A Beginner's Guide to Electricity in the Home | Mr. Electric of Austin

Bolt of electric current

You never know how much you use electricity until you lose it in a power outage. Have you ever really wondered where electricity comes from?

Our team at Mr. Electric of Austin wants you to have the facts when it comes to understanding how electricity really works. Read on as we take a look:

Make the Connection

While you might feel like turning on the electricity in your home just happens when you turn on the light switch, it starts with your home’s power service. Consider this—when you move into a new home, you might need to have the electricity turned on before you are able to use electricity in your home.

The electricity is turned on through the wires from your home that are fed into the meter that is located at either your home or the power pole. When this is working, then the electricity in your home is working—and you begin to start receiving electrical bills on a monthly basis.

When a Breaker Breaks

Have you ever been using a hair dryer and all of a sudden the lights go out? When a circuit breaker trips, it is because you are using too much power for the amp total inside your house.

This is when it might become beneficial to consider upgrading your home’s electrical panel, especially if it is an older home.

Outlets vs. Switches

Of course, you might already understand that certain appliances are hooked to switches while others use outlets for their source of electricity. However, no matter if it is a fridge using an outlet or a fan using a switch, you want to make sure you are not overloading your circuits.

Therefore, consider having a knowledgeable electrician come over to review your electrical panel and wiring to ensure the safety of your home and to make sure fire hazards are being prevented.

Are you looking to upgrade your home’s electrical panel? Give our team at Mr. Electric of Austin a call today! We are here to help.