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Colorado Springs Ceiling Fan Installation

Are you tired of high energy charges on your monthly utility bill? Are you looking for ways to make your home more comfortable, increase property value, and lower energy costs? It may surprise you that all those goals can be accomplished with a professional Colorado Springs ceiling fan installation service.

Some people tend to think of a ceiling fan as an old-fashioned home cooling system that doesn't work as well as an air conditioner—so if you already have an air conditioner installed or don't see a need for one in our climate, there's no point in getting Colorado Springs ceiling fan installation, right? Actually, that's a misconception. Ceiling fans aren't specifically for cooling; they're made to increase air circulation and work in tandem with your HVAC system to make a room warmer or cooler, depending on the external circumstances.

Ready to save money on your energy bill and get the other benefits of ceiling fan installation for your home? Your local Colorado Springs electrician can help! Rely on the team of service professionals at Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs to deliver the highest standards of quality workmanship and customer service that go above and beyond.

Colorado Springs Ceiling Fan Installation

Mr. Electric technician working on a ceiling fan.

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How Colorado Springs Ceiling Fan Installation Can Save You Money

By now, you're probably wondering how a Colorado Springs ceiling fan installation could positively impact on your energy savings and reduce your energy costs. How does installing a new fixture that requires electricity to operate cause you to use less electricity? It may seem counterintuitive at first, but once you understand what's going on, it makes perfect sense.

We're willing to hazard a guess that your heating and cooling represent the biggest expenses on your energy bill by far. That's the case in most homes in Colorado Springs because your HVAC system needs to use a huge amount of fuel, whether it's electricity or natural gas, to keep your building at the desired temperature. Because the energy usage from your HVAC system is already so high—and therefore costs you a significant amount of money in energy charges—reducing the amount of time that it needs to be operating will make a noticeable difference to your bank account.

So how do you reduce operation time for your HVAC system while still maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature? That's where your new Colorado Springs ceiling fan installation comes in. The air movement it provides is capable of changing the temperature in a room by as much as five degrees just by pushing down the warm air that rises to the ceiling and stirring up cool air that settles near the floor. That increased air circulation makes the room a more even temperature throughout, especially in the "habitable zone" between the floor and ceiling. Because the air circulation is changing the temperature in the part of the room where you are, you can turn your air conditioning system down four degrees during the summer months and turn your furnace down five degrees during the colder months and still have the room at your preferred comfort level. That might not sound like much, but it's enough to make a difference by reducing your energy costs.

But how does turning your HVAC down reduce energy usage when you have to turn on your Colorado Springs ceiling fan installation and let it suck up electricity? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, your air conditioner costs about 36 cents per hour to operate (depending on factors such as the size of your house and the temperature you set it to), but a ceiling fan only costs about one cent per hour to operate. So even though the ceiling unit does use energy, it's far less than what your air conditioner or furnace requires.

Additional Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installation in Colorado Springs, CO

Saving money is obviously a big perk, but it's not the only advantage of a Colorado Springs ceiling fan installation project. Here are a few more of the benefits you can enjoy.

  • Greater Home Comfort: The same air circulation that can lower your energy costs can also increase your comfort in your own home. Keeping the room at an even temperature throughout will make everyone in your family feel more comfortable, whether they're standing, sitting, or playing on the floor.
  • Provides Lighting: Most installation packages come with a ceiling light fixture, so you don't have to sacrifice overhead lighting fixtures to have a fan installed. Consider choosing one with an LED light for added energy efficiency.
  • Increases Property Value: If you're thinking of putting your Colorado Springs home on the market shortly, replacing a regular overhead light fixture with a light and fan combination can help convince prospective home buyers by adding function.
  • Outdoor Options: While outdoor ceiling fans on the porch or patio obviously won't be any help to your HVAC, they do make your outdoor living space more comfortable by getting the air moving, which is a big help on hot, muggy days.
  • Improves Design Aesthetic: There's a huge range of options available in terms of style, so you can find the perfect choice to match and enhance your current interior design aesthetic, from modern and sophisticated to rustic.
  • More Environmentally Friendly: Needlessly wasting energy causes a strain on resources that isn't kind to the environment, which is why the Energy Star program was created to rate and certify products that meet certain standards of energy conservation.

Why Choose Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs for Ceiling Fan Installation?

When you call Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs, you can rest assured that a licensed electrician will arrive promptly for your scheduled appointment, in uniform and driving a company vehicle. We'll take the time to thoroughly assess your electrical wiring and the project at hand and answer any questions you may have before we get started on ceiling fan service or other electrical work.

Upfront Pricing

There are few things more frustrating than having to wait until after a home service is complete to find out how much the final bill will be. We eliminate that source of stress by always providing an upfront, flat rate. That way, you'll know exactly how much you'll be charged before we begin work, and you can make an educated decision about what's best for your home. Since we don't charge by the hour, you never have to worry that we'll work less than efficiently to needlessly drive up the cost of service.

Advantage Plan

Mr. Electric offers an exclusive Advantage Plan that can help give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your electrical system is in perfect working order. Benefits include:

  • Priority scheduling
  • Records of all repair, maintenance, and installation work that we can provide upon request
  • Guaranteed workmanship and parts
  • Electric safety inspections to identify parts of your system that have the potential to cause trouble in the near future and get them repaired before they cause an inconvenience to you
  • The plan is transferable to a new property owner
Service You Can Trust!

Let us know how we can help you today.

What Is A Ceiling Fan & Why Is It Essential For Energy Efficiency

All of us hope to inhale a mouthful of fresh, light, and clean indoor air without a second thought as to if it's stale or stifling. And so, most of us invest in a wide variety of mechanisms to obtain the utmost best air quality, from weather-stripped windows to air conditioners to oscillating desktop fans galore to retain a gust of subtle wind for our comfort. Although Colorado Springs enjoys a semi-arid and moderate local climate, being situated beside the Rocky Mountains, it experiences somewhat humid summers and cold, dry, and freezing winters. Benefiting, of course, from the Chinook winds, which waft from the mountain to melt away the snow.

Despite Colorado Springs not being readily exposed to sultry hotness, unlike their southern counterparts, or icy coldness up in the great Canadian North, it still has its fair share of scathing local weather conditions. That's why it's essential to be best prepared regardless of the season with residential heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and cooling. One way to bolster your home's HVAC system is to sign up for a ceiling fan installation. Colorado Springs residents must note that a ceiling fan's sole purpose is to boost their home's energy efficiency. Some homeowners assume that a ceiling fan serves to cool down their house. This couldn't be further from the truth! In fact, a ceiling fan installation goes both ways–besides being able to cool off a room during a heat wave, a ceiling fan can also help circulate warm air during a cold snap. Similar to insulation, a Colorado Springs ceiling fan installation serves to improve your home's air quality by diverting air flow to achieve an optimal room temperature. It does so by effectively circulating air within a confined space to cool it down or heat it up. As a result, a ceiling fan installation in Colorado Springs will work in tandem with your household's HVAC system and insulation, allowing for maximum energy efficiency. You’ll notice reduced electricity consumption and lower monthly utility bills. A ceiling fan is known to use 90% less energy and up to 65 watts per hour compared to a standard air conditioner which eats on average 2,200 watts per hour–a huge difference! If anything, you require a ceiling fan installation if you want to attain a desirable and stable room temperature. A ceiling fan actively moves air, forging a wind chill effect and allowing for moderate indoor room temperature. A Colorado Springs ceiling fan installation is a more worthwhile investment compared to a repair, especially if your old, broken fan is outdated.

FAQs About Colorado Springs Ceiling Fan Installation

If you'd like to know more about Colorado Springs ceiling fan installation or any of our other trusted electrical services, give us a call to speak with our knowledgeable office staff and get all your questions answered quickly and easily. Or, check out our replies to some common questions below.

  • Unstable Imbalance: Shaking And Wobbling

    Normally damaged or dirty blades due to accumulated residue will result in the ceiling fan wobbling and rattling uncontrollably. Especially if you've noticed bent out, warped, or broken fan blades, this can make your ceiling fan off-kilter.

    Unusual Noises: Humming, Squeaking, Or Grinding

    It's typical for your ceiling fan to make a subtle, whirring background or white noise as it's operating. But too loud or odd sounds are a cause for concern as it could indicate a loose electrical wiring connection in the fan's fixture or box. As a result, each time you turn on your fan, the loose components clink and clank together, creating noise pollution. It can also highlight there is accumulated debris on the fan motor, which needs to be cleaned off and re-lubricated.

    Deterioration: Hairline Cracks And Fractures

    Lately, if you've noticed hairline cracks snaking across your ceiling and in and around your ceiling fan, it is either minor cosmetic damage or a deeper underlying problem, for example, water and moisture damage to a shifting house foundation. Either way, it's best not to leave this eyesore unattended, especially if it's due to a sagging ceiling fan.

    All Burnt Out No Power

    If you've witnessed consistently broken lightbulb filaments, it could be due to a tripped circuit breaker or loose wiring and connections. These are all red flags that your ceiling fan's electrical wiring is glitchy and needs to be tweaked by an expert electrician.

    Odd Odors: Faulty Electrical Components

    Again, faulty wiring can result in a burning odor because the wiring may be loose or frayed. Generally, the wiring needs to be replaced or cut and crimped, and if need be, you may need a ceiling fan installation. Colorado Springs clientele can expect a professional electrician to properly trim the electrical wiring and securely refasten it to the fan motor with new wire nuts. Plus, please note that in the aftermath of the damages, other components of the ceiling fan may have been melted too, and require a replacement.

Colorado Springs Ceiling Fan Installation Will Make Your Home More Comfortable and Efficient!

If you'd like to experience the benefits of improved air circulation in your home, trust the team of expert electricians at Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs. We deliver experienced ceiling fan installation and other reliable electrical services to our local communities, including Black Forest and Falcon. We are proud to serve the people of our customers with innovative, effective installation and electrical repair solutions, including electrical panel replacements or new outlet installations.

Get in contact with us today by picking up the phone and calling our friendly customer service staff about how we can get your electrical system in top-notch condition or to schedule a convenient appointment time.

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