Professional GFCI Outlet Installation in Gastonia, NC

Keep Your Family Safe With New GFCI Outlets

GFCI outlets or ground fault circuit interrupters are among the best ways to protect you and your family from electrical shocks. Mr. Electric of Gastonia specializes in offering unrivaled GFCI outlet installations for Gastonia, Belmont, and Shelby, NC, residents. Upgrading or installing GFCI outlets is a simple and affordable way to keep your home safe from electrical shocks while ensuring everything is up to code standards for North Carolina. Our experienced electricians are committed to keeping your home safe with our comprehensive electrical services. Learn more about our GFCI outlet installation services and request a quote today.

Mr. Electric electrician inspecting outlet

What Is a GFCI Outlet?

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) outlets are required in areas prone to much moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and garages. Some older homes have standard outlets in these spaces and need to be upgraded to GFCI outlets. The best way to tell whether the outlet is GFCI is to see if they have a “test” and “reset” button. GFCI outlets are designed to monitor the amount of electricity that flows through a particular circuit. When a GFCI outlet detects an electrical flow imbalance, it automatically shuts off the power flow to the outlet. This makes GFCI outlets an ideal way to lower the potential risks of electrical shocks and help you prevent fires.

Be Sure to Test Your GFCI Outlets

Working with electricity is dangerous, and it’s something that should be left to highly trained professionals. Our electricians have the skills and proper equipment to safely and quickly install a GFCI outlet. While we recommend leaving the installation to us, it would be wise to learn how to test and operate these outlets. When power is shut off to your GFCI outlet, press the “reset” button to restore power. GFCI outlets are more sensitive than your home’s electrical circuit breaker, making them more reliable in emergencies. Mr. Electric of Gastonia recommends testing your GFCI outlets at least once a month to ensure they function correctly. To test these outlets, follow these steps:

  • Press the “test” button to cut off all electrical flow to the outlet.
  • Plug in a night light or other small electrical device to ensure the power is off.
  • Press the “reset” button to restore the function to the outlet.

Where Do I Need to Install a GFCI Outlet?

GFCI outlets have been required in multiple homes since 1971. They were mandated for use with equipment and any outlets near a swimming pool. Since then, any area with moisture in your home must have a GFCI outlet to meet building codes and to reduce your risk of electrical shock. Review these GFCI outlet requirements and the years they were put into place:

  • Spa and Pool Areas – 1971
  • Home Exteriors – 1973
  • Bathrooms – 1975
  • Garages – 1987
  • Kitchen Countertops – 1987
  • Crawlspaces and Unfinished Basements – 1990
  • Wet Bars – 1993
  • Laundry and Utility Sinks - 2005

Do GFCI Outlets Have Limitations?

GFCI outlets are a great way to keep you and your home safe but they have limitations. You should avoid plugging freezers and refrigerators into GFCI outlets whenever possible. These appliances generate electromagnetic interferences, which have been known to trip the GFCI outlet. Most stoves and dryers require an outlet that can handle 240-amps of power, so they should be plugged into a GFCI outlet. Something to be aware of is that any appliance with a heating element, like a toaster, can trip your GFCI outlet. Mr. Electric of Gastonia recommends not plugging in an extension cord with multiple devices plugged into a GFCI outlet.

Take Advantage of Our Financing Options

Replacing outdated outlets with new GFCI outlets can be costly, but thankfully Mr. Electric of Gastonia offers financing options. We offer 12 months, same as cash financing, with no interest payments for 12 months at 6.99% apr for a five-year loan. Avoid putting off those necessary upgrades to ensure your home is safe and up to code. If you have any questions, reach out, as our knowledgeable representatives are standing by to help answer your questions and ensure you can apply without complications.

Schedule Your GFCI Outlet Installation Today

Whether you want to upgrade or replace new GFCI outlets, Mr. Electric of Gastonia is here to help. It’s important to remember that upgrading to GFCI outlets is vital to reduce your risk of electrical shock and fire if your home is older. Our professional team provides expert GFCI outlet installation while offering upfront pricing back with our guarantee that we’ll get the job done right. GFCI outlets are an inexpensive device that keeps you and your family safe and up to code. Reach out today to schedule your GFCI outlet installation service.