. Some things they’ll look out for include:

  • Corroded connections
  • Missing connectors
  • Improperly extended circuits
  • Amount of extra space for new breakers
  • Panel capacity

Based on what we find, we’ll explain our next steps as well as our justification for taking those steps. We understand that electrical terminology can be confusing, so we’ll take care to explain our process and reasoning using non-technical words and phrases.

Fuse Box Replacement

If you live in a home that was built before the 1970s, there’s a chance that you have a fuse box. This type of box began to be replaced by circuit breakers after the 1960s. When fuses—a type of safety electrical wiring—are blown, they melt and need to be replaced, unlike circuit breakers that are tripped and simply need a switch to be flipped.

We’ll generally recommend placing your fuse box with a circuit breaker during your electrical remodel service.

Outlet Additions

Do you currently have power bars all over your home as a result of not having enough outlets to meet your needs? Or perhaps you’re doing a basement renovation and require outlets for the bathroom you’re putting in down there. Regardless of the reason, we can add outlets wherever you need them.

Our inspection of your circuit breaker will tell us how many additional units you’re able to add.

Circuit Additions

In a custom bath remodel, you may find you want a fan added. This will require a circuit addition. If your circuit breaker has any unused space, one or more electrical circuits can be added for additional light fixtures.

Our electricians are up to speed on building codes, so you can rest assured that any work we do complies with these codes to keep you and your family safe.

Breaker Panel Upgrade

Not enough space or capacity on your current panel? No problem! Our electricians can complete an electrical panel upgrade to ensure that you can safely connect all the devices you need.

Choose Us For Quality Electrical Remodeling in Colorado Springs

When you choose Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs for your electrical system needs, you know you’re getting quality services provided by professionals who are experienced in the type of repair or installation you need. As a locally owned and operated business, we take pride in serving small businesses and residents within the Colorado Springs area.

In addition to providing top-quality electrical services, we are passionate about great customer service. To ensure that you are fully satisfied with the services you receive, we offer upfront pricing, flexible scheduling, and our famous Done Right Guarantee—if our workmanship doesn’t meet your expectations, simply let us know within one year of service and we’ll gladly come back and set things right.

Electrical Remodel FAQs

How Long Does Your Colorado Springs Electrical Remodel Service Take?

It’s hard to say exactly how long your electrical remodel service will take without first discussing your project needs and inspecting your current system. Your service could take anywhere from a few hours to add a circuit or two, or longer if you need a panel upgrade.

When you book your service with us, we’ll let you know exactly what to expect so that you can pick the best service appointment day and time for your schedule.

Service You Can Trust!

Let us know how we can help you today.

How Much Does Electrical Remodeling in Colorado Springs Cost?

Again, this depends. The cost of electrical remodeling in Colorado Springs will depend on the changes you need to make to your electrical system, as well as the types of products you choose. For example, if you want a circuit breaker with a very high capacity, this will cost more.

Upgrading outlet boxes generally cost around a few hundred dollars, but this cost can vary considerably depending on whether you just need your existing ones swapped out or you want them upgraded to GFCI outlets. Electrical panel replacements and upgrades tend to start at approximately $2,500, but again, this depends on the type of replacement panel you choose. If you want your whole house rewired—which may make sense if you’re planning to gut a home with a very old electrical system—you can expect to pay several thousand dollars or more.

Because costs vary dramatically according to changes and upgrades needed, as well as supply chain shortages and labor costs at the time of service, we encourage you to set up an on-site consultation and estimate by calling us at 719-401-6131 or filling out our online contact form.

Can I Do An Electrical Remodel Myself?

We strongly recommend against doing an electrical remodel yourself. Without proper training, you could start a house fire or seriously injure yourself or others. Licensed electricians go through many years of in-classroom learning and on-site training to become certified and for good reason.

You can certainly inspect your breaker panel by looking for any signs of damage, as well as checking to see whether all of your breakers are being used. This will give you an idea about how much work will be needed during your electrical remodel service. For the service itself, it’s best to call in the pros at Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs.

How Often Should Electrical Outlets Be Replaced?

The lifespan of electrical outlets largely depends on the type of outlet, as well as how often you use them. A basic outlet generally lasts between 15 to 30 years, but this varies. Instead of relying on a time period to decide when to replace your outlets, instead look for signs that they need to be replaced. These include:

  • Outlets that look cracked or otherwise damaged
  • Outlets with burn marks
  • Outlets that are loose and wobbly
  • Outlets that aren’t working

Some of these signs don’t necessarily indicate a problem with the outlet itself, but a larger electrical issue. If in doubt, contact us to inspect your system.

  • Possibly—but not necessarily. Certainly, living in an older home increases the chances that the building may need rewiring, but like outlets, it’s better to rely on the condition of your wiring to determine the right time for replacement rather than a set number of years.

    Some types of wiring, such as aluminum, non-metallic, and outdated knob and tube wiring can significantly increase the chance of an electrical fire. When your home’s old electrical wiring is unable to keep up with the demands of 21st-century technology, the system can become overloaded and overheat, resulting in a fire.

    Additionally, if you have a fuse box, it’s probably time to swap that out for a new circuit breaker.

    The best way to determine whether your old home needs new rewiring is by contacting us for an inspection.

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    Amazing job and professionalism was outstanding. I recommend to anyone with electrical needs.

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