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Our team at Mr. Electric of Austin wants to take a moment to answer some of your most frequently asked questions when it comes to electricity.

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about electricity.

What Is the Difference Between a Circuit Breaker and a Fuse?

While a fuse and a circuit breaker do perform the same function, the reason for that function is different. For instance, when a fuse is tripped, it has to be replaced.

However, when a circuit breaker trips, you don’t have to replace it, which is probably why it is the more popular of the two options.

Why Are My Lightbulbs Continually Blowing Out?

Although there are a number of reasons behind why a lightbulb keeps blowing inside your home or office, the one you definitely want to check on first is overheating, especially since this can become a fire hazard.

Therefore, in order to make sure you get to the root of the problem when this occurs, call on our team to give your light fixtures a thorough inspection to ensure everything is safe with the wiring.

When People Say, “Short Circuit,” What Does That Mean?

If you happen to witness sparks occurring in your electrical panel, it is time to call us, since it probably means you have a “short circuit.”

This occurs when a wire that is carrying an electrical current comes in contact with an equipment ground wire—and is definitely something that should be evaluated by a professional electrician.

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