Professional Electrical Panel Upgrades in Gastonia, NC

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If your aging electrical panel can no longer keep up with your energy demands, our team is here for you. Mr. Electric of Gastonia offers comprehensive electrical services in Gastonia, Belmont, Mount Holly, Lincolnton, Hickory, and Shelby. The electrical panel in your home safely regulates electricity as it courses through your home. When a circuit demands too much electricity, it causes a circuit panel in your electrical panel to trip to stop the electricity from overloading your wiring. An aging or damaged electrical panel is a fire hazard. Our service professionals can inspect your existing electrical panel and determine if an upgrade is an excellent solution for your home. Contact us to receive an estimate on our electrical panel replacement services.

Mr. Electric electrician working on a circuit breaker

How Does an Electrical Panel Work?

You can typically find your electrical panel inside a gray metal box. It has rows of circuit breakers inside its box. The circuit breakers control the electrical flow to different parts of your home. Your electrical panel also contains a main power breaker switch that can automatically turn off the power to your home.

Signs You May Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

A defective electrical panel typically causes frequent circuit breaker trips. If your circuit breakers don’t trip in an electricity overload, it can cause melted wires, smoke, electric shock, or a fire. The following signs indicate you may need an electrical panel upgrade:

  • You hear crackling or buzzing sounds near the electrical panel.
  • You smell smoke around the electrical panel.
  • Your electrical panel’s interior feels hot.
  • You see corrosion or rust on the circuit breakers.
  • You need to use multiple extension cords in your home.
  • Your appliances will not run at maximum power.
  • You notice frayed or melted wires inside the electrical panel.
  • Your home has a 60-amp electrical service. 
  • Your home has a 100-amp electrical service that will not power all appliances.
  • Your home has an older electrical panel system without a main breaker, including a fuse box or split-bus panel. 

Specific Defective Electrical Panels

Our service professionals always recommend upgrading your electrical panel if your current system is more than 25 years old. An older electrical panel is a fire hazard and can cause many electrical issues. Any electrical panel installed before 1990 may be unsafe. Contact us if you have any of the following defective electrical panels.

Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Electrical Panel 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission classifies the FPE panel as a safety hazard. FPE panels were installed in homes between 1950 and 1980. Their manufacturing defects and design may cause electric shocks and fires.

Zinsco Electrical Panel 

Zinsco panels have been off the market since the 1970s, but they are still found in some homes. These electrical panels have a design flaw that allows power to make its way through when the breakers are switched off. Due to the flow of electricity, Zinsco panels often have melted switches.

Pushmatic Electrical Panel 

Pushmatic panels are designed with weak breaker switches that are hard to reset as they age. They do not contain a main breaker switch, so they cannot adequately stop a power flow. We recommend updating these panels to lower the risk of fire.

Fuse Boxes 

Fuse boxes are the oldest type of electrical panels. They can only handle up to 60 amps, and modern homes need about 200 amps of power to function. These outdated systems are an electrocution and fire risk.

Electrical Upgrades During Home Renovations

It’s critical to consider electrical panel upgrades during home renovation projects. It’s important to think about the necessary electricity load for modern improvements. We can help determine if your home needs additional power and more outlets. 

Do I Need an Electrical Panel Repair or Upgrade?

Our service professionals do their best to repair your electrical panel issues before choosing an electrical panel upgrade. We will inspect your existing panel and determine if it can adequately meet your home's energy demands.

Choose Mr. Electric of Gastonia

Mr. Electric of Gastonia offers comprehensive electrical services in Gastonia, Belmont, Mount Holly, Lincolnton, Hickory, and Shelby. Our electric service professionals will inspect your system and explain your current wiring needs. We offer honest estimates on our services. Our team offers financing options for your electric upgrade needs. We can perform electrical panel relocations, rewiring, circuit breaker replacements, and bus bar replacements. Contact us today to request an electrical panel inspection.