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Colorado Springs Outlet Installation Services

In today's world, it's almost unthinkable to imagine life without electrical outlets in the homes and businesses throughout Colorado Springs. We may not pay much attention to them on a daily basis, but they provide the power that keeps dozens of convenient amenities running for us, day in and day out. From kitchen appliances and televisions to smaller (but still critically important) tools like a phone or laptop charger, outlets deliver the power necessary for all the things that help keep our homes convenient and sanitary, along with the many devices we use for work and entertainment. As such, there are multiple reasons why you may need Colorado Springs outlet installation services from a qualified local electrician, including:

  1. Your current outlets are not supplying enough power.
  2. You don't have enough outlets to meet the demand for plug-ins in your household.
  3. Your property doesn't have the right type of plug receptacles for the devices you need to power.
  4. Outlets have been damaged by factors such as excessive moisture, impacts, or other problems.
  5. Receptacles are too old and show signs that they may be unsafe to use.
Regardless of the issue that prompted you to seek outlet installation services, you can depend on your local Colorado Springs electrician to provide efficient, effective repair and installation for your entire electrical system. The team of professional electricians at Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs has the skill and experience to take care of all your household's electrical needs with outstanding workmanship and exceptional customer service.
Colorado Springs Outlet Installation Services
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Benefits of Colorado Springs Outlet Installation

As we listed above, there are plenty of reasons why you may need the help of a professional electrician for outlet installation in Colorado Springs, CO. Depending on your particular reasons, you can get some big benefits from having a qualified electrician replace old units or install new ones.

Power It Up

Over the last few decades, technological advances have raced forward, and that comes with an increased need for electricity to power all those hot new devices and appliances. Think of life a few decades ago—no computers, no flat-screen TVs, no phone chargers (in fact, you could use rotary phones even when the power was out because they could run on the 48 volts coming down the phone line). But times have changed, and if you have an older house with a system that hasn't been upgraded in a long time, you'll need Colorado Springs outlet installation to ensure that you've got enough plug-in spots available for everything and that they are capable of supplying enough power to keep it all switched on. If you find that a breaker flips in your circuit breaker box when you plug too many things in at once, you likely need an electrical panel upgrade as well.

Safer for Your Household

Like everything else, outlets take wear and tear damage and slowly deteriorate over time. Or, they can suffer from sudden damage due to an impact or water from a hidden plumbing leak. If you've got a much older power system or your home has experienced other issues such as flooding, your outlets may no longer be up to electrical code requirements. In some situations, that could lead to an electric shock when you try to plug something in or cause electrical fires to start inside the walls due to an overloaded, deteriorated system. Professional Colorado Springs outlet installation will give you peace of mind knowing that your plug receptacles are in safe, functional condition and don't pose a risk of danger to you or your family members.

More Convenient

There's a certain way you like to have your furniture and belongings arranged—and sometimes outlets are not in a location that makes sense with your interior design vision. If you have to pull out the entire couch to get your laptop charger plugged in, or crawl under the bed to plug in your alarm clock, you already know how irritatingly inconvenient it is to not have plug-in options in the correct places. Whether you need more, or just need the ones you have moved to convenient, easy-to-use locations within the room (or multiple rooms) with Colorado Springs outlet installation service, our team of expert electricians will make sure you can plug in at the places that make the most sense for how you want to arrange and use your home.

Technological Options

Have you ever wished you could plug a USB cord right into the wall instead of using up a port on your laptop or messing around with wall adapters? That's actually possible—manufacturers are now designing units that include USB ports along with more standard plug options. It's really convenient to be able to plug in USB-powered devices in your kitchen, living room, home office, bedroom and other parts of the house with nothing but a USB cord and a wall port. Our need for USB plug-ins isn't going to change any time soon and will likely be increasing as the years go by, so it makes sense to get some put directly into the wall with electrical outlet installation in Colorado Springs, CO.

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Types of Electrical Outlet Installation in Colorado Springs, CO

Not sure what type of outlet would work best for a specific need or location in your household? No problem—just speak with our friendly team members and we'll be pleased to offer some advice based on our professional experience. Here are some of the options available for Colorado Springs outlet installation:

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI): A GFCI outlet is a protective option that prevents shock by cutting off power to the unit when it senses an abnormal power flow.
  • Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI): Similar to GFCIs, they reduce the risk of electrical fires by cutting off power flow when they sense a power arc.
  • 15-Amp: This is the typical 3-prong outlet that we're all used to seeing around our homes. They're best suited to hallways and other areas where there isn't a lot of demand for a plug receptacle or a major electricity draw.
  • 20-Amp: A slightly more powerful version of standard outlets that are best used for countertop appliances with high current draws, like toasters and blenders.
  • 30-Amp: This version is made to power stuff like RV shore power adaptors and dryers that use natural gas as their main fuel source.
  • 50-Amp: This is the most powerful type that is typically installed in residential properties in Colorado Springs, and they are used for large appliances like electric clothes dryers and oven-range combinations.
  • Smart Plug: Smart home systems are increasingly popular, and this type of plug receptacle will pair with smart systems so you can control them remotely from your phone.
  • USB: Along with standard plug-ins, this kind includes USB ports that can be used to charge devices with a USB cord only.
  • Switched: A combination of a plug receptacle and a switch that controls it, so you can easily switch the device that's plugged in on or off without having to access the device itself.
  • Tamper-Resistant: Small children don't know the rules of electrical safety, and this variety offers better protection because they can't remove it and get access to the outlet.
  • Two-Duplex: Basically, this type features four plug receptacles instead of the standard two for areas where you need to plug in more than two cords.
  • Level 2 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE): This 240-volt outlet is a residential charging outlet for electric vehicles, also known as an EV charging station. It’s one of a few different levels you can choose from for Colorado Springs EV charger installation.

Why Mr. Electric is the Best Choice for Electrical Outlet Installation in Colorado Springs, CO:

Your electrical system should work perfectly and be optimized for your convenience. If it's not, you need the help of skilled, experienced electricians like the ones on our team at Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs. We serve our communities with pride and strive to deliver the highest standards of workmanship and customer service on every job. You can count on us for Colorado Springs outlet installations and numerous other electrical services such as electrical safety inspections, recessed lighting installation and repairing or replacing electrical wiring.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outlet Installation in Colorado Springs

Do you have questions about our services, including Colorado Springs outlet installation? Call us to chat with our friendly office staff and find out more, or check out our replies to some common questions in Colorado Springs.

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