GFCI Outlet Installation & Replacement in Austin, TX

GFCI Outlet Replacement for Your Home

One of the best ways to protect people in your home from electrical shock is by installing ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) outlets. Mr. Electric of Austin offers GFCI outlet and installation services for homeowners in Austin, TX. GFCI outlets offer a quick and affordable way to help prevent electrical shock and ensure your home meets Texas's modern building code standards. Our experienced electricians are committed to your home’s safety with our comprehensive electrical services. According to the General Electric code, GFCI outlets must be installed within six feet of appliances, including water heaters, washing machines, sinks, and wet bars. Reach out to learn more about letting our experts install GFCI outlets in your home.

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What Is a GFCI Outlet?

Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets are required in any place with moisture in your home. GFCI outlets need to be installed in bathrooms, garages, kitchens, and other areas with moisture. Some older homes have standard outlets in these locations and need to upgrade to GFCI outlets. You can tell if your outlets are GFCIs if they have the “test” and “retest” buttons. A GFCI outlet monitors the amount of electricity that flows through a circuit. When a GFCI outlet detects an electrical flow imbalance, it will shut off the flow of electricity to the outlet. GFCIs are excellent ways to lower the risk of electrical shock and help prevent fires.

Testing Your GFCI Outlets

It’s essential homeowners understand how to test and operate GFCI outlets. When the GFCI outlet cuts off power to your outlet, press “reset” to restore the power. If your GFCI outlet is not working, try to reset it this same way. We advise testing your GFCI outlets monthly to ensure they are working correctly. The easy steps to follow to test your GFCI outlets include the following:

  1. Press the “test” button to cut off the electrical flow.
  1. Plug in a night light or other small device to ensure the power is cut off.
  1. Press the “reset” button to turn on the outlet again.

Where Are GFCI Outlets Required in My Home?

Since 1971, GFCI outlets have been required in some homes. At that time, they were mandated for use with swimming pool equipment and anywhere near the pool. Today, any area with moisture in your home must have a GFCI outlet to lower the risk of electrical shock. An outdoor GFCI outlet is often installed in the swimming pool and spa areas, while indoor areas with moisture require a GFCI outlet installation. We’ve updated a list of today’s GFCI outlet requirements, including:

  • Swimming Pool & Spa Areas (1971) 
  • Wet Bars (1993)
  • Garages (1987)
  • Crawlspaces & Unfinished Basements (1990) 
  • Home Exteriors (1973) 
  • Bathrooms (1975) 
  • Kitchen Countertops (1987) 
  • Laundry & Utility Sinks (2005) 

Do GFCI Outlets Have Limitations?

GFCI outlets are a perfect addition to most spaces in your home. Older GFCIs have some limitations, but newer generation GFCIs are greatly improved. Most stoves and dryers require 240-volt power outlets, so they should be plugged into dedicated outlet protected by a GFCI circuit breaker.

How Long Do GFCI Outlets Last?

Standard GFCI outlets should last from 10 to 25 years. If the outlet has sustained any substantial damages, its lifespan will shorten. A GFCI outlet can fail prematurely due to improper wiring, overheating, frequently tripped breakers, and loose connections. Mr. Electric of Austin can quickly and efficiently install new GFCI outlets in your home.

Should I Replace All My Outlets with GFCI Outlets?

We do not recommend replacing all the outlets in your home with GFCI outlets. You need to use GFCI outlets in your bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas that are near water supplies. The cost to replace your ground outlets with GFCI and the electrical panel is less than paying for the heavy damage caused by improper protection.

Contact Us for GFCI Outlet Replacement Services

Mr. Electric of Austin will help you upgrade to GFCI outlets. It’s important to remember that if you live in an older home, you are at risk of electrical shock due to outdated outlets. We provide expert GFCI outlets with switch installation and upgrades to your home’s power receptacles. These life-saving outlets are quick and easy to install. Our electric professionals offer upfront pricing backed with a guarantee to get the job done right. We always offer free estimates on our services. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate of GFCI outlet installation services.