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Best Emergency Electrician Services in Austin, TX

Electricity is needed for modern life.

When your electricity decides to take a vacation and leaves you feeling lackluster, Mr. Electric® of Austin can fix the problem quickly. Whenever you find yourself in an electrical emergency, we have 24-hour emergency electricians available when the situation is severe and the future seems dim.

Best Emergency Electrician Services in Austin, TX
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  • Emergency electrician services can feel daunting and may leave you uneasy. If you have any thoughts that you may have an emergency on your hands, don't wait to let it potentially get out of control and call the trained professionals at Mr. Electric. Electrical work is all we do!

    Our emergency electricians at Mr. Electric can fix or relocate an electric panel that may be wet and upgrade or replace circuits so they are no longer overloaded and at risk for an electrical fire. We provide the electrical repairs you need quickly and arrive ready to address your problems, no matter the time of night.

    Our emergency electricians are trained, licensed, and courteous and will provide work backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise, so you know they can right the system, and you can go back to the other important things in life.

  • Calling an emergency electrician can be difficult, especially if you are unsure if you have a true emergency. There are several easy-to-spot symptoms that the system is on the verge of a hazardous problem. If you notice any of them, call for an emergency repair professional from Mr. Electric of Austin as soon as possible.

    • Sooty or darkened outlets or switches
    • Sparking electrical components
    • Wet electrical panel
    • The smell of plastic insulation overheating
    • Burning odor or smoke
    • Frequently tripping breakers
    • A shock when touching an outlet or switch

    Should any of these happen in your home, you want one of our service professionals to see the issue before it worsens. There is no reason to risk an electrical fire, and our team at Mr. Electric will make sure your home is safe before they finish the job!

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Safer Emergency Repairs

Emergency electrician services are meant to eliminate a problem and keep you safe, so performing repairs quickly and efficiently is essential. Our professionals are dedicated to completing a job properly and conducting thorough inspections to ensure nothing is missed.

Your local Mr. Electric professional will ensure the repairs are up to code and discuss any other non-emergency work with you, and we always make sure that our upfront costs are clear. Any questions are answered before beginning any repair work.

Even though changing a fixture may seem simple, it is important to let the professionals handle any electrical work, or you might get a jolt from a live wire you didn't know about.

Electrical work should never be considered a DIY project, so let the Mr. Electric professionals prevent any risks associated with electricity properly.

  • If you find yourself in a seemingly desperate electrical situation, left in the dark and frustrated, Mr. Electric is your local 24-hour emergency electrician. Reliable, knowledgeable, and certified, our service professionals will easily conquer any problem. Plus, we can check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to keep your home safe from other emergencies.

    Whether an emergency or a regularly scheduled appointment, Mr. Electric of Austin is the right choice for the best electrical repairs at reasonable prices. We will ensure that the job is done right, well, and up to National Electrical Code standards.

    Even in the middle of the night, Mr. Electric can be there for you. Contact us, and we can help assess the situation and get there in a hurry to correct it!

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Mr. Electric has the power to make things better. Embrace the ease of call-ahead scheduling with Mr. Electric's 24/7 availability. Our skilled technicians prioritize quality, respect your home, and provide transparent upfront pricing for peace of mind.

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