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Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector Install in Austin, TX

Ensure Your Smoke Detectors Work Properly

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are a part of our homes that we often take for granted. But the truth is carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is much more common than many believe. In fact, it's one of the top causes of poisoning in the United States, with over two thousand American deaths each year. CO is especially dangerous because it can't be detected with the naked eye. This gas has no color, taste, or smell, and victims often can't tell they've been affected until symptoms start to show. Thankfully, CO poisoning is preventable. At Mr. Electric of Riverview, we offer CO and smoke detectors to keep your family safe from poisoning and fire. Our experts can install new upgraded devices in homes and businesses in Riverview, Apollo Beach, and Sun City, FL.

Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector Install in Austin, TX
Ensure Your Smoke Detectors Work Properly
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  • You shouldn't install a carbon monoxide detector just anywhere. Generally speaking, you should place your detector along the wall between knee and chest height. Gas spreads evenly throughout the home, and ideally, the detector should sound when the CO reaches the height at which you sleep. Sometimes, placing your CO detector here isn't the best idea. We realize many of our customers have children and pets prone to messing with switches and outlets, and in that case, it makes more sense to install a carbon monoxide detector at chest height. Some homeowners even choose combination smoke-and-carbon-monoxide detectors installed at ceiling height. While there are a few different "correct" places to put a detector, you should never install one behind curtains or in hidden areas that may inhibit the device's ability to sense trouble.

  • In addition to installing a CO detector, you should also request smoke detector services for your Riverview, FL home. House fires are all too common—there are up to 3,000 deaths and 15,000 injuries each year, according to the U.S. Fire Association. To mitigate this risk, state and local laws require smoke detectors to be installed in every home and workplace. Generally, there must be a detector near every bedroom, but some areas may mandate them in hallways and stairways as well. Once installed, don't forget to schedule a replacement every ten years for maximum peace of mind.

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Stay Safe After Smoke Detector Installation

The work isn't done once a smoke detector is installed! Homeowners should take several precautions to maintain their detector and ensure it can quickly sense a fire. The team at Mr. Electric of Riverview can offer you a slew of tips for keeping your unit in proper working order. Be sure to follow these smoke detector guidelines:

  • Install at least one smoke detector on every floor of the house or building
  • Test alarms every six months or at least once a year
  • Have a battery-powered backup in each smoke detector (NOT rechargeable batteries)
  • Avoid installing detectors near drafty windows or doors
  • Center smoke detectors on the ceiling at least six inches from the wall
  • Install wall units at least a foot below the ceiling
  • Put smoke detectors near bedrooms, hallways, and staircases
  • Lightly dust or vacuum the unit at least once a year
  • Never remove the unit from the wall to stop a false alarm
  • Don't take out the batteries unless you're changing them
  • Store a fire blanket in your home
  • Keep a fire extinguisher (or two) in an easily accessible location
  • Create an emergency exit plan and update your family on the proper procedures in the event of a fire
  • Contact your local fire department about affordable smoke detectors for low-income residents
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation and Replacement

    Mr. Electric has completed thousands of Carbon Monoxide Detector installations to date. Your local Mr. Electric offers a portfolio of product solutions that touch every part of the Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation and Replacement process.

  • Smoke Detector Inspection

    Smoke detectors are only helpful if they’re well-maintained. Hundreds of house fire deaths occur each year because smoke detectors are not installed or working correctly. Protect yourself and your family from that risk. Contact Mr. Electric® to inspect these life-saving safety devices in your home.

  • Smoke Detector Installation and Replacement

    Your local Mr. Electric offers a portfolio of product solutions, including smoke detector installations and smoke detector replacements that touch every part of the smoke and fire safety process.

  • Smoke Detector Repair and Service

    Smoke detectors save lives, but only if they’re in proper working condition. Current codes require hardwired smoke detectors for new-construction homes. If you’re having trouble with a hardwired smoke detector system, Mr. Electric® will perform smoke detector repairs to keep your household safe.

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