Feel More Secure in Your Home! | Mr. Electric of Austin

White front porch with red door

No matter what, your home should always be your safe haven! Our team at Mr. Electric of Austin wants you to discover new ways you can keep your home safe and sound this year.

Set the Stage on Security

Did you know that every 20.9 seconds an American home is burglarized? Let’s take a look at ways you can improve the safety and security of your home!

Take a Walk Around Your Landscape

Is the outside of your home lit properly? What about motion sensors outside your home? These elements can help add a safe layer of protection to your home.

Fortunately, our team has experience in outdoor lighting and motion sensors. Give us a call when you’re ready to improve the lighting outside your home or install other safety mechanisms.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

How well do you know your neighbors? If you haven’t introduced yourself yet, make sure you do so that your neighbors can get to know you, too.

Truly investing in your neighborhood and getting to know others can allow you to work together to keep an eye on any suspicious activity happening in the neighborhood or even around your home when you are not there.

Don’t Let People Know What You Buy

Did you recently go on a shopping spree? Or perhaps you finally got that new big screen TV you have had your eye on for years?

Instead of taking the boxes out to the curb with the trash, consider taking those type of boxes to the dump yourself so that bystanders do not see all the goodies you just bought.

Remember, you want to deter people from breaking into your home. Not invite them in to see what you just bought!

Are you ready to install motion sensors outside your home? Give our team at Mr. Electric of Austin a call today! We are here to help you and your family feel safe at home!