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Performing Child Proof Outlet Installation in Savannah, GA

How to Avoid Outlet-Related Injuries in Your Home

It’s important to protect children from the potential hazards of electrical outlets. Curious little fingers like to poke and prod at anything they find, electrical outlets included. On average, 2,400 children per year visit an emergency room for injuries related to electrical outlets. Luckily, there is a quick and convenient solution. Mr. Electric of The Coastal Empire offers child proof outlet installation in Savannah, Georgia, and the surrounding areas. We can help you install permanent tamper-resistant receptacles (TRR) that are far superior to the plastic plugs that you might order online or pick up at your local big box store. Learn more about our child proof outlet installation services.

Performing Child Proof Outlet Installation in Savannah, GA

How to Avoid Outlet-Related Injuries in Your Home

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  • As much as you try, you can’t always be standing over your kids, ensuring they are safe. However, it only takes a moment for a little one to stick their finger or some other foreign object into an electrical outlet, resulting in shock or electrical burns. Mr. Electric of The Coastal Empire can help you install a wide range of child proof outlets. We have child proof outlets that spring shut automatically when they are not in use. That way, you never need to worry about forgetting to replace a plug or close a cover.

  • Children like to explore. While that is a great way to learn, it can also make them unaware of dangers, such as the threat posed by an exposed electrical outlet. Accidents involving electrical outlets are not always due to a lack of parental supervision either. Approximately 70% of outlet-related accidents happen when parents are present. Even if their fingers are too big to fit in an outlet, they may stick a foreign object into the outlet. One-third of electrical outlet injuries are caused by a child inserting something into the outlet other than their fingers. Some of the objects that children commonly try to stick into outlets include:

    • Tools
    • Keys
    • Hairpins
    • Plugs
    • Jewelry
    • Paperclips
    • Belt buckles
    • Nail files
    • Metal toys
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The Most Common Injuries Caused by Unprotected Outlets

Since 2008, the National Electrical Code has required the installation of child proof electrical outlets in all new homes. This is because child proof outlets are highly effective at preventing many common electrical injuries. The child proof outlet installation cost is well worth it when you compare it to the potential risks. Some of the most common injuries caused by children tampering with an electrical outlet include:

Electrical Shocks

The standard household outlet supplies 120 volts of electricity. When this amount of electricity comes into contact with a person, it can cause serious injuries. This is a more common occurrence than you might realize. Approximately seven children per day are injured by inserting objects into electrical outlets.

Electrical Burns

When a person is electrocuted by an outlet, electrical burns are one of the most common forms of injury. Electricity will convert to heat when it comes into contact with a person, potentially causing severe burns. Roughly 95% of outlet-related injuries result in burns. The severity of the burns can vary from minor to very serious.

Serious or Fatal Injuries

While none of us want to think about it, electrical injuries can potentially be fatal. When an electrical current affects the small body of a child, it can cause unimaginable damage. Installing high-quality tamper-resistant electrical outlets is the most effective way to prevent these types of injuries.

  • When you decide to install outlet protection, it can be tempting to get plastic plugs from a store or order them online. These plastic plugs seem easy to use, but they come with some inherent drawbacks. First, they are easy to forget. They must be removed when you are using the outlet and replaced afterward. On top of that, your children will eventually figure out how to remove outlet plugs. The child proof outlets that we install spring shut automatically and have locking mechanisms that are much safer than plastic plugs.

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