Transformative Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting in Austin, TX

Installing Decorative Kitchen and Bathroom Lights

Great lighting in your bathroom and kitchen is essential. These spaces require high visibility and elegant aesthetics. Mr. Electric of Austin installs bathroom and kitchen lighting in Austin, Texas. We can help you design the perfect lighting arrangement for your space, selecting fixtures that combine style and functionality. Then, our licensed electricians can install them all for you. Learn more about our kitchen and bathroom lighting services.

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Cast Your Bathroom and Kitchen in the Best Light

Mr. Electric of Austin is known for our comprehensive electrical services. We can do everything from installing a new light switch to rewiring your entire home. Bathroom and kitchen light fixture installation is among our most transformative services. With efficient and beautiful light fixtures, we can help you take these areas to the next level. If you want to upgrade your bathroom and kitchen, there’s no better place to start than your light fixtures.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Lights  

Imagine your dream bathroom. What do the lights look like? We can help you bring that vision into reality. Mr. Electric of Austin can put in new light fixtures or replace existing fixtures. Bathroom lights should improve visibility, energy efficiency, and mood. Some of the most popular types of lighting for bathrooms include:

  • Ceiling Lights – The ceiling lights in your bathroom are often the room’s main source of illumination. The right type of light will look great and offer you ample light. We can even help you install a fan-light combo.
  • Mirror and Vanity Lighting – You spend a lot of time getting ready in the mirror. So, visibility is an essential part of any vanity lighting. The right lighting around your mirror can make your bathroom look significantly more spacious.
  • Cabinet Lighting – Adding lights to your cabinets can light up your pathway at night without blinding you. We can also install cabinet lighting on mounted cabinets to make it easier to see your countertops
  • Bathtub and Shower – The right light fixtures around your bathtub and shower can set the perfect mood for relaxation. Many homeowners prefer dimmer switches for these lights.
  • Toilet Lights – A flood light or focused halogen over the toilet can cast light exactly where you need it, especially when there is a wall or partition that makes this an especially dark area of your bathroom.
  • Canned Lighting – If you want the least noticeable light fixtures, canned lights are practically invisible when embedded into your ceiling.
  • Indirect Lighting – Add an artistic feel to your bathroom with indirect lighting that is soft on the eyes while adding a special mood to a special space.
  • Accent Lighting – Highlight your favorite architectural features with accent lighting. We can draw attention to the best part of your bathroom with these light fixtures.

Welcome to the World of Kitchen Lights

Whether cooking a family meal or talking to friends over cocktails, your kitchen is truly the heart of your home. You should make that heart as bright and warm as possible with the right kitchen light fixtures. Our electricians can help you install any light fixtures you want, from a dedicated sink light to soft lighting under your cabinets. Some of the most popular lights for kitchens include:

  • Cabinet Lighting – Cabinets offer important storage space, but they can make countertops and walkways shadier than you want. With cabinet lighting, we can light up your walkway and countertops so that you can see clearly when chopping vegetables or going to the kitchen for a late-night snack.
  • Sink Lighting – You need to see everything when doing dishes over the sink. This is why many homeowners prefer to install a special light directly above their sink to increase visibility.
  • Accent Lighting – Don’t let the key features of your kitchen go unnoticed. Accent lighting can make things like family pictures, prized items, and architectural features stand out.
  • Kitchen Nook Lighting – If you find your kitchen nook to be darker than you want, you may want to consider installing a light in your nook. Some homeowners install dimmer switches in their kitchen nooks to give themselves maximum control over the ambiance.
  • Island Lighting – Everyone loves gathering around the kitchen island, whether you’re having a snack or helping the kids with their homework. Make this space easier to use with stylish hanging lights.
  • Canned Lighting – Don’t let flashy lights or chandeliers draw attention away from the beauty of your kitchen. Canned lighting can focus the light wherever you need it without distracting guests from the rest of your kitchen.

Schedule a Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting Appointment Today!

Your kitchen and bathroom should be as bright and beautiful as you are. If you need to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen lighting, Mr. Electric of Austin is here to help. We have installed countless light fixtures in Austin. Our light fixture installers will help you through the entire process, from designing your lighting to wiring the new fixtures to switches. We’re eager to help you brighten up your life. Schedule your bathroom and kitchen lighting appointment now!