Prepare Your Home With a Home Generator Installation

Trusted Home Generator Installation Expert in Gastonia

Are you and your family safe the next time the power goes out? How will you power your electronics, appliances, and security lighting? The expert technicians at Mr. Electric of Gastonia offer home generator installation and maintenance services to homeowners throughout Gastonia, Belmont, and Shelby. When there’s a power emergency, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your essential electronics will continue to operate. Our team will work with you to understand the power needed and recommend the best option for your home. We have assisted countless homeowners throughout our communities and helped keep their families safe and comfortable during power outages. Learn more about our home generator installation and maintenance services, then contact us to schedule an estimate.

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Do I Need a Backup Generator?

It’s not a matter of “if” your power will go out. It’s a matter of “when.” Every year, thousands of homeowners in the area go without municipal power for some time. During that time, temperatures can dip into the low 30s overnight during winter. These dangerous situations can be avoided with a home generator installation from our knowledgeable and experienced technicians. Learn more about when your backup generator will be helpful:

  • Blackouts – When the energy being generated at local power stations doesn’t meet demand, it causes a blackout. It can be hours or even days before power companies can restore power.
  • Inclement Weather – Gastonia sees inclement weather throughout the year, including high winds, heavy rains, and snow. Inclement weather is one of the most common causes of power outages.
  • Damage From Animals – Animals are the second leading cause of power outages. Birds, squirrels, and other animals can interrupt electricity in your home.
  • Auto Accidents – Telephone poles alongside the road are particularly vulnerable to collision. If an accident occurs, it could cause a power outage at your home.
  • Natural Disaster – North Carolina isn’t a hotspot for natural disasters. However, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re protected in case of a fire, flood, earthquake, or other natural disasters.

Types of Home Generators We Install

Your home’s generator works similarly to your vehicle’s battery. It generates electrical energy by consuming a fuel source, such as gasoline, diesel, or natural gas. When your home’s power goes out, your generator will be available to power some of your electronics and appliances. Determining the correct generator installation for your home mostly depends on how many items you’ll want to power during an outage. At Mr. Electric of Gastonia, our electricians can help you decide which is best for your home. The two common types of generators include the following:

  • Portable Home Generators – Our portable home generator is the best option if you only want to run a few essential appliances during a power outage. The price ranges from $500 to about $1,500. They must be run outside the home to eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Home Standby Generators – Home standby generators are the premium option, typically costing between $5,000 and $15,000. However, they can generally power most of your home’s electricity. When the power goes out, the standby generator automatically switches on, so you never experience an interruption in power.

What Are the Signs I Need Backup Generator Maintenance?

The knowledgeable and experienced technicians at Mr. Electric of Gastonia provide high-quality backup generator maintenance services for homeowners. We have the skills and tools to provide comprehensive repairs for most brands. Your home’s generator should be tested every few months to ensure it works properly. If not, you may be unprepared for the next power outage. Schedule a maintenance service if you notice any of the following issues with your home’s generator:

  • Slow Startup
  • Burning Smell
  • Unusual Noises
  • Inconsistent Power

Choose Your Local Experts for Home Generator Installation

Homeowners throughout Gastonia and the surrounding communities trust the professionals at Mr. Electric of Gastonia for home generator installation and maintenance services. Our team has years of industry experience and has a great selection of home generator options to suit you and your family’s needs. The next time there’s a big storm and a blackout, you can feel confident you and your family are comfortable and safe with a home generator. If you already have a generator, we can ensure it’s prepared to protect your family the next time it’s needed with our home generator maintenance service. Contact our experts today to schedule your project estimate.