Ballast Replacement

One important component of fluorescent lights that most don’t even know about is the ballast. Ballasts are small, rectangular devices installed inside fluorescent light fixtures to limit the current flowing to the bulbs. When a fluorescent light starts to buzz or flicker, changing the bulbs won’t fix the problem. That’s how you know it’s time for a ballast replacement.

Fluorescent Light Ballast Replacement

Fluorescent lights aren’t just for warehouses—they can be a great option for illuminating basements, workspaces, and even dark corners of the kitchen. Ballasts come in various sizes and wattages to meet your specific needs.

Mr. Electric replaces busted ballasts with new, energy-efficient ballasts. A new ballast will quiet your fluorescent light fixture’s buzzing, provide more even lighting, and increase energy efficiency.

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What Is a Fluorescent Light Ballast?

Are you old enough to remember the buzzing, humming fluorescent lights of days past? You can thank ballasts for getting rid of that annoying, headache-inducing noise in modern fluorescent light fixtures. Modern fluorescent lights buzz when their ballasts need replacement. A ballast is matched specifically to the light bulb it controls. By throttling the electrical current, ballasts prevent fluorescent bulbs from overheating and burning out.

Fluorescent lights produce strong magnetic interference and heat, making proper installation important in protecting against fire hazards and interference with electronics.

How Often Should Fluorescent Light Ballast Replacement Happen?

The average ballast should last about 20 years. Over time, it will lose the ability to regulate power flowing to the bulbs.

It’s important to make sure the right size ballast is installed to prevent damage to the fixture. Replacing a ballast also involves rewiring much of the light fixture. Further, there are two different kinds of ballasts—magnetic and electronic—and they use different mechanisms to stabilize and regulate the amount of power flowing to the bulbs. Replacing commercial ballasts, especially, often means climbing a ladder or going up a scissor lift to get the job done.

In short, fluorescent ballast replacement is a project best suited for a professional electrician.

Fluorescent Ballast Replacement Services in Your Area

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