Professional Electrical Safety Inspections in Gastonia, NC

We Help Ensure Your Home Is Safe

The Mr. Electric of Gastonia team believes it’s always better to be safer than sorry. This is why we offer professional electrical safety inspections for Gastonia, Belmont, and Shelby, NC, residents. Our licensed electricians will thoroughly inspect your property from top to bottom to ensure your electrical system is safe and up to date. Multiple electrical safety concerns can go undetected without regular inspections and cause issues. If we notice any issues, our expert technicians have the skills and training to upgrade outdated wiring, install whole-house surge protectors, and even install childproof outlets. Avoid putting your home at risk by scheduling our electrical safety inspection. Learn more about our services and call us to schedule a quote today.

Mr. Electric electrician testing electricity outlet

The Importance of Electrical Safety Inspections

Electrical safety inspections are vital as they can help protect your family and home. With our inspections, you can help avoid fires and shocks caused by faulty or damaged electrical systems. Our highly trained professional electricians will identify any issues with your system, such as tripped breakers, flickering lights, or signs that it might be time to upgrade certain outlets and components. With our inspections, you’ll receive peace of mind knowing that any issues found were minor and will be fixed before they become significant. We believe that with our electrical safety inspections, you’ll be able to avoid disasters while helping you save money, time, and energy.

Our Electrical Safety Inspection Checklist

Our electricians perform comprehensive electrical safety inspections that cover a wide variety of properties. We inspect anything from swimming pools, circuit breaks, and outdoor lighting outlets. During these inspections, we check all electrical systems, wires, and components to ensure there are no faulty parts and that everything meets the legal safety code. Mr. Electric of Gastonia follows a thorough electrical safety inspection checklist, allowing us to provide you with a detailed report of the areas requiring repairs, potential upgrades, and more. The electrical safety inspections we offer include the following:

  • Testing the electric service panel
  • Checking light bulbs to verify they have proper wattage
  • Checking the condition of all switches and wall outlets
  • Verify and check for correct surge protection
  • Confirming grounding systems
  • Identifying any electrocution hazards
  • Ensuring all arc fault circuit interrupters are tested for proper operation
  • Inspecting all outdoor electrical systems
  • Testing safety and security lighting
  • Verifying all carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are operational
  • Checking the placement of smoke detectors
  • Checking the electrical and junction boxes for correct amps, operations, and labels
  • Reporting any potential hazards

How Often Should You Get an Electrical Safety Inspection?

We highly recommend scheduling an electrical safety inspection when purchasing a new home. This is to ensure no hidden surprises with your new electrical system. Our professional electricians also perform electrical safety inspections for new construction builds. It’s also recommended to have an inspection before you install any new major appliance to ensure your electrical system can support the new technology. Electrical inspections also help you reduce your electricity bill by upgrading to more energy-efficient options. Mr. Electric of Gastonia suggests having an electrical safety inspection before and after any major renovations for your home.

Explore Our Financing Options

Having routine electrical home safety inspections can significantly reduce your chance of electrical fires, but it can also lead to necessary unexpected repairs. Mr. Electric of Gastonia offers 12 months, the same as cash financing, with no interest payments for 12 months at 6.99% apr for a five-year loan. This financing option is designed so you can avoid putting off necessary repairs allowing you to keep your home safe and secure. To learn more about our financing options, call us. Our knowledgeable representatives are standing by to answer any questions and walk you through the application process.

Schedule Your Electrical Safety Inspection Today

Our professional electricians are standing by to help inspect your electrical safety system to ensure everything is up-to-date and is working optimally. Mr. Electric of Gastonia understands the power and danger of electricity and wants to work with you to ensure it powers your home instead of becoming a fire hazard. We’ll always work with you to help determine if any upgrades are needed. To help alleviate any concerns, we offer upfront pricing and free estimates on our electrical repair services. Don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule an estimate or your next electrical home safety inspection.