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Electrical Repair Colorado Springs

Electricity is the force that makes our homes safe, comfortable, livable, and connected. From appliances and HVAC to charging ports for numerous entertainment devices, we absolutely can't live without it—which is why it’s so frustrating to struggle with an electrical system that is in desperate need of expert electrical repair. Colorado Springs property owners don't have to suffer a malfunctioning system when help is available from a local, qualified Colorado Springs electrician.

Your electrical system is complex, and there are many different ways it can deteriorate or suffer damage that causes serious problems for homeowners and business owners alike. Those problems would make your home less safe and comfortable for you and your household or bring work to a halt at your commercial property. They could also cost you a surprising amount of money by needlessly increasing the energy charges on your monthly utility bills. If they're experiencing difficulties that require experienced electrical repair, Colorado Springs residents can trust our expert team to get those issues resolved efficiently with long-lasting results.

Stop struggling with an electric system that only half works—or doesn't work at all—when you can call your local electrician to get it back up to full power efficiently and effectively. Our dependable service professionals at Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs have all passed their background checks and drug screens and take great pride in delivering outstanding customer care and reliable, experienced workmanship on every job. Count on us to restore your system to full function so you can get back to your daily routine without worry.

Electrical Repair Colorado Springs

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Need Expert Electrical Repair, Colorado Springs? Here's What to Expect

There are numerous different components in your house that are either a direct part of your electrical system or depend on it for power to function. That means there are also numerous different types of Colorado Springs electrical repairs near me. When it comes to the various types of electrical repair, Colorado Springs homeowners can expect our experienced electricians to give them back their peace of mind by efficiently and correctly handling the following repair services and much more.

Electrical Panel Repair

Problems such as flickering lights aren't always related to your fixtures at all. Sometimes, you trace the problem back to your circuit breaker panel. This is especially true if you have a house that's a few decades old and the panel has never been repaired or replaced. Still, it's certainly possible to experience issues with newer installations as well. Think of what life was like a few decades ago—without computers, mobile phones, modern appliances, and other power-hungry devices, the required power draw for the average person was a lot less than it is now. An older panel may not be able to keep up with modern-day demands, which causes problems like frequent breaker trips or lights that flicker when you turn on an appliance. Wondering if you need electrical repair? Colorado Springs homeowners should be on the lookout for signs such as:

  • Circuit breaker trips when you try to use two appliances at the same time
  • Breakers frequently trip for no obvious reason
  • Odors of burning or melting plastic or hot metal
  • Breaker panel is warm to the touch
  • Unusual noises from the panel, such as hissing, buzzing or crackling
  • Scorch marks on the panel or breaker switches
  • Visible corrosion or external damage to the panel

Circuit Breaker and Circuits

A home’s circuit breaker is a box that usually contains several switches, which are labeled by each room. Basically, the switches serve as a safety mechanism that is designed to “trip” or automatically turn off when there is an overload of too much power traveling through the circuit. It’s vital to ensure the circuit breaker is fully functioning and to confirm if there is a chance of it being overloaded due to the restriction of the flow of electricity and excessive heat resulting in a potential electrical fire. Your expert electrician will confirm the capacity of the circuit and determine if it can withstand currents at the optimal or safe level. As for individual circuits, your trained electrician will double-check to see if your house has the proper amount of circuits based on your electrical usage and demand. For example, each appliance in the kitchen requires the designated circuit that serves it from the hot water kettle, air fryer, blender, dishwasher, and more.

Electrical Boxes and Heights

Electrical boxes enclose wiring connections and protect against any short circuits which can result in fires. Your professional electrician will ensure all electrical boxes sit level with the wall and are big enough to accommodate numerous wire conductors, including their attached components. Any components or devices should be securely affixed to the box. Recall the larger and more spacious the box, the less chance of any blunders and makes it easier for us to make any wiring connections. During an electrical inspection, Colorado Springs, CO residents will find their electrician will also examine the box heights including outlet and switch heights to ensure they are compatible. On average outlet or receptacle need to be at least 15 inches above the floor and switches at the very minimum 48 inches from off the ground. There are exceptional circumstances, such as a children’s play area or area that may be to be lowered to accommodate height differences.

Cable Anchoring

Anchoring is required for an electrical cord so it doesn't readily unplug itself and becomes dislodged from an electrical socket or outlet. A tactful electrician will ensure proper cable anchoring during the Colorado Springs electrical inspection by making sure the cables are securely attached to the wall studs. Mostly, cables can go through the center of wall studs to make sure the wires don't interject any drywall screws or nails. The cables must run horizontally and ideally be spaced up to 20 inches from the ground. Each of the wall studs should also be encased and protected by a metal plate which keeps any screws or nails from rupturing the wire within the wall once the drywall is installed over top.

Receptacles or Plug Outlets

If you’ve noticed that some of your bathroom or kitchen appliances do not power on despite being brand-new it may be due to a busted outlet. Most modern homes are equipped with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interpreter) outlets which are intentionally designed to protect you from severe or fatal electric shocks as a GFCI can detect faults and reduce the likelihood of electrical fires as it intervenes in the flow of an electrical current. Once these GFCI devices suspect irregularities such as water or moisture inside or near the outlet or any over-plugged outlet from too many electronic devices, it will automatically cut off the power supply. If anything, GFCI circuit protection has increasingly become mandatory for any residential outlets or appliances, especially in outdoor areas or near sources of water such as sinks. During the final electrical inspection, Colorado Springs, CO, property owners will ensure your home has GFCI-protected outlets and adhere to the standard codes. Moreover, although relatively new, AFCI (arc-fault circuit interpreters) are becoming more common as they are responsible for detecting and recognizing dangerous arcs in your wiring and instantly breaking the flow of electricity, thereby stopping your home’s electrical system from igniting an electrical fire. Although older homes do not require an upgrade to an AFCI, any new and upcoming electrical installations should include it.

Electrical Meter

This is akin to a calculator, which measures and records the amount of electricity your residential property uses. Unlike the emergency on-call technician from your utility company who just checks to see if the meter has logged the correct wattage, a professional electrician during an electrical inspection, Colorado Springs, CO clients should know, will also assess the meter and ensure that it was properly installed or it’s become defective indicated by signs of discolored rust or water and moisture damage as water can trickle down to the main electric panel completely ruining and rendering it useless.

Lighting Repair

We don't get up when the sun rises and go to bed when it sets, so lighting is a pretty crucial component of our indoor comfort whether we're at home or at work. It's one of those things that we take for granted, so it is very surprising and frustrating when individual light fixtures—or all the lights in one room or part of your house—aren't working as they should, and it's necessary to get services for electrical repair. Colorado Springs homeowners often assume the bulb has burned out when lighting fixtures are malfunctioning or won't turn on at all. Sometimes it has just loosened up and needs a couple of twists to get it firmly attached to the fixture again. But if you swap out the light bulb and the problem persists, there's a deeper issue at play. It could be that the fixture itself is broken and needs replacement, but before you go and blame the fixture, it's a good idea to check out another probable culprit—your light switch. Just like anything else, switches wear out and eventually have to be replaced with a service for electrical repair. Colorado Springs homeowners who notice signs of trouble like scorch marks or a frying noise should take immediate action. It's important to cut power that switches at your breaker panel and call a qualified electrician for electric repair service. From a sconce, lamp, or ceiling light to outdoor lighting and more, the team at Mr. Electric knows how to turn the lights back on.

Exhaust Fan Repair

Suppose you don't have a window that opens in your bathroom, or you aren't keen on the thought of opening the window during a winter cold snap. In that case, it's critically important to have a functioning exhaust fan in your bathroom. Without adequate ventilation, the steam from hot showers condenses on all the surfaces in the room and seeps in, causing major problems like rotting wood trim and softened stained drywall. These require electrical repair. Colorado Springs homeowners need a professional electrician to repair a malfunctioning exhaust fan by taking the fixture apart and giving it a thorough cleaning to remove accumulated dust and grime from the fan housing. They may also need to replace the blower wheel or investigate the vent pipe, motor, and switch to track down and correct the source of the malfunction so you can rest assured that your bathroom is protected against moisture damage every time you shower. 

Ceiling Fan Repair

A ceiling fan installation is a great, energy efficient addition to any home that can make larger rooms in your house more comfortable and even save you money on your heating and cooling costs. Check out our information on how ceiling fan installation could increase your energy savings. But of course, just like anything else, your ceiling fan doesn’t stay in excellent condition and needs maintenance and the occasional service from an experienced electrician for electrical repair. Colorado Springs homeowners should be aware of common issues that require ceiling fan repair, including:

  • Loose or wobbly base
  • Excessively noisy
  • Only operates on one speed
  • Attached light fixture is flickering or broken
  • Fan doesn't turn on at all

Wiring Replacement

Most people go out of their way to take precautions against disastrous events such as house fires—they're not incredibly common, but the effects are so devastating that they're well worth avoiding. However, homeowners often have a blind spot when it comes to the dangerous effects of faulty wiring. In fact, damaged or deteriorated electrical wiring is one of the leading causes of house fires in the United States. Are you not sure if your home needs wiring replacement as an electrical repair? Colorado Springs professionals will tell you that the age of your current wiring is a big clue. If it's been several decades since it was last inspected, repaired or replaced, it's definitely time for electrical repair. Colorado Springs residents should note that another big clue is no or few grounded outlets, meaning you only have outlets with space for two prongs and no grounding plug. The third major sign that you need wiring replacement right away is that your breakers are constantly tripping because your electrical system is overloaded and can't supply enough power for the demand that's being put on it.

Other areas a professional electrician assesses during a routine Colorado Springs electrical inspection include:

  • Exhaust fan
  • Ceiling fan
  • Lighting fixtures including dimming or flickering lights
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Identifying potential electrical hazards
  • Hot outlets or switch plates
  • It may be stressful to realize you need to call a licensed electrician for electrical repair. Colorado Springs homeowners can rest easy knowing that they'll provide courteous, professional service and skillful workmanship to get the job done efficiently with safe, long-lasting repair solutions. That's precisely what you can expect when you call the experienced technicians at Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs. We'll arrive promptly at your scheduled appointment time, in uniform and driving a company vehicle, so you know who you're letting into your home. We'll then take the time to thoroughly assess the problem and explain our recommendations clearly so you can make an informed decision about what's best for your house. Our expert team offers comprehensive services for maintenance, installation, and electrical repair. Colorado Springs property owners who experience an emergency need only give us a call, and our emergency electricians will be at their doorstep as soon as possible to recover their electrical circuit.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Electrical Repair, Colorado Springs

Are you experiencing an aggravating electrical issue that needs Colorado Springs electrical repair services? Or do you have other questions for a local residential electrician? Give us a call to chat with our knowledgeable customer service staff and get all your questions answered quickly and easily. Furthermore, here are our replies to a few frequently asked questions about Colorado Springs electrical repair below.

Can Colorado Springs Electrical Repair Save Money on Energy Costs?

That depends on the problem that requires electrical repair. Colorado Springs homeowners, imagine there's a problem related to a fixture, appliance, or part of your system that is malfunctioning or has deteriorated and is using more power than it used to in order to provide the same service. In that case, it's likely that experienced repair services can make a significant difference in how much you have to pay for energy usage on your monthly utility bills. Sometimes, excessive energy usage happens because a major appliance has deteriorated over the years and needs to be repaired or replaced, but it can also be related to a direct problem with grounding or bonding in your system. Our expert electricians can complete a thorough inspection and diagnosis of your system to determine weak points that could be causing energy wastage and driving up your utility costs, then correct the problem with the right Colorado Springs electrical repair strategy.  

My Home Still Has a Fuse Box. Should It Be Replaced?

In a word, yes. There are four key reasons why you should seriously consider having a Colorado Springs electrician replace your fuse box with a circuit breaker panel:

  • It's Probably Really Old: Fuse boxes haven't been commonly installed for decades, so if you still have one in your home, it has probably been in operation for more than 50 years. That's very, very old for an electrical system component, and there's no doubt that it is not operating at its best anymore. Weakened, aged connections can be hazardous as they create a risk of fire.
  • Circuit Breakers Are Safer: Modern circuit breaker panels come with added protective features like arc fault protection that fuse boxes simply don't have, which means it's safer to have an electrical panel upgrade done.
  • Breakers Offer Greater Convenience: When fuses blow, they have to be replaced, which can be a big hassle. But when a circuit breaker flips, resetting it is a simple matter of flipping the switch back to its original position.
  • Save Money: Sure, it costs money to replace blown fuses, but modern electrical panels are better at controlling and conserving the flow of electricity, which saves money on your energy bills. But you can also save money on your home insurance premiums by getting rid of your fuse box in favor of a safer, more efficient breaker box replacement.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Electrician for Colorado Springs Electrical Repair?

It's understandable that you'd like to know how much you'll need to budget for electrical repair. Colorado Springs technicians at Mr. Electric offer a wide range of possible services that you may need. However, there's no easy way for us to give a rough estimate without knowing more information. Once you've spoken to our team and we've had the chance to inspect the repair problem in person, we can give you an honest, upfront price for the work that needs to be done.

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