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Exhaust Fan Repair Service

Your home’s exhaust fans serve several important purposes. Exhaust fan repairs will prevent mold growth in your house and keep the fan working for many more years. Chances are good that your broken fan doesn’t need to be completely replaced. Mr. Electric repairs exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms every day. You can trust your local Mr. Electric to handle your fan repairs and any other electrical repairs and installations.

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What do Exhaust Fans Do?

Bathroom exhaust fans help move moist air out of the room. This function is important because it prevents mold and mildew from growing on your bathroom walls. Allowing condensation to form repeatedly on the walls can cause streaking; over time, it can also cause the paint to bubble and separate from the walls and window casings. The worst case scenario is that moisture can get inside the walls, create a mold growing haven and ruin the drywall.

Kitchen exhaust fans are typically located inside hood vents that are positioned above stoves. Kitchen fans help move moist air, food odors and smoke out of the kitchen. Kitchen fans present additional cleaning and maintenance challenges due to the introduction of grease and other food related substances in the air moving through the vent. Clean your kitchen vent screen regularly to keep the fan working efficiently and to prevent grease fires.

Exhaust Fan Diagnosis

You may be able to diagnose your home’s exhaust fan issues. You may even be able to resolve some fan problems on your own. Try these tips to diagnose and fix some typical exhaust fan malfunctions:

  • Dead Motor or Dead Switch

    Remove the exhaust fan cover and unplug the motor from its outlet. Test it by plugging in another small device, like a blow dryer. If the blow dryer won’t turn on, your wall switch has gone bad. If the dryer does work, the switch is fine and the motor needs to be replaced.

  • Dirty Fan Housing or Failing Blower Wheel

    If your exhaust fan makes a loud humming noise when it runs, it might just need a good cleaning. An incredible amount of dust can accumulate inside the fan housing over the years. A vacuum with a small brush hose attachment is usually all it takes to clear dust out of the fan. Or, a loud fan could also mean that the blower wheel is going bad.

  • Vent Pipe Problems

    It can be worthwhile to check your exhaust fan’s vent pipe. All exhaust fans should use a vent pipe to move moist air outside of the house. Venting into the attic or basement will result in mold growth in those areas. If the vent pipe is plugged or pinched, the fan will not be able to remove humid air from its room. Examine your vent pipes for signs of damage; they usually exit the structure from the roof or the side of the house.

When to Replace an Exhaust Fan

If you checked all of the issues above but running your old exhaust fan just doesn’t seem to make a difference in the room’s humidity level, it might be time to replace the old unit. Years of wear and tear can render these fans useless. A new fan will be more efficient and effective at moving moisture out of your home. And, it will almost certainly be much quieter than your old fan!

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Kitchen and Bathroom Exhaust Fan Repair Near Me

Do you need a professional electrician to handle your exhaust fan repairs? Call your local Mr. Electric or make an appointment online. We’ll diagnose the problem and repair your exhaust fan. If your fan is beyond repair, we’ll help install a replacement fan. Our workmanship and parts are guaranteed.

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