Colorado Springs Hot Tub and Spa Installation Services

Whether it's après ski time and you're ready to unthaw after a day of winter fun, or you just rolled out of bed on Saturday morning and fancy a nice hot soak while you have your coffee, there's nothing quite like the convenience and enjoyment of your own personal hot tub or portable spa. Public hot tubs just aren't the same, especially if you don't relish the thought of literally rubbing shoulders with sweaty strangers. But what do you need to know before you pull the trigger on a new Colorado Springs spa installation?

From energy efficiency and safety must-haves to pulling permits and calculating electrical load, it's a good idea to know exactly what is involved in the process of spa or hot tub installation in Colorado Springs, CO. As everyone knows, electricity and water can be a dangerous combination, which is one of the big reasons why this task should be left to a professional hot tub electrician.

When you're ready to get started on hot tub or spa installation, speak with your local, qualified Colorado Springs electrician first. The team of service professionals at Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs can check out your electrical panel and make sure it's able to safely and effectively power your choice of Colorado Springs hot tub installation. Then, once your new acquisition is in place, we can get it all hooked up and ready to enjoy, so all you have to do is sit back and soak.

What to Consider When Planning Colorado Springs Hot Tub Installation

You've made the call—you're ready for hot tub ownership. When you're selecting the ideal option for your property, there are a few things you should keep in mind about the location, installation process and features you may need or want. Here are some of the key factors you should consider before Colorado Springs hot tub or spa installation.


You probably already have a location in mind for your new spa or hot tub installation in Colorado Springs, but it pays to double-check and make sure it meets all the requirements for your safety and convenience. Here are a few things to think about when choosing the ideal location for a hot tub or spa:

  • It should be at least five feet away from your house and any outbuildings such as a garage or shed to avoid any issues with flooding.

  • It needs to be a minimum of 16 feet away from overhead power lines for safety reasons.

  • If you live in an area that is frequently exposed to gusts of wind, it makes sense to choose a sheltered location—it will make using your new Colorado Springs spa installation a lot more pleasant, and also helps to reduce maintenance and operating costs. If you don't have a sheltered area, installing a wind-break panel could make a big difference.

  • Make sure there is space right beside your spa to remove and store the cover, and plenty of room available for accessing the maintenance panel.

  • Check that it is close enough to a hose to be filled easily, and there's room for drainage when the unit needs emptying

Hot Tub Base

Speaking of location, it's also really important to give some thought to what your Colorado Springs hot tub installation will be sitting on. A small hot tub that fits two or three people will weigh about 3,000 pounds when filled with water, while a six-person portable spa can weigh upwards of 6,000 pounds when full—and that's without anyone sitting in it. Obviously, it needs a solid foundation to rest on. The best choice is typically going to be a concrete pad that is resting on the ground. It's a proper foundation that is flat, even and strong enough to withstand all that weight.

But sometimes that's not an option. If you want or need your spa installation to be on your deck, for example, you need to make sure your decking material is reinforced and completely capable of supporting thousands of pounds of extra weight. It's a good idea to consult with a general contractor or structural engineer who can give you the all-clear. If you have a stretch of ground that would work, but you're renting or can't install a concrete pad for another reason, there are portable spa pads that can be placed on level ground and easily removed with the hot tub installation.

Electrical Load

Portable spa units draw a lot of electricity, so it's important to make sure your current electrical panel can handle a new electrical installation. This has a lot to do with the type and model you choose—some units run on 110 volts and can be plugged into a regular outlet, while others require 220 volts. You will need a dedicated circuit for your new unit, and it will usually require a GFCI circuit breaker. If you need an upgrade to your electrical panel or other tweaks to your electrical system that will help your Colorado Springs spa installation operate safely and efficiently, you can rely on the experienced hot tub electricians on our team to get the job done correctly. We'll assess your current system, check out the requirements of the unit you've chosen and carry out upgrades or installations to make sure everything is ready to go.

Energy Efficiency

Because a hot tub heater does use so much energy to heat that large volume of water, it pays to think about ways to make your unit more energy efficient. There is a wide range of spa models available, and manufacturers are constantly trying to one-up each other by making their quality product the most efficient model on the market. Since it will not be used for the majority of the time, a programmable thermostat is one way to reduce operation costs. You could program it to heat up at the times you're most likely to want to use the unit, and cool down during times when it's not likely to be used. You should also regularly clean or replace filters to keep the unit in good shape, and consider adding a layer of insulation between the water and the cover when it's not in use.

Sight Lines

When you're looking for a great experience in your new Colorado Springs spa installation, it goes beyond just relaxation. Sight lines are really important for two reasons:

  1. You want the best view that is available from your backyard so you can soak in all that Rocky Mountain majesty while you're just sitting there, enjoying the heat and looking around at the scenery.

  2. You also likely want to make sure your neighbors don't have an excellent view of you while you're busy taking in the natural views from your new hot tub installation. 

Check out sight lines that are outgoing from your chosen location to make sure you're maximizing your own views from the unit as much as possible, and also check to see how many of your neighbor's windows are glaring back at you. If you can see their windows, or straight into their yard, from the tub then of course they can look right back and see what you're up to in there.

Benefits of Professional Colorado Springs Spa Installation

You may be wondering if Colorado Springs hot tub installation is something you can handle on your own. Unless you happen to be a licensed electrician, this is a task better left to a professional installer. You don't want improper wiring that could cause a safety hazard, or the frustration of setting up your brand-new unit—only to discover that it's too much for your electrical system to handle. When you hire a capable Colorado Springs electrician for electrical service, you have peace of mind knowing everything will be taken care of. Here are three advantages of professional installation.

  • Obtain Permit: In Colorado Springs, a permit is required when adding an electrical circuit for hot tub installation. Our experienced electricians know what permit is needed and will pull it for you so you don't have to mess around with the paperwork.

  • Safe, Efficient Portable Spa Installation: When it comes to electrical work, it needs to be done right to protect you and your family from serious safety hazards. You can count on our qualified Colorado Springs electrician team to have the correct equipment and expertise to make sure everything is completely safe and fully functional. We also have the training necessary to make sure our hot tub service meets all electrical codes.

  • Cover Lifter Installation: Heaving big hot tub covers on and off of your unit every time you want to use it can be very difficult or even impossible. That's why many models these days come with electrically-powered cover lifter systems that move it out of the way or cover the unit back up with just the press of a button. We'll get your cover lifter installed as part of our Colorado Springs spa installation service.

Mr. Electric Is Your Best Choice for Hot Tub Installation in Colorado Springs

When you're looking for the best hot tub installation near me in Colorado Springs, you're focused on finding a licensed electrician with the experience and skill to get the job done safely and effectively. You also want to know that they'll display courteous, professional behavior at all times, clean up after themselves before they leave and handle scheduling and billing processes smoothly. You can depend on all that and more from the expert Colorado Springs electrician team at Mr. Electric. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Colorado Springs Spa Installation

Can a Colorado Springs Hot Tub Installation Be Done Indoors?

Yes, it is possible to have your Colorado Springs spa installation put inside your home, but there are some additional factors you need to take into consideration that don't apply to an outdoor hot tub. Proper ventilation is extremely important, and you may also need dehumidifying equipment installed. Condensing steam from hot water can seep into surfaces and cause serious problems such as wood rot that threaten the structural stability of your home. You also need to make sure the floor is capable of supporting all that weight, which may involve reinforcing or even replacing floor joists, and the room that the unit is in needs to be waterproof, especially the flooring material.

How Much Does Colorado Springs Spa Installation Cost?

It's completely understandable that you want to know right now how much you can expect to pay so you can budget appropriately. However, estimates given over the phone are rarely as accurate as a customer would like them to be. There may be additional cost factors such as the condition of your electrical system or the requirements of your chosen unit that we won't know about until we've had the chance to inspect your system in-person. Once we've visited your home for a consultation, we'll be able to give you a fair, upfront quote so you can make an informed decision about what's best for your home and your budget.   

Are Hot Tubs Safe to Use?

Yes they are, as long as they are installed correctly by a professional electrician and you follow some basic safety tips such as:

  • Know where the correct circuit breaker and electrical switches are so they can be immediately turned off in an emergency

  • Don't use your unit during electrical storms

  • Make sure nearby lighting and circuits are protected by GFCIs

  • Don't use cord-connected appliances near the unit

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