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Colorado Springs Light Switch Wiring

You don't need to think about what to do when you want to turn your light on and off. You just reach out, flip the switch, and take it for granted that everything will work perfectly as usual. Light switches are everywhere in our lives, so they usually go overlooked—but that means when houses or commercial properties experience malfunctions with their Colorado Springs light switch wiring, it can be a very unexpected and unpleasant problem. An electrical issue like a faulty light switch wiring tends to worsen slowly over time because symptoms get incrementally more irritating or dangerous. That is when you need to reach out to your local Colorado Springs electrician and get the issue resolved quickly.

Mr. Electric of Colorado Springs is a locally owned company that is here to help with all your electrical woes. As a team of experienced and professional electricians, we understand the importance of having safe and reliable electrical systems in your home. Whether you’re dealing with outdated or malfunctioning switches or simply want to upgrade to more energy-efficient models, we are here to help. With our knowledge and expertise, we can help you choose the proper switches for your needs and ensure they are installed safely and correctly with the right light switch wiring in Colorado Springs, CO. Let us shed some light on your electrical system and work together for a brighter, safer home for you and your family. Contact us today to learn more or to get your own Colorado Springs light switch wiring back in perfect working order.

Colorado Springs Light Switch Wiring
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  • When you are investigating your wiring and mechanisms for signs that need repair or replacement, it is helpful to understand the difference between the different main types and their electrical circuits. These are the most commonly used types of light switch wiring in Colorado Springs residences.

    Single-Pole Switch

    This standard option is probably most prevalent in houses throughout Colorado Springs. It controls a lighting fixture, wall outlet, or other devices from a single location, usually next to an entryway in your room. It may have labeled on and off positions for the toggle lever, which are not found on some other types. Under the wall plate, it has hot traveler wires connected to two brass screw terminals. One hot wire brings incoming electricity from the power source, while the other hot wire provides outgoing power to the fixture that is connected to your Colorado Springs light switch wiring.

  • A double-pole variant is much more commonly used in industrial or commercial applications, but some homes in Colorado Springs do have them. On the outside, it looks and operates like a single-pole switch—they are usually marked with on and off labels and control a single lighting fixture, electrical outlet, or device. The difference is that inside this type of Colorado Springs light switch wiring are four brass-colored screw terminals for hot wires and a ground terminal. That means there is room to connect two pairs of hot wires on a 240-volt circuit, and the mechanism will generally be rated for 30 amps rather than the typical 15 or 20 amps. A double-pole switch can control appliances, motors, and other items requiring a heavier power draw than your basic fixture or wall outlet.

  • The 3-way switch is similar to a single-pole and is common in homes throughout Colorado Springs. It is a pair of toggles controlling the same lighting fixture or connected outlets from different locations. For example, the light over a staircase will often have a three-way mechanism with a toggle at both the bottom and top of the stairs, so you can access the light from either end of the staircase and don't have to go stumbling up or down in the dark. This variety of Colorado Springs light switch wiring doesn't have on and off labels because the positions will change as the units operate independently. They have three terminal screws termed as common, travelers, and interchangeable, as well as a green screw terminal for a green ground wire. The traveler terminal is connected to a hot wire, while the other two terminals are interchangeable and can go either way.

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When to Call an Electrician: Signs Of Malfunctioning Colorado Springs Light Switch Wiring

Light switches are, of course, the devices on the wall that you use to turn lights on and off. But they can also be used to allow power to reach other wall fixtures, for instance, a GFCI outlet or ceiling fan. Whether you have standard switches with toggle levers, dimmer switches, Australian rocker switches, or one of about a dozen other varieties, it's important to know the symptoms of Colorado Springs light switch wiring that is in bad shape. Here are some of the signs that indicate you need electrical repair or replacement services from a licensed electrician.

Not Working at All

You flip your light toggle into the on position, and nothing happens. This is an annoying but pretty common electrical problem with light switch wiring in Colorado Springs properties, and it usually isn't related to the wiring at all. It's much more likely that your bulb has burnt out, a circuit breaker has tripped, or your power has gone out entirely. But if none of those turn out to be a problem, your light switch wiring is a prime suspect.

The Lighting Fixture Behaves Strangely

When you flip on a light, does it take a couple of seconds for your connected fixtures to actually come on, or do they flicker a few times? They may also start out dim and then grow brighter after a few seconds. These are all signs that metal parts in the mechanism or your Colorado light switch wiring are degrading and are struggling to make the connections necessary for an electricity path, termed contact corrosion. Or, it could be that there is a short circuit causing it to fail intermittently. In this case, your electrician from Mr. Electric can swap out your old unit for a new one, restoring your lighting fixture functionality.

Smoking or Scorching

When you turn the lighting fixtures off, you may see a small spark around your wall switch. That's actually normal and not a cause for concern—it's actually a load arc and happens when the electrical connection inside the mechanism is separated, causing your light fixture to turn off. On the other hand, if you see or hear a large spark, it could be related to a faulty wiring issue. And, if you smell smoke coming from the switch or scorch marks on the switch plate, it needs to be replaced immediately before it causes an electrical fire. Ignoring these smoking issues can lead to a house fire. So it's best to avoid using the switch until you've checked it out by one of our electricians at Mr. Electric, who can fix the problem and ensure everything is safe again.

Buzzing, Popping, Sizzling, or Clicking Noises

When Colorado Springs light switch wiring or the mechanism itself has deteriorated, they can create all kinds of electricity-related noises, including popping, sizzling, clicking, or buzzing. This typically indicates that your mechanism has suffered wear and tear over the years, or it may have been defective to begin with. It may also suggest loose wiring connections.

An exception is if you hear a buzzing noise when you operate a dimmer. Some light bulbs will buzz when paired with a dimmer because it causes the filament in the light bulb to vibrate. Try to determine if the sound is coming from your bulb, and if it is, swap it out for another brand. If it's not your bulb, it is likely your toggle mechanism. When in doubt, give us a call at Mr. Electric, and we can help you troubleshoot the issues.

Radiating Warmth

Most units should not be warm to your touch; they should just be room temperature, not giving off any noticeable heat. If the toggle lever or wall plate feels warm when you put your hand on it, it could be that the mechanism is failing or that it's not big enough for the amount of power it is drawing. For example, if the mechanism is only rated for 15 amps but has been paired with a 20 amp circuit and multiple fixtures that exceed 15 amps, it may be drawing too much power and heating up. If that's happening, our electrician at Mr. Electric should replace your Colorado Springs light switch wiring with one that is rated for 20 amps.

The exception to this is, again, dimmer switches. It's normal for a dimmer to feel warm because it is designed to dissipate some of the heat from the flow of power to dim the lighting. But if it feels legitimately hot, not warm, even on a dimmer switch, that is not normal and indicates a problem with the mechanism.

Toggle "Feels" Different

You operate your light toggles so often you develop a kind of muscle memory for exactly how it feels when you flip the lever. That's why when the "feel" changes, it can be very noticeable. If the toggle lever is getting more and more difficult to flip into the correct position, or it doesn't have the same snap that it used to, this could indicate that the internal parts of the mechanism are wearing down and need to be replaced.

Switch Vibrating When On

Does your switch plate or the wall near to it vibrate when your light is turned on? This should definitely not be happening and is a key warning sign that something is wrong with your Colorado Springs light switch wiring. It's probably happening because of a faulty switch, damaged wiring or possibly a loose connection. Those issues aren't necessarily all that severe on their own, but the motion of the vibration can cause additional damage to the wiring that could lead to a more serious issue, so it should be checked out by a qualified electrician before it gets to that point.

Circuit Breaker Trips When Light is Turned On

You flip your wall switch on—and a circuit breaker trips. If that happens one time, it might not be a huge deal. But if it happens often or every single time you turn on a certain wall switch, there's absolutely a problem with your Colorado Springs light switch wiring. Normally, breakers trip when they become overloaded but that's not necessarily the problem in this case because it's unusual that a light fixture would draw enough power to cause an overload. In all likelihood, there is a short circuit at some point along the pathway of the wiring for that switch. Give us a call so we can take a look and get your Colorado Springs light switch wiring back in safe, usable condition.

Why Choose Mr. Electric for Light Switch Wiring, Colorado Springs?

From fixing Colorado Springs light switch wiring to dozens of other possible electrical problems in your home or commercial business property, we are here to help! Our residential and commercial team of experienced electricians are fully licensed for all electrical work, including light switch wiring in Colorado Springs, with years of experience and training to fall back on. That means we know how to provide a wide range of services safely and efficiently. We will always adhere to national electrical code requirements and follow best practices to ensure that our repairs and installations will be effective, long-lasting, and safe for your household.

Mr. Electric, your local, qualified electrician, offers expert diagnostic, inspection, and repair services, plus electrical installation services, for your entire electrical system. We service Colorado and surrounding area regions, including Fountain, Falcon, and Black Forest, for all their residential and commercial electric needs.

Whether you need help with your commercial or home panel upgrades to light switch wiring, Colorado Springs residents can rely on us to help. Customers continually choose us because we live by a code of values:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Customer Focus

Furthermore, we will always show up on time, in a company uniform, and perform top-notch services in a professional manner. Our team of licensed electricians will schedule a service call when it's best for you, on your time, and we will always offer upfront pricing so you know the full cost before any work has even started. Let us give you the peace of mind you need on your Colorado Springs light switch wiring—contact us today to learn about the difference our professional electricians can make for you.

  • Do I Need a Certain Type of Switch to Replace My Old Unit?

    When purchasing a new unit to replace an old, busted mechanism, or if you just want to replace a standard toggle lever type with a dimming or timer, remember that it must be the same type you already have installed. If it's single-pole, the new unit must also be single-pole. If it's three-way, your new units must be three-way. In a four-way Colorado light switch wiring, you could replace either of the three-way mechanisms with a dimmer or timer, but you need to keep a standard toggle for the four-way mechanism itself (though you're unlikely to encounter this problem at home, as four-way switches are not usually found in residences).

    Is It Necessary to Turn Off a Circuit Breaker For Colorado Springs Light Switch Wiring Service?

    It's critically important for safety reasons to remember that the only way to completely cut power to a lighting circuit is by turning off a circuit breaker in your electrical panel switch box. Just because a toggle is in an off position and a lighting fixture is dark doesn't mean there's no power going to your electrical wiring. Don't even remove a wall plate before turning off the circuit breaker for that particular mechanism at your circuit breaker box and flip your light switch to ensure you got the correct one turned off.

    Will a Light Switch Still Work If It's Wired Backwards?

    That depends somewhat on the type of Colorado Springs light switch wiring, but generally speaking, it will still work because you can't really wire it backward to begin with. If you have a single-pole light switch wiring, for example, that is labeled "on" and "off" on the switch plate, you can connect the wrong wires to the brass wire terminals, so the light is on when it's turned toward the "off" label and vice versa. Most people have probably encountered Colorado light switch wiring like that before, but it doesn't end up mattering all that much because you rarely actually read those labels—you already know if the light is on or off based on whether it's dark in the room or not.

    What Is a “Smart Switch?”

    Wi-fi smart light switch wiring is becoming increasingly popular in Colorado Springs homes because it can connect to a smart home service like your Google Home or Amazon Alexa and allows you to control your lights from anywhere, even remotely via a smartphone. Furthermore, they can also be manually operated. Most smart switches are three-way or four-way variants.

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