Electrical Repair in Paulding County

Whether you need help with an emergency repair situation or it's time for an annual maintenance check-up, Mr. Electric® understands the unique electric repair needs of residents throughout Paulding County. Our service professionals can reilluminate your day when things look dark.

Electrical Repair in Paulding County
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  • When to Get Repairs

    Electrical repairs should be addressed at the first sign of a problem to ensure both you and your family's safety, even if a seemingly significant issue is not as severe as you thought. Anything that seems off deserves attention due to the unpredictability of electricity. 

    Don’t Wait

    Waiting to call a professional to evaluate your electrical repair needs is never a good choice. If you wait, you risk injury, elevated electric bills, and potential fire. 

    No DIY Electric Repairs

    It is important that you never attempt any type of electrical repairs yourself, as DIY electrical work is a leading cause of preventable electrical fires. Our professionals are trained to stay safe when working with electricity and are up to date on code compliance.

  • Some of the most common electric repair services involve electrical panels and outlets. Because the panel controls the circuits that outlets are on, issues with one may lead to potential repair needs on the other.

    Bad Circuit Breakers

    The breakers within the electrical panel may go bad from time to time. Proper replacement or repair is critical in ensuring that every outlet in your home or business works as it should when needed. 

    Old Wiring 

    In older homes, you need to have wiring checked, wiring can suffer damage or fall out of compliance with the National Electric Code when they begin to age. Replacing older wiring supplies power for proper functioning, safe electrical system and avoid potential hazards.

    Outlet Repairs

    Whether an outlet is faulty or needs updating to GFCI outlets, properly grounded and working outlets ensure safety. Mr. Electric of Paulding County is here to help with all outlet repair solutions!

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Types of Repairs We Handle

At Mr. Electric, we can handle most of your electric repair service needs to get you back to your daily life. Our top priority is ensuring you are safe, providing excellent customer service, and answering your questions.

Lighting Repairs

We illuminate your space with trusted electrical repairs from experts, no matter your lighting needs.

Electrical Panel Repairs

Electrical panels control everything! Our service professionals can replace breakers, wiring or even a do a complete panel upgrade.

Emergency Electrician

Call at the first sign of trouble, and Mr. Electric is available 24 hours a day to help fast.

Professional Electrical Repairs Near Me

Needing an electrical repair should mean calling a professional electrical expert to inspect and diagnose the problem. At Mr. Electric, our service professionals have the expertise and the credentials to make your home safe, meet code requirements and give you a peace of mind with our “Done Right Promise”. When they go to your home to provide electric repairs, you know they will get the job done correctly every time. Contact us today if you’re ready to schedule an appointment!

Not only are we meticulous, but we always put you first. Just ask our local Paulding County customers!


  • There are some clear signs that you are in need of an electrical repair service. Knowing what to look for can help avoid an electrical disaster that could cause injury or worse. Several signs to look out for are:

    • Burning smell
    • Sparks at the electrical panel
    • Receiving an electrical shock
    • Warmth at an outlet or switch
    • Breakers tripping frequently
    • Flickering lights
    • Breakers that won’t reset
    • Wet electrical panel
    • Buzzing sound from panel

    Any of these are signs that you need a professional to come and inspect the electrical to see if you need electrical repairs done. If you notice any of these, be sure to contact a service professional sooner rather than later to prevent any electrical malfunction that can cause significantly worse problems.

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