Circuit Breaker Replacement in Austin, TX

Professional Circuit Breaker Installation

Circuit breakers are an essential part of your home’s electric system. When you need a circuit breaker upgrade, our electrical professionals are here for you. Mr. Electric of Austin offers circuit breaker replacement services for Austin, TX, residents. If your circuit breaker is struggling or you need a circuit breaker inspection, our licensed electricians will assist you. We can install a new circuit breaker system to ensure your home is updated for your energy needs and help prevent fire hazards. We’ll help you find the best circuit breaker for your home’s needs. Contact us today to get an estimate on our circuit breaker installation services.

Mr. Electric electrician working on a circuit breaker

Preventing an Electrical Circuit Overload

An electrical circuit overload happens when too much electricity is transferred across your electrical wires. When the circuit cannot handle the amount of electricity, it causes the switch to trip and cut power to all your devices. The best way to prevent a circuit breaker overload is to upgrade your outlets and wiring to be able to handle the large electrical demand.

Reasons I Need to Upgrade or Replace My Circuits

Your circuit system often gives you signs that it needs an upgrade. If your circuit breaker is getting hot and tripping, it could be the first sign you need an upgrade. Other common signs you need to replace your existing system are old age, strange sounds, and damaged breakers. The most common reasons most people choose to upgrade or replace their existing circuit breaker system include the following:

  • Overloaded Outlets – You may have overloaded outlets if your circuit breakers trip often, you use a large number of power strips, or you feel the need for more electrical support.
  • Specialty Lighting – Many people need circuit upgrades to ensure proper connectivity to specialty lighting, including track lighting, recessed lighting, or accent lighting.  
  • Security Systems – A new security system requires a circuit breaker that connects to your electrical system. 
  • Additional Outdoor Electricity – We’ll ensure your circuit system meets the needs of new landscape lighting, a new sprinkler system, or a new swimming pool.
  • Appliances – You may need a circuit breaker upgrade if you have new appliances, including when you add a freezer or second refrigerator to another room.
  • Emergency Generator Installation – An emergency generator may need its own dedicated sub-panel to ensure you have backup power during a blackout.
  • Home Entertainment Centers – Home entertainment systems require multiple things plugged in and running at one time.
  • Home Office Equipment – Some homeowners need to upgrade to more power outlets to support their home office needs.
  • Garage or Workshop – Our service professionals can install additional outlets to meet the needs of the electricity in your garage or workshop.
  • Home Efficiency Upgrades – We will ensure your electrical system can handle the additional electricity that is needed for a solar water heater, solar panels, or an electric vehicle charging station.

Circuit Breaker Replacement Benefits

We understand replacing your circuit breaker may not be at the top of your “to do” list. Replacing your circuit breaker offers an immediate boost to your home’s electrical performance. Some of the most significant benefits of a circuit breaker replacement include:

  • Minimizes the risk of fire from overloaded and aging circuit breakers
  • Eliminates nuisance tripping
  • Ensures you have the right brand, size, and type of breakers to extend the life of your panel and your appliances
  • Allows you to use multiple high-powered devices at the same time

Essential Professional Circuit Breaker Installation

It is critical to only let professionals install circuit breakers in your home. Your electrical panel is directly connected to your power company's electricity supply. If an inexperienced person incorrectly installed a new circuit breaker, they risk deadly electric shock. Our qualified electricians should be in charge of your new circuit breaker installation for multiple reasons, including:

  • Circuit breakers need to be installed to updated codes for insurance and safety purposes
  • Incorrect circuit breaker installation may lead to a fire hazard
  • A fire or electrical surge can damage an improperly installed circuit breaker
  • It is important to use the correct size, function, and brand of breaker

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Circuit Breakers?

Circuit breaker costs vary by type, size, and brand of breaker. The final price is determined by the complexity of the job and how many breakers need to be replaced. We offer free estimates on our circuit breaker replacement services.

Contact Us for Expert Circuit Breaker Replacement

Mr. Electric of Austin offers comprehensive electric services to Austin residents. Whether you need a new circuit breaker installed or need your existing system repaired, we are here for you. Our team stands by our work with a guarantee we will get the job done right. We send professional, licensed electricians to your home or office to determine the best circuit breaker services for you. If your circuit breakers are ever hot to the touch or you hear sizzling, contact our company for a fast response. Contact Mr. Electric of Austin to schedule circuit breaker services or get a free quote today.