Electrical installations can be a hassle, which is why you can count on Mr. Electric to get the job done right the first time! Our expert electricians can handle any electrical installation from EV Charger Installations to Solar Energy Systems. Call Mr. Electric today to learn more about the additional installation services we offer or to schedule your next appointment!

Keep your home and the people you care about safe with smoke detectors and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors that are wired into the electrical system, which makes the batteries the backup power. Mr. Electric can inspect your electrical system to make sure the detectors are in working order.


Make sure your new ceiling fan and lighting can be supported by your home’s crossbeams and wired into the electrical system properly. Call Mr. Electric to take care of both issues with a professional installation.

Many homes and businesses do not have the circuit capacity to handle today’s devices and technology. Some even have corroded or faulty wires, which can be a fire hazard. When circuits are overloaded or faulty, they can trip breakers in the electrical panel. If you’re adding a security system, specialty lighting or large appliances, arrange for Mr. Electric to inspect the circuits, troubleshoot the issues, repair the wires and rewire overloaded systems. 

Make sure you have all the power you need to run your business efficiently and cost effectively with an upgraded electrical panel from Mr. Electric. Keep your property and employees safe by avoiding fire dangers, injuries, and data loss due to power surges and fluxes.  

Save on energy costs by installing upgraded light ballasts with energy-efficient light bulbs. Our professional electricians can conduct an energy audit to give you even more suggestions for ways to save energy and protect your facility investment.

A hybrid or fully electric vehicle is a great energy saver, but it does require the proper EVSE to be charged efficiently and safely. A licensed electrician from Mr. Electric can install EVSE equipment to conform to all National Electrical Code and permit requirements. For larger batteries in electric vehicles, your home may need an electrical system upgrade to power the quicker-charging Level 2 EVSE. Mr. Electric can add a new dedicated circuit to handle more power.

Electrical panels are more safe and reliable today than ever before. Unfortunately many older homes and businesses still need their breaker boxes replaced to prevent fires and other electrical power issues. Mr. Electric installs electrical panels that are better than code requirements to ensure there is safe power for all the latest technologically advanced computers, appliances, gadgets and devices.

It’s important to have a licensed electrician install correctly-sized exhaust fans properly, not only to make sure the electrical system can handle the increased power on the circuits, but also to make sure that the air is thoroughly ventilated. An exhaust fan should remove fumes and odors, as well as moisture and heat, to prevent mold, mildew, rust and other damage to your home or work area. Contact Mr. Electric to help you select the right exhaust fan for your bathroom, kitchen, attic, garage or basement. 

Electrical Outlet Installation Services in Birmingham, AL

“Dirty” electricity can hurt your computers and other sensitive electronic devices by creating voltage fluctuations, such as brownouts, line noise, surges and spikes. Filtered power from a power conditioner installed by Mr. Electric allows a specific, steady frequency to reach your equipment. Some power conditioners even work with phone lines, Ethernet computer networks, and cable lines.

We can install a power consumption meter you can read and use to calculate your home’s total energy consumption as well as specific appliances and devices. Then you can use that data to reduce your energy usage and save on your electricity bills. 

Lower – or even eliminate - your home energy bills by installing solar energy power. With solar energy storage you can take all or some of your electrical system off the power grid. Not only that, but you can be energy independent when power is out after storms, or when there are power fluctuations due to high seasonal demand. Mr. Electric can properly install your solar energy system so that it maximizes your energy savings.