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Expert Stratmoor Electrician

  • Stratmoor is one of the cleanest places to live in Colorado Springs, so we know that Stratmoor property owners take pride in maintaining their homes' energy usage and efficiency. There are numerous areas that homeowners tackle, such as tending to their furnaces, wrapping their water heaters, weatherproofing their windows and doors, sealing ductwork, insulating their attic, and more. But sometimes the method is indeed in the madness and has to do with your home’s electrical system. Many homeowners are complacent about their home’s power sources, including their circuit breakers, electrical panels, and outlets, and overlook any long-delayed repairs leading to malfunctioning fixtures like a fused outlet or socket. Thankfully, your qualified, licensed, and fully insured Stratmoor electrician from Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs is ready to give you the quick fix you need.

Set of tools used by electrician during electrical services in Stratmoor.

What Is An Electrical Circuit Breaker?

Before you consider a professional installation service, educate yourself on the basic components of your home’s electrical system. For starters, a circuit breaker is akin to the control center of your home’s electrical system, and it’s also the safety failsafe of your home. The circuit breaker is basically like a big switch that observes, monitors, and tracks your home's electrical current by interrupting the electrical flow in a circuit in case of an overload. Usually, your home’s circuit breaker operates smoothly for many years until you run into a blown-out fuse due to an overload of short circuits. If you see sparks fly or smell a burning odor coming from lighting fixtures, it may be due to the electrical wiring that has gone haywire.

Sometimes, this happens because we may add an overkill amount of new electronic devices to our outlets that require a certain amount of wattage to function. When this is not possible, your circuit breaker can begin to malfunction or stop working entirely. At this point, it’s best to rely on your local Stratmoor electrician, who’d be able to gauge the circuit breaker’s potential and capacity and save you from getting electrocuted or spreading a fire. There are many benefits to getting your circuit breaker repaired or replaced, including preventing dangerous short circuits, improving your home’s safety and energy efficiency, lessening the risk of a power outage, and bolstering your appliances to run more productively.

When You Need a Licensed Electrician in Stratmoor, CO

Tripping Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker begins to trip where there is a fault that is causing damage to the circuit, which is usually due to the excessive current, faulty mechanism, or power surge. For example, an outlet is overloaded with extra household devices and appliances that are plugged into your sockets, rendering it unable to compensate with the appropriate amount of voltage. One way to determine what’s exactly causing your circuit breaker to trip is by unplugging all the items listed on the circuit before resetting the breaker. Turn the circuit breaker to the off position for a few minutes and turn it back again whilst plugging in devices one at a time to see what’s sucking the most energy.

Flickering Lights

No, your house isn’t haunted, but your light bulbs might be experiencing a malfunction. If it’s not just that your light bulbs need to be replaced due to a burnt-out filament as part of routine maintenance but it may instead be a problem with the light switch itself. For example, there may be a loose connection in the circuit or an overloaded circuit. If multiple light bulbs are flickering, there may be a serious electrical issue with your wiring, electrical panel, or main connections. It’s not just that it makes for a spooky ambiance, flickering lights are hardly harmless as they indicate your home’s electrical wiring is faulty and presents a fire hazard.

Defective Electrical Outlet

Outlets tend to fail because too many devices get plugged into the outlet at the same time. It can also be due to old appliances with damaged plugs or power cords, which can result in a short circuit, as once that malfunctioning appliance is plugged into the wall, it effectively becomes an extension of the circuit. Even with a multi-plug that allows for multiple plugs connected to a single socket that many modern homeowners use, once your circuit breaker reaches its peak, it will eventually result in problems with its circuit wiring and, in turn, your plug outlets.

Why Choose Mr. Electric’s Stratmoor Electrician?

We Adhere To Proper Safety Codes

Electrical wiring must be up to code. For your basic DIY hacks, like adding a new coat of paint or cleaning out your gutters, you don’t require legal permits, as the work conducted does not need to be inspected for approval. Any type of electrical handiwork does need to be verified, including having the proper permits to adhere to building and safety regulations or you can risk being fined.

We Have Expert Knowledge And Training

Some professionals train for years to specialize in a certain area of expertise for a reason–and your expert electrician In Stratmoor, CO, just happens to be one of them. To become a fully licensed electrician, an apprentice has to train for a handful of years with hundreds of hours of practice on the job, which just doesn’t measure up to your makeshift attempt based on an online tutorial. Plus, electrical wiring is one of those tasks you can just ballpark and hope turns out well, unlike some easier home renovation projects. Because you have to strategically wire by navigating the color-coded wires to the correct terminals, it can get complicated and leave you frustrated, not to mention putting yourself at risk for electrocution.

We Have Access To Right Tools And Equipment

As mentioned, many electrical problems are not simple tweaks with a plier or screwdriver and require specialized expertise and equipment. Some of the industry-grade tools needed are not available at your local home hardware store and the ones that require the proper know-how to operate so you don’t accidentally damage your electrical wiring. By relying on a professional Stratmoor electrician, you can bypass all of this as it not only decreases your chances of damage and costly repairs later on down the line but drastically reduces the time needed to repair the issue.

We Ensure Personal Safety And Security

At the end of the day, your safety is paramount, and any home renovation comes with its level of physical risk, from falling off a ladder to being exposed to poisonous chemical fumes. But messing with electrical wiring is intimidating and not the same as doing a shoddy paint job, as it requires a lot of technical know-how and dexterity, something which you most likely do not possess. Around 200 amps can shock your body and lead to deadly consequences. Leave it to the professionals and rest easy knowing your safety matters above anything else.

Your Electrician Near Me: Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Main Duties Of An Electrician?

There is a wide range of services and duties for licensed electricians. Stratmoor, CO, homeowners may hire one for the following tasks:

  • Electrical Installation And Repair: Correct or replace malfunctioning lighting fixtures and equipment, including all switches, wiring, and circuit breakers.
  • Power Connections: Connecting a power source to communications equipment, signaling devices, and heating and cooling systems.
  • Electrical Troubleshooting: Offering general support to any electronic systems that may be going haywire and replacing the faulty components.
  • Electrical Assembling: Piecing together electrical wiring, fixtures, control devices, and related equipment.

What Are Some Tips For Electrician Safety?

  • Don’t ever touch someone who has been electrocuted
  • Always know your standard building safety codes and regulations for electricity
  • Unplug all appliances when not in use to not overload your sockets
  • Use the appropriate wattage for lamps and lighting fixtures
  • Don’t run power cords underneath carpets, rugs, doors, or windows
  • Get rid of damaged extension cords
  • Keep your electrical appliances and devices away from water
  • Call a professional electrician if you’re stumped!

Mr. Electric Is An Excellent Choice For All Your Home Lighting Needs And More

Your home’s electrical system is complicated, but don't stay puzzled and instead, ask for help. There's also no need to go down the rabbit hole of seeking out an "electrician near me" as Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs is a verified contractor at your behest. Whether you’re in Stratmoor or nearby areas of Black Forest or Falcon, Mr. Electric is your best bet for any electrical repairs, replacement, or maintenance. Reach out to one of our courteous customer service representatives to book a consultation or service appointment and learn more about our Stratmoor electrician services as we earnestly await your response.

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