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Need Help From Reliable Electricians? Colorado Springs Experts Are Here to Serve You!

Electricity makes the modern world go round. When your power shorts out, call Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs for quick and convenient repairs by licensed electricians in Colorado Springs, Palmer Lake, Cascade, Cripple Creek, Falcon, Black Forest, and the surrounding area.

You have the expertise of our qualified Colorado Springs electricians at your disposal. Your home or business is in good hands, from a major overhaul of your wiring to a simple ceiling fan installation by experienced electricians. Colorado Springs, our promise to you is the best work, whether your needs are common or complicated.

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Reliable Solutions From the Electricians Colorado Springs Can Trust

Many people tend to think of their electrical systems as the components they interact with regularly—lights and electrical sockets—but the truth is, there's a lot more going on below the surface. Your electrical system is complex and needs to be installed, updated, and maintained by a trained professional who knows how to handle it safely and effectively. If you're experiencing issues with your electrical system or you have an upgrade in mind that will make life more comfortable and convenient for your household, you can count on our trustworthy, skilled Colorado Springs electricians to provide reliable electrical solutions.

We offer professional care for custom lighting, programmable thermostats, data and communication lines, and even hot tub installation/wiring, all handled by certified electricians. Colorado Springs properties, whether they are residential or commercial, can get a boost in value from an electrical project such as EV charger installation and electrical panel upgrades, along with dozens of other potential upgrades. When you call us for electrical services, you can rest assured we will arrive on time for your appointment, in uniform, and with all the tools and materials necessary to get the job done correctly. Our team of experienced Colorado Springs electricians takes pride in delivering safe, effective, long-lasting results no matter what project we're working on.


Making a home or office bright can lead to headaches when you attempt to install lights on your own. You can relieve the pressure of light installation by leaving that chore to your local, professional Colorado Springs electrician. You can choose from a wide range of other lighting services and solutions, including landscape LED lighting, retrofit lighting, recessed lighting installation, and much more to fit all your electrical needs for commercial and residential lighting.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Your electrical panel controls your entire electrical system, so it's really important that it be in good condition so it can function safely. If your electrical panel is more than about 25 years old, it's definitely time to call our team of electricians in Colorado Springs for an upgrade to ensure it can not only operate safely and efficiently but also readily meet the increased demand for electricity in your home.

There's no doubt that we use more electricity today than we did a few decades ago. Electrical panel upgrades have become even more necessary over the past few years as many people are now working from home and that puts additional strain on electrical systems. Rely on our qualified Colorado Springs electricians to get your electrical panel upgrade taken care of. You may even be able to save some money on your electric bill with a new panel that is capable of operating with greater energy efficiency.

Electrical Safety

Stop relying on wall plugs from the store to keep children away from outlets. Instead, our Colorado Springs electricians will install tamper-proof outlets to protect your little ones. We offer a shutter system that lets you enjoy your life and relieves you of some extra stress by ensuring electrical systems are off-limits for the youngest members of your family.

In addition, we provide other safety-related electrical services such as whole-house surge protector installation and GFCI outlet replacement by licensed electricians. Colorado Springs residents can trust our services to protect their families from injury and their property from damage.

Generator Installation

Mr. Electric offers professional commercial and residential generator installation. Ensure the safety of your family and property in the event of an unplanned power outage or natural disaster with a home standby generator installed correctly by expert electricians. Colorado Springs business owners need commercial generators to keep their employees and customers safe and their systems up and running—and they can avoid service disruption with the help of skilled professionals. Our licensed Colorado Springs electricians will hook up your generator, and since we always prioritize safety, we will arrange for a thorough inspection of the generator to make sure that all local regulations and codes are met.

EV Charger Installation

Whether you’re an electric vehicle owner and you need installation service for your private residence, or you’re a business owner and you want to offer EV charging stations for your guests and visitors, our team can provide the services you need from qualified electricians. Colorado Springs residents can count on us to complete installation for a wide selection of advanced EV chargers. Our team has a full range of EVSE solutions to meet your needs for installation and other services. You can count on your local Colorado Springs electrician to help you determine which type of EV charger will work best for your needs and complete any additional upgrades that may be necessary to facilitate EVSE installation.

Commercial Electrician in Colorado Springs

Our expert, quality service isn't just for our residential customers. If you are a small or big business owner, professional office or property manager, you can rely on the same high-quality work and exceptional customer service that we offer to residential clients from every last one of our electricians. Colorado Springs business properties have unique needs that go beyond that of a typical home, whether you are responsible for a chain of corporate businesses or just one little independent café—and we have the expertise to handle those commercial projects safely and effectively as well. This includes commercial energy savings audits, commercial electrical panel upgrades, power surge protectors, as well as commercial lighting, and EV charging station installation, all taken care of promptly by certified Colorado Springs electricians. As your local electrical company, we are here to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your commercial system is in excellent condition.

Contact us today to get started on some quality electrical services and experience some excellent workmanship!

Service You Can Trust!

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  • Our professional electricians in Colorado Springs can work on your residential or commercial property. With in-depth, ongoing training and years of experience in the electrical trade, we ensure that we always get the job done right.

  • Our polite, uniformed Colorado Springs electricians will always treat your property as though it were their own and fully explain all work or recommendations so you can make an informed decision about what's best for your property and household.

  • We only charge upfront, flat rates with no hidden or "surprise" fees, so whenever something happens that requires services from electricians, Colorado Springs residents will know exactly how much they'll be paying before the work begins.

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Our Special Offers

Are you looking for ways to save on your electrical services? Just mention one of our special offers when scheduling your appointment, and we will make sure to apply it to your bill. It’s one more way our team of reliable Colorado Springs electricians demonstrates our commitment to our client’s safety and happiness.

Count On Expert Service From Qualified Colorado Springs Electricians

There are a lot of things around your property that you can take care of on your own, but electrical wiring is typically not one of them. Electrical installation and electrical repair services require the experience and skill of master Colorado Springs electricians. You and your property deserve responsive, efficient, professional services, and that's exactly what you'll get when you call our team of expert electricians in Colorado Springs

When it comes to top-quality workmanship from reliable electricians, Colorado Springs property owners or managers know it's important to hire the very best. However, skilled workmanship is only one of the aspects of customer experience that makes a big difference. We will:

  • Arrive promptly for your scheduled appointment in a company vehicle
  • Display a tidy, uniformed appearance
  • Have the equipment and parts on hand to deal with common repair and installation issues
  • Take the time to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have
  • Complete electrical inspections to assess your system
  • Clearly explain our recommendations
  • Offer an upfront cost for the services that need to be done
  • Complete the work in an efficient, timely manner with a licensed Colorado Springs electrician
  • Meet or exceed electrical industry standards
  • Handle the billing and scheduling processes smoothly

Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs

Areas We Serve

For electrician services near you with highly skilled service professionals, just give us a call. We'll get you booked for an appointment at a time that works for you, and you can count on a prompt arrival time from our electricians. Call us today and let Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs get your system back in factory-fresh condition!
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  • Colorado Springs
  • Cripple Creek
  • Divide
  • Elbert
  • Florissant
  • Fountain
  • Green Mountain Falls
  • Manitou Springs
  • Monument
  • Palmer Lake
  • Peyton
  • Usaf Academy
  • Victor
  • Woodland Park
  • El Paso County
  • Broadmoor
  • Briargate
  • Black Forest
  • Downtown Colorado Springs
  • Flying Horse

Customer Reviews

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    Did exactly what I wanted and needed, then extra

    Jay M.
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    Domenic was great! Answered all my questions and even taught me some things. Highly recommend!

    Sandra L.
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    Dain arrived exactly when he said he would, and told me how many hours it would take to complete the job. When he completed the job, He showed me all the work he had done and explained how everything worked. Professionalism was top-notch!

    Cheryl B.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Colorado Springs Electricians

Would you like to know more about our services or find a solution to your electrical problem with help from qualified electricians? Colorado Springs residents, call us today to have all your questions answered or to schedule a convenient appointment with certified electricians. Colorado Springs can depend on us for innovative solutions to any electrical issue, along with trusted installations and inspections and excellent quality service. Here are our Colorado Springs electricians' responses to some common questions from home and business owners.

Do Colorado Springs Electricians Have to Be Licensed?

Yes, any electrical contractor who is providing electrical services here must be licensed by the State of Colorado. When you hire licensed technicians, you have the assurance of knowing you are getting service from trained Colorado Springs electricians. Electrical systems all have their own quirks and issues, so it's important to work with someone who is trained in safety and knows how to adhere to all codes as a trained electrician. Colorado Springs professionals on our team have the applicable state-level license needed to work on your residential or commercial property.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire Electricians in Colorado Springs?

While it makes perfect sense that you want to know right away how much you should expect to spend for service from electricians, Colorado Springs residents want an accurate cost estimate, and we can't provide that until we've had the chance to assess your system and the repair or installation work you need to be done. Once an in-person consultation has been done by our Colorado Springs electricians, we will explain our recommendations and offer you a fair price for the services you need.  

Do I Need a Permit for Work By a Colorado Springs Electrician? How Do I Get It?

Since electrical systems have the potential to be dangerous in unskilled hands, it makes perfect sense that electrical work is governed and regulated by a permit system in Colorado. Many types of projects do require a permit, but there's no need to worry—our experienced technicians will know which permit is needed and will pull it on your behalf so you don't have to mess around with the paperwork. On our team, every one of the Colorado Springs electricians you may work with has the expertise to handle permits quickly and efficiently.

Do Your Colorado Springs Electricians Get Background Checks?

Yes, they do undergo background screening. When hiring electricians, Colorado Springs property owners want to know that they can expect professional, courteous behavior at all times. That's why all the members of our team are subjected to a background check program, including every one of the Colorado Springs electricians on our team has proven themselves trustworthy over the course of their time with us, so we're confident they'll treat you and your property with respect.

Do You Have References From Local Clients in Colorado Springs?

Yes, we do! Check out our customer testimonials from our residential and commercial clients to find out what they love about the services provided by our electricians. Colorado Springs residents have left us plenty of positive feedback and high ratings on review sites such as Google, inspired by the excellent work our team members did on their property. We're proud to say that our Colorado Springs electricians treat each and every one of our clients the same way we'd want our own family members to be treated.

Can Colorado Springs Electricians Help With Home Improvement Projects?

When you plan home improvement projects, don’t forget to call us for installation services from qualified electricians. Colorado Springs homeowners can count on us to provide a roadmap to renovations that will transform your space and conserve energy. We provide expert care for programmable thermostats, data and communication lines, and custom lighting.

During a home improvement project, especially one that is focused on a larger room where you spend a lot of time, such as the living room, it's well worth considering calling your local Colorado Springs electrician to take care of a ceiling fan installation. It's a common misconception that ceiling fans simply make rooms a little cooler. They actually increase air circulation, which can make a room either cooler or warmer depending on whether you're running your furnace or air conditioner, which means you can actually save some money on energy costs by turning on your ceiling fan and adjusting your thermostat accordingly.

How Can I Save Energy in My Business?

Are you a local business owner looking to save money by reducing your energy costs? One of the best ways to save money on electricity is to ensure that you have a fully energy-efficient lighting system. If you have an inefficient system in your commercial property, you can save costs through a variety of solutions, such as retrofitting your fluorescent lights and replacing old fixtures with energy-efficient fixtures.

If you’re unsure about your property’s energy efficiency, or you need help determining and implementing the best solutions for commercial energy efficiency, help is available from our experienced Colorado Springs electricians. We can provide commercial energy audits that will help you evaluate your potential energy-saving opportunities and find more efficient lighting solutions to meet your needs.

Do Your Colorado Springs Electricians Work With Property Management Companies?

Absolutely. Whether they manage residential properties such as apartment buildings, commercial or industrial complexes, or some other type of buildings, property management companies need regular services from experienced Colorado Springs electricians. At Mr. Electric, we strive to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial, professional relationships with property management companies so they know they can rely on us whenever they need electrical installations, repairs or maintenance work done on their properties.

Do you need to schedule regular electrical services and trust that the agreed-upon services will be completed correctly and on time by qualified electricians? Colorado Springs electrical experts on our team will arrive promptly for your scheduled appointments and get the job done right so you can focus your attention on other matters without worrying that we won't show up or won't take the necessary care to provide trustworthy services with long-lasting results. Or, maybe you just want to program your speed dial with the number of a reliable electrician so you can get prompt, trustworthy services whenever something goes wrong with the electrical system in one of the buildings you manage. Either way, when property management companies are in need of expert Colorado Springs electricians, the dependable team at Mr. Electric is the right choice.

When Should I Call a Colorado Springs Electrician for an Electrical Safety Inspection?

Most people really don't realize how important it is to get electrical safety inspections done periodically, especially in certain situations, like when a property is changing hands. While safety inspections usually aren't necessary on an annual basis, there are some scenarios that absolutely require an electrical safety inspection to be taken care of by knowledgeable electricians. Colorado Springs residents should note that those situations include:

  • Buying or selling a property
  • Installing a major appliance or EV charger
  • Welcoming a new household member
  • After a major renovation has been completed
  • Building code inspection is mandatory
  • It has been more than 40 years since the electrical system installation

During your electrical safety inspection, your local Colorado Springs electricians will take the time to inspect and assess components of your electrical system, such as:

  • Wall switches, plugs, and outlets
  • Light bulb wattage
  • Possible fire and electrocution hazards
  • AFCI and GFCI outlet operation
  • Confirmation of grounding system
  • Condition of electrical panel
  • Testing carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms
  • Condition and installation of wiring

After we have finished a careful safety check of all components of your electrical system by our reliable Colorado Springs electricians, you can rely on us to present them with a detailed report that prioritizes our recommendations for getting their system in a functional, safe condition. We'll also take the time to offer clear explanations of our findings and address any questions or concerns you may have so you can make an educated decision about what's best for your household and property.

Which Areas Does Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs Serve?

We service all of Colorado Springs including Black Forest, Briargate, Broadmoor, Cordera, Flying Horse, Gleneagle, Kissing Camels, Mountain Shadows, Peregrine, Pine Creek, Skyway, Top of Skyway, Wolf Ranch, and surrounding communities.

Will I Be Without Power While Your Colorado Springs Electricians Are Working On My Home?

We understand that it can be uncomfortable to go without power in your home, even for a short time. That's especially true during extreme temperatures when you're counting on electricity to power your HVAC system and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. In many cases, we can take care of electrical repairs, installations and other tasks without needing to cut power to the entire building. There are some tasks that require all power to be shut down for a short time for safety purposes. If that's necessary, we'll warn you in advance, and it likely won't be for very long.  

Does My Old Electrical Panel Need to Be Upgraded?

When you say "old," do you mean older than about 25 years? If so, it's likely time for an electrical panel upgrade by our professional electricians. Colorado Springs homes often have an electrical panel that is much, much older than 25 years, and there's no doubt in that case that it does need to be replaced with a newer model.

Are you wondering if you really need an electrical panel upgrade right now or if your old panel can hang in there for a few more years? Here are some of the biggest warning signs that it's time to hire skilled Colorado Springs electricians to handle an electrical panel upgrade:

  • Lights flicker when you turn on an appliance because of the increased demand for electricity
  • If you try to use more than one appliance at a time, a circuit breaker trips
  • Breakers trip often for no obvious reason
  • The circuit breaker box feels warm or hot to the touch
  • Scorch marks, bubbling paint, or other signs of heat damage on the electrical panel
  • Strange sounds coming from the panel box, like hissing, crackling or buzzing
  • Odors of burning metal or melting plastic
  • The breaker box is giving off visible sparks
  • Working on a remodel that involves adding a lot of lighting or power-drawing appliances
  • The power company is recommending an electrical panel upgrade

Many people don't think of this, but it's also a good idea to call your local Colorado Springs electrician for an electrical panel upgrade if you are welcoming a new family member into your home. That could be a friend or relative who is moving into your house, or it could be the arrival of a bouncing new baby. It may be surprising that a tiny baby could increase the demand for electricity in your household, but they require more resources than you may suspect, and the additional strain can be too much for an older or deteriorating electrical panel.

Are LED Lights Less Costly Than Incandescent Bulbs?

Yes and no. The upfront cost to purchase LED bulbs is higher than the cost of incandescent bulbs, but LED lights last significantly longer before they need to be replaced—our Colorado Springs electricians will tell you that you can typically get around 50,000 hours from an LED bulb compared to only around 1,200 hours from an incandescent bulb. So in the long run, you're paying less for LED bulbs because they will last so much longer. Another point in favor of LED bulbs is that they require less energy to operate, so you can save a bit of money in that regard as well as lowering your carbon footprint. 

Is My Colorado Springs Home Vulnerable to Power Surges?

Suppose your home is not equipped with preventative measures like surge protectors. In that case, it’s more vulnerable than the average Colorado Springs house to power surges that could cause serious damage to computers, televisions, and other expensive electronic equipment. But it's worth noting that every home in the state of Colorado does have some level of increased vulnerability to power surges that are caused by lightning flashes because Colorado is more susceptible to lightning damage than many other places.  

In fact, Colorado is ranked 19th in the nation for lightning flashes, which may not sound that bad but does mean Colorado homes are more likely than buildings in most other states to be affected by power surges. Our qualified electricians in Colorado Springs can help you reduce the risk with whole house surge protector installation services.

What Can I Expect from Your Colorado Springs Electricians?

When you need a team of experienced, reliable, professional Colorado Springs electricians to provide safe, convenient service at your home or business, Mr. Electric is the team to call. As your local electricians, Colorado Springs professionals at Mr. Electric are dedicated to professionalism, reliability, safety, and convenience. We go above and beyond for each of our customers with a wide range of services that we offer to ensure you’ll only need to make one call when you need electrical work completed.

Our Colorado Springs electrician team always upholds our core values of respect, integrity, and customer focus. Our priority is providing the highest quality work, ethical business practices, and the highest standards for customer service at every appointment, whether you need help with a simple project like ceiling fan installation or a major project that involves re-wiring parts of your home or business.

Can You Send Skilled Colorado Springs Electricians to My Home?

Of course! For electric services from highly skilled electricians, Colorado Springs residents just need to give us a call. We'll get you booked for an appointment at a time that works for you, and you can count on a prompt arrival time from our Colorado Springs electricians. We'd love the opportunity to get your system back in factory-fresh condition! And we don't limit ourselves to just Colorado Springs. Homeowners and business owners in nearby areas such as Manitou Springs, Fountain, Woodland Park, Green Mountain Falls, and more can also rely on our Colorado Springs electricians to provide the same outstanding service and dependable customer care as their neighbors in the city get.

Call us today to speak with our friendly team and make an appointment with our skilled service professionals. As the most sought-after electrician, Colorado Springs residents can rest assured that we’re here to serve our local community!

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