5 Unconventional Benefits of a Home Security System | Mr. Electric of Austin

Burglar attempting break in

There are a lot of obvious benefits to a home security system. Giving you peace of mind, deterring crime and protecting your home and belongings are wonderful perks—and often the driving force behind deciding to invest in one.

However, there are some lesser-known benefits for homeowners, as well! By helping you save money, manage your entire household and keep your family safe, an integrated security system can do a lot for your home.

Lowers Homeowners Insurance

Many home security systems have a monthly fee system, but paying this can also bring you big savings on your homeowners insurance—in some cases, up to 20 percent.

Can Notify You of Fire or Gas Problems

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are useful if you’re in the home, but not so helpful if you aren’t. A home security system can be set up to alert you if the alarms sound, and even contact the authorities on your behalf.

Check Up on the Kiddos

Every system is different, but one with an interior camera system will allow you to check in on the kids even if you’re at work or away. Additionally, many systems allow you to remotely lock and unlock the doors—meaning there’s no risk of children misplacing a house key!

Manage Electricity Usage

If your security system integrates with a smart home technology such as thermostats and outlets, you can manage your electricity right from your phone or device. Lower the thermostat when the house is empty and never have to worry about if you left something plugged in when you leave for vacation!

Monitor Pets While You’re Away

Keeping the family safe includes the pets, too! Interior cameras will allow you to monitor their behavior and alert you to any unusual movement inside the house. Some systems will even allow for vocal communication, so you can have a chance to intercept before the trashcan gets knocked over instead of finding a mess when you return.

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