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Get Circuit Breaker Replacement Services in Savannah, GA

Your Guide to Replacing Circuit Breakers in Your Home

Most homeowners don’t think about their circuit breakers very often. However, your circuit breakers play a vital role in ensuring your home’s electrical system is safe and functional. Your electrical panel is the place where raw electricity from your utility company enters your home. Your electrical panel has circuit breakers to monitor the distribution and current of the electricity in each circuit of your home. When the amperage flowing through one part of your home becomes unsafe, a breaker will trip and cut off power to that section of the house. So, it’s very important to ensure your breakers are always up to date and working properly. Mr. Electric of The Coastal Empire offers circuit breaker replacement services in Savanah, Georgia, and the surrounding areas. Learn more about our circuit breaker replacement services.

Get Circuit Breaker Replacement Services in Savannah, GA

Your Guide to Replacing Circuit Breakers in Your Home

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  • Your home has various circuits. Each circuit in your home will have a corresponding circuit breaker. They will usually be labeled in your electrical panel. The circuit is made up of various components, such as outlets, wiring, light switches, and, of course, the circuit breaker itself. These electrical components are designed to safely handle a certain amount of electrical current (also called amperage). When the amperage running through any particular circuit exceeds the safe levels, your circuit breaker will immediately detect it and shut off power to that section of the home. This prevents the various electrical components from overheating and causing a fire.

  • It’s important to make sure your circuit breakers can keep up with your usage. Otherwise, you’ll be inconvenienced by constant trips to the circuit box to reset breakers. Whether you need help with main circuit breaker replacement or upgrading to a higher capacity breaker for a section of your house, Mr. Electric of The Coastal Empire can help. Below you will find some of the most common reasons homeowners install new circuit breakers.

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Overloaded Outlets

Do you notice outlets getting overloaded on a regular basis? If you can’t use multiple appliances or devices in a certain area of your home, your circuit breaker may be underpowered or outdated. This is a sign that you should consider replacing the circuit breaker in that area of your home to keep up with your usage.

Security Systems

A security system can make you and your family safer, but it may require the installation of its own dedicated electrical circuit. The last thing you want is for a tripped breaker to shut off your security system. Our team can help you install a circuit for your security system or upgrade a circuit breaker to handle the demand of your new security system.

Specialty Lighting

Installing specialty lighting can really take the design of a room to the next level. Task lighting, track lighting, accent lighting, and any other specialty lighting can add a significant electrical demand to a circuit, though. If you need to replace a circuit breaker during the lighting installation process, call Mr. Electric of The Coastal Empire.


When you purchase a new appliance, it can be an exciting home upgrade, but are you sure your electrical system is ready to handle the additional load? Our team can help you check your circuit breakers and perform any circuit breaker replacement that is needed prior to installing a new freezer, refrigerator, or other home appliance.

  • An emergency generator can keep your home’s lights on in a blackout. However, a permanent standby generator needs to be connected to your electrical panel, including its own circuit breaker. Homeowners trust Mr. Electric of The Coastal Empire with circuit breaker replacement services because of our vast experience and expertise.

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