Generator Installation Services in Des Moines, IA

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Your business or home depends on a continuous power supply to keep operations running, including your lighting, computers, equipment, and HVAC system. What if your business was hit with a power outage? Do you have a backup resource to ensure your company can stay open and productive? Instead of letting your business grind to a halt sitting in a dark home in Des Moines, IA, Mr. Electric of Central Iowa can perform a generator installation at your commercial property. Adding a generator to your business location or house is an excellent safeguard against short-term and long-term power losses from weather, accidents, and other causes. With our help, you won’t need to worry about gaps in your productivity or losing customers, and your family can stay comfortable.

What Is a Power Generator?

Whether you invest in a home generator installation or a commercial one, Mr. Electric of Central Iowa covers your needs with quality work. A power generator is a backup electricity source that switches on during a power outage. It works by converting diesel, gasoline, natural gas, or another supply fuel into mechanical energy, producing electricity for your home or business. An onsite standby generator ensures your property never experiences downtime because of a power outage. Generators provide a seamless transition to backup power whenever your area's power supply fails. Typically, the transition is so smooth that you might not notice when your main power supply goes out. Homes and businesses benefit from power generators in many ways, including the following:

  • You can continue a productive business when a power outage occurs by keeping your necessary equipment operating.
  • Generators keep your family or staff comfortable and safe if an ice storm, snowstorm, or heat wave hits.
  • Having a generator can protect your computer data and keep your security system functioning.
  • Your home or business gets an uninterrupted power supply during outages and brownouts, so your devices run like normal.

What Types of Power Generators Are There?

Mr. Electric of Central Iowa’s electrical technicians can help you select a perfect power generator for your home or business. We understand which brands and models provide the best performance and run efficiently. Your structure has unique electricity needs because of factors like its size, the devices and equipment in it, and how much power your family or staff uses. We’re highly trained and licensed generator installers in Des Moines with local expertise in residential and commercial power needs. Our goal is to match you with a generator with adequate and reliable power production to support your company or household’s electrical needs. Portable and standby generators are the two types you can install, and we’ve described each option below:

Portable Generators

We can wire a portable power generator into your subpanel or use extension cords to connect it to your appliances. These power generators are designed to power only your essential electronics, such as computers, refrigerators, and lights. Mr. Electric of Central Iowa recommends portable generators because they’re simple and inexpensive. However, you must start these generators manually to create power. While portable generators provide a limited power supply for two to four outlets or a few circuits if we wire them to electrical panels, they can mean the difference between sitting in the dark and staying productive. You must place these generators at least 10 feet away from your home or business, away from windows and doors, and in an open area to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Carport and awnings are unsafe places to keep your generator.

Standby Generators

Permanently installing a standby generator outside your home or building provides sufficient power to run everything in your business or household. These generators start automatically when a power outage occurs and prevent electrical service interruptions. Fuels like gas and propane power standby generators, which are quieter than portable models. These generators come at a higher price than portable generators, and they require transfer switches, hardwiring, and subpanels. Additionally, a qualified electrician must install a standby generator. Fortunately, Mr. Electric of Central Iowa’s highly trained and licensed technicians specialize in business and home generator installations.

Reliable Generator Installation in Des Moines, IN

Mr. Electric of Central Iowa is a proud local electrical service provider, offering comprehensive electrical solutions to commercial and residential customers. We can install child proof outlets, bathroom or kitchen lighting, and ensure you always have reliable power with a generator installation. All our electricians have undergone complete background checks and have extensive training and electrical experience. Our versatile skill set and expansive expertise in home and business electrical systems come at competitive prices, with free quotes on the services you need.

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Don’t risk losing power to your home or business for hours or days after a storm or accident causes an outage. Mr. Electric of Central Iowa’s generator installation services ensure your lights stay on and your devices and equipment never stop. Contact us today to learn more about generators and how they can benefit your business or household. You can request a free quote and schedule service at a convenient time and day.