Electrical Panel Upgrade Services in Des Moines, IA

Mr. Electric of Central Iowa electrician showing an electrical panel to customers. Mr. Electric Performs Electrical Panel Upgrades

At Mr. Electric of Central Iowa, our highly skilled electricians repair, replace, and install new electrical panels and panel upgrades for commercial spaces. Unfortunately, as a structure ages, the electrical panel has a more difficult time keeping up with the system’s increasing electrical demands. Today’s modern businesses use electronics more now than ever before, including HVAC systems and major appliances. While technology evolves to stay current on the latest energy efficiency, ensuring your electrical system keeps up with your business’s electrical demands is crucial in Des Moines, IA. For electrical panel upgrades, Mr. Electric of Central Iowa’s expert electrical team can handle all your commercial electrical panel upgrade needs with quick, careful service and high-quality components.

What Is an Electrical Panel?

Electrical panels regulate electricity running through your home’s electrical system. If your home’s electricity demands are too much for your panel, a circuit breaker could trip within the electrical panel to stop the electricity from overloading the wiring and causing a fire. The electrical panel breaks the circuit and regulates your system’s electricity to prevent fires resulting from electrical overloads. You can ensure your employees, tenants, and customers are safe by upgrading your electrical panel.

Signs of a Defective Commercial Electrical Panel

As an electrical panel ages, it tends to malfunction more frequently. This common issue happens because of overloaded circuits. When circuits overload, they can cause flickering lights and turn off appliances to run other electronics plugged into the same electrical circuit. If your electrical panel is no longer reliable, the circuit breakers will trip often. In some cases, they may fail to trip, and someone might get shocked. Breakers that fail to trip can overheat your system and cause a fire. If your electrical panel is more than 25 years old, your best action is to have a licensed, professional electrician look at it. Here are some common signs to consider that may indicate upgrading your electrical is necessary to ensure your building’s safety and electrical performance:

  • You hear crackling sounds from the electrical panel.
  • You see corrosion or rust on the circuit breakers.
  • The interior of the electrical panel is warm.
  • Appliances seem to be running at less than full power.
  • Outlets near water sources, including sinks, tubs, and dishwashers, stop the electricity if an appliance comes into contact with water, preventing electrocution.
  • You have to use extension cords often.
  • You have a 60-amp electrical service.
  • You have a 100-amp electrical service, but it still can’t operate some appliances.
  • Your commercial structure has a fuse block panel or split-bus panel, which does not have a main breaker.

Should I Repair or Replace My Electrical Panel?

If Mr. Electric of Central Iowa’s experienced electricians decide we can repair your existing electrical panel rather than completely upgrade it to a new system, we’ll go ahead with the necessary repairs to keep it functioning safely and reliably. Our electricians will assess your structure, current electrical system, and energy demands to keep your business running. We review and consider several factors when trying to determine if your system needs repairs or an upgrade, including your electrical panel’s age, reliability, and all safety measures it needs to protect your electrical system.

Contact Us Today for Electrical Panel Upgrades

One of the best ways to verify if your commercial building needs an electrical panel upgrade is by scheduling Mr. Electric of Central Iowa’s licensed and highly trained technicians to perform a professional electrical safety inspection. We’ll measure how much power your system uses on the circuits and thoroughly check the electrical panel to ensure it’s safe. It’s possible your electrical panel system doesn’t work properly or needs repairs or a complete electrical panel upgrade. In this case, our licensed electricians can install a new panel exceeding your local and state regulations, and it will keep up with your structure’s increased electrical demands. A functioning and efficient electrical panel will keep your power system in great shape. Contact us today to learn more about commercial electrical panel upgrades!