Ceiling Fan Installation Services in Des Moines, IA

Keep Your Home Cool With Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is an excellent addition to any room in your home. You get constant airflow without needing to crank down the air conditioner. Mr. Electric of Central Iowa provides ceiling fan installation services for Des Moines, IA. Our service professionals can install your ceiling fan inside or outside your home. We know the proper way to install ceiling fans to ensure they work safely. We can upgrade your current ceiling fan or add lighting as well. We can come to your home to help you determine the best locations for your new ceiling fans and offer an estimate for our ceiling fan installation costs.

Mr. Electric electrician installing a ceiling fan Ceiling Fan Installation Benefits

A ceiling fan boosts the look and feel of any space. Our service professionals can quickly and efficiently install a ceiling fan for you. The most significant benefits of ceiling fans include the following:

  • Increases Comfort – A ceiling fan lets you enjoy a breeze while staying cool in your home.
  • Lower Energy Costs – You can save money by allowing the ceiling fan to provide adequate airflow to your home.
  • Brightens Your Space – We can add lighting to your ceiling fan to ensure you have a bright space.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use – Ceiling fans work perfectly in any room of your home and outside on your patio or porch.
  • Boosts Style – You can choose from multiple fan sizes, lighting styles, blade materials, and features for your ceiling fan.

Can I Use a Handyman to Install Ceiling Fans?

We advise against installing a ceiling fan without the proper electrical training. Our service professionals understand how to handle heavy fans, electric wiring, and ladders. We know how to install a ceiling fan properly without existing wiring and other complex components. Some of the most important reasons to reach out to our service professionals for installing a ceiling fan include the following:

  • Electrical Injury Risk – Working with electricity can be dangerous and challenging, so it’s critical to leave it to the professionals.
  • Dangerous Incorrect Wiring – We know the best ways to ensure your ceiling fan is correctly wired to lower the risk of fire.
  • Ceiling Damage Risk – We must cut a hole in the ceiling for most ceiling fan installations, so it takes precision and care to avoid a large and gaping hole in the ceiling.
  • Lower Costs – You will not typically save time and money installing your own ceiling fan because it takes specific tools and supplies to correctly install a fan.

We Provide Free Professional Home Electrical Inspections

Our service professionals will perform a free home electrical inspection when we install your ceiling fan. We help determine if your electrical system is in optimal health and will offer recommendations for necessary upgrades. We can check if you have any potential electrical issues or code violations. We can upgrade your light bulbs to energy-efficient bulbs and provide other electrical upgrades.

Why Choose Mr. Electric of Central Iowa?

Mr. Electric of Central Iowa provides electrical services in Ankeny, Des Moines, Urbandale, and Waukee, IA. We are devoted to ensuring your ceiling fans meet safety codes and are properly installed. We never cut corners to ensure your ceiling fan is flush with the ceiling and correctly balanced. We offer estimates for our ceiling fan installation costs and won’t charge overtime fees for proper installation. We can come to your home and help determine the best location for ceiling fans and provide upfront costs for the ceiling fan installation cost. We exceed expectations for our customers.

Get Ceiling Fan Installation Today

Mr. Electric of Central Iowa is committed to safe electrical components and helping your home be as safe as possible. We are excited to help you upgrade the electrical and safety components of your home. Our service professionals are here to help you through the process of ceiling fan installation services. Our service professionals can help you choose the best ceiling fans for your home and properly install them. We are extensively trained to do everything from installing a ceiling fan box to adding additional lighting to your fans. Contact us today to get an estimate or schedule ceiling fan installation services.