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Specialty Home & Outdoor Lighting in Savannah, GA

Special Solutions to Light Up Households

Your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces benefit from beautiful lighting to brighten your landscape, accent your artwork, and enhance your at-home safety and visual appeal. Mr. Electric of the Coastal Empire specializes in comprehensive electrical solutions for homeowners and business owners throughout Savannah, GA. Specialty home and outdoor lighting is a prime example of what our versatile skill set covers. Our licensed and experienced electricians have ample training and expertise in creating custom lighting solutions fitting our customer's unique styles, needs, domestic space, and budget. If you’re ready to add new specialty lighting or upgrade your current lighting fixtures, let us work with you to determine the best lighting options to improve your home's appearance and value.

Specialty Home & Outdoor Lighting in Savannah, GA

Special Solutions to Light Up Households

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  • Mr. Electric of the Coastal Empire values every homeowner’s vision of an ideal space and works to ensure our indoor and outdoor specialty lighting lives up to their expectations. After assessing your home’s current electrical system and determining if it can support your new lighting, we may recommend additional services to upgrade your wiring, electrical panel, or other components. However, our electricians may also tailor your lighting selection to fit what your system can presently support. Besides choosing between track lighting, fixtures, recessed lighting, and other options, you can add custom touches to your new lighting. We can add dimmer switches, timers, lighting controls, and motion sensors to let you adjust your brightness, create personalized settings, and even ward off intruders wandering your property.

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Indoor Illumination for Every Room

You might want to beautify your living room and ensure adequate reading light in the evening, or your kitchen needs accent lighting and personal touches to make it more intimate or welcoming. Mr. Electric of the Coastal Empire offers beautiful specialty home lighting solutions for every room in your home. The following are examples of lighting options we can install, replace, or repair:

  • Recessed lighting – We carefully install recessed lighting in your wall or ceiling to brighten a room with a space-saving fixture. This option improves home safety, convenience, and money while increasing your home’s value. Furthermore, we can integrate recessed into your smart home.
  • Track and accent lighting – Track lighting is adjustable and versatile, holding multiple lights on a track and pointing them in whatever direction you want. Examples of accent lighting include sconces and spotlights. You can use this lighting option to display objects, highlight artwork, focus light on a specific area, and light up cabinets, nooks, and alcoves.
  • Lighting fixtures – Our electricians will gladly install lighting fixtures around your home to save you money while enhancing your safety, convenience, and home value. Lighting additions are cost-effective and can effectively lift your home’s overall appearance.
  • Chandelier installation – If you purchase a chandelier, your best move is to let an experienced electrician install it to ensure optimal safety and functionality. Chandeliers can beautify and brighten living rooms, dining rooms, and other home spaces.
  • Lighting installations are just as crucial outside your home as inside your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Many people invest in beautiful landscaping, and Mr. Electric of the Coastal Empire can add complementary lighting to illuminate its features at night. Your front porch, walkways, and driveway can use lighting to improve safety and make finding your way around your home easier after the sun goes down. Our electricians can even help you celebrate your favorite holidays, such as Halloween and Christmas, with professional holiday lighting. We’ve described each of these examples below and can explain more options when you contact us:

    • Landscape lighting – The right landscape lighting makes your beautiful landscape enjoyable at night when shadows usually envelop your shrubs, flowers, and other features. If you have trouble seeing your walkways, we can add lighting to help you stay the course and prevent trip-and-fall accidents.
    • Holiday lighting – The most wonderful time of the year can also be the most colorful and eye-catching with our professional holiday lighting options. We work with you to design and install holiday lighting, incorporating your vision and needs while staying within your budget.
  • Accent Lighting Installation and Replacement

    Home accent lighting provides visual interest inside and out. Mr. Electric® will help you add customized lighting that brings you joy whenever you look at it. We service current lighting fixtures, assist with accent lighting design, and install new accent lighting.

  • Cabinet Lighting Installation and Replacement

    Transform any room by having cabinet lighting installed under or inside cabinets Cabinet lighting brightens kitchens, garages, and workshops, adding workspace and ambience. You can count on Mr.Electric® for expert lighting design, wiring, and cabinet light fixture installations.

  • Deck Lighting Installation and Service

    Upgrade your home’s outdoor living space by installing deck lighting. Your next barbecue, pool party, or relaxing Sunday evening won’t have to end because the sun goes down. Enjoy strategically placed exterior lights. Mr. Electric® specializes in outdoor lighting design and installation services.

  • Energy Efficient Lighting Replacement and Retrofit

    Upgrading an electrical panel helps to ensure that your electrical system meets your energy needs. If you work in an aging building, Mr. Electric® can inspect your building’s electrical wiring and distribution system to determine exactly what your electrical service panel needs are.

  • LED Lighting Installation and Replacement

    Living in a home that’s too dark? If this sounds like you, then LED lighting installation is a great solution. Installing LED lights to replace your old lights can improve the overall appearance of your home. Best of all, LED lighting replacement services can help you save money on your power bill!

  • Light Dimmer Switch Installation and Service

    Swapping out old light switches for dimmers is a fast and economical way to make your lighting more versatile. You can create the right ambiance for romantic dinners, working from home, chill weekends, and more. Light dimmer installation and repair services from Mr. Electric® make it simple.

  • Light Fixture Installation and Repair

    If you’ve just purchased brand-new light fixtures for your home, installing them yourself might not be the best option. We offer lighting fixture installation services that are sure to turn your home into the well-lit house of your dreams.

  • Light Sensor Installation and Service

    Light sensors are a practical and helpful addition to any home. With light sensor installations, interior and exterior lights will turn on automatically when the light level dips below a certain range, and turn off when the light brightens, for a safer, more convenient home environment.

  • Light Timer Installation and Service

    Well-designed indoor and outdoor lighting can add value and security to your home. Maximize the impact of your lighting with a timer switch. Having this device installed is an effortless way to automate illumination and enhance your home’s safety and security.

  • Lighting Installation

    Whether you have an old home with dated light fixtures or a dark home with not enough lighting, installing new lighting fixtures can bring both utility and value to any room. The professionals at Mr. Electric® have the experience required to help you install lighting or replace your old fixtures.

  • Motion Sensor Installation and Service

    Motion sensor security lights detect and respond to signals such as movement, light, and temperature. Once they detect the correct input, they illuminate. This allows you to walk around your home safely at night, or make you aware of a potential intruder.

  • Patio Lighting Installation and Service

    New patio lights enhance your outdoor space in the evening. They add a measure of security and boost your home’s value and curb appeal. Choose a professional patio lighting installation from your local Mr. Electric® and be confident that you’ve hired the best in the business.

  • Recessed Lighting Installation and Service

    Does your home have lighting that isn’t up to your standards, but you don’t want to impact the visuals of the space with a light fixture? Recessed lighting may be exactly what you’re looking to add.

  • Specialty Lighting Installation

    What is specialty lighting? It’s any kind of light that’s chosen to make a space stand out or to make an area more visually appealing. Specialty lighting includes many indoor and outdoor light fixtures, decorative neon lights and signs, and much more.

  • Track Lighting Services Installation and Replacement

    With multiple light heads on a single fixture, track lighting is an easy way to add several lights to one area. Track lighting is versatile, allowing the homeowner to slide lights along the track and change their angles as needed.

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