Performing Circuit Breaker Replacements in Des Moines, Iowa

Is It Time to Replace Your Circuit Breakers?

If you find yourself making frequent trips to your electrical panel to reset a breaker, it may be time to replace one or more circuit breakers. While high-quality circuit breakers can last decades, they will eventually become outdated. As homes have come to rely on more and more electronics and appliances, a home’s demand for electricity has also increased. So, upgrading your circuit breakers is often a matter of increasing capacity, allowing you to safely run more electrical devices in your house without tripping your breakers. Mr. Electric of Central Iowa performs circuit breaker replacements in the Des Moines, Iowa area. Learn more about our circuit breaker replacement services.

Mr. Electric electrician working on a circuit breaker

How to Prevent Electrical Overload

A circuit breaker is a crucial safety component of your home’s electrical system, preventing electrical overload. The various parts of your electrical system, like the wiring, outlets, and devices, are designed to handle a specific amount of electricity. When the amount of electricity running through your system exceeds that amount, it can cause fires and even electrical shocks. Circuit breakers prevent electrical overloads by monitoring the amperage running through the various parts of your home. When the amperage exceeds safe levels, a circuit breaker will trip in milliseconds, cutting off power to that part of the home. Mr. Electric of Central Iowa’s licensed electricians know how to replace circuit breakers quickly and safely, giving you the power to operate all the devices you need without worry.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Circuit Breakers

There are many times when it is helpful to replace a circuit breaker. Sometimes, it’s a matter of replacing an unsafe breaker that has outlasted its lifespan. Other times, you may need to install a new circuit breaker to handle a new electrical demand in your household. Some of the most common times that you should consider replacing a circuit breaker include:

  • Overloaded Outlets – If certain outlets cannot handle all the devices you need to use, the problem may lie in a low-capacity breaker. Upgrading to a high-capacity breaker can stop all those pesky trips to the breaker box.
  • Security Systems – Installing a security system can make your home safer, letting you rest easier at night. However, installing a dedicated breaker for your security system may be necessary.
  • Specialty Lighting – When you are installing specialty lighting, like recessed lighting, track lighting, or accent lighting, you need to ensure your breakers are equipped to handle them all. Mr. Electric of Central Iowa can help you install a circuit breaker capable of managing the amperage for your new light fixtures.
  • Appliances – A new major appliance, like a freezer or refrigerator, might increase the electrical demand on your system. Let us help you ensure that your home’s electrical system can handle the new appliance safely.
  • Additional Outdoor Electricity – Installing outdoor electronics, like landscape lighting, pool equipment, or a new sprinkler system, often requires its own circuit and its own dedicated circuit breaker.
  • Emergency Generator Installation – An emergency generator can keep your family powered during a blackout, but it typically requires a special sub-panel to manage the additional electrical load.
  • Home Entertainment Systems – If you’re setting up a new luxury home entertainment system, let us help you ensure your circuit can supply enough electricity to run the stereo system, TV, gaming systems, and every other part of your home entertainment system.
  • Home Office Equipment – Your home office needs to have a circuit breaker that will protect all your expensive devices from electrical overloads.
  • Garage or Workshop – If you’re using power tools and heavy-duty equipment in your workshop, that circuit may need a more powerful breaker installed.
  • Home Efficiency Upgrades – Installing EV chargers, solar panels, and other energy-efficient upgrades is a great thing to do. It does require a circuit and breaker that is equipped to handle the additional electricity running through your system, though. 

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