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Circuit Installations and Update Services in Wichita, KS

Take Advantage of Our Circuit Breaker Updates

Your home circuit breaker helps distribute electricity throughout your home while reducing your risk of an electrical fire or accident. It was initially designed to handle only a set amount of electricity simultaneously. When more demand is pushed onto your breaker, it can lead to complications with your electrical circuits. This can lead to your wires overheating and the possibility of an electrical fire. Mr. Electric of Wichita offers unrivaled circuit installation and upgrades for Wichita, Andover, Douglass, and Wellington, KS residents. Our team recommends upgrading your circuit breaker and electrical circuits to keep up with modern demands while reducing the risk of electrical accidents. The upgrade service we offer may include replacing outlets, circuit breakers, and even the wiring throughout your home. Mr. Electric of Wichita is trained to handle all installations and upgrades seamlessly and correctly. Learn more about our circuit installation and update service by requesting a quote today.

Circuit Installations and Update Services in Wichita, KS

Take Advantage of Our Circuit Breaker Updates

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  • An electrical circuit overload occurs when more electricity or amperage is transferred through your home’s wire than it was designed to support. As this happens, your circuit breaker will trip as insufficient amperage reaches the high-powered electronic devices. This can be triggered with something as simple as plugging a new printer into the outlet you share with your home computer. Mr. Electric of Wichita believes that knowing how overloads occur can help you best avoid these from occurring. Avoiding electrical overloads is a great way to avoid electrical fires. If you’re unsure if your electrical system needs an update, our technicians can perform thorough inspections and provide our recommendations on which components should be upgraded.

  • If you constantly deal with overloaded circuits, Mr. Electric of Wichita can help. Our professional team can install dedicated circuits. Dedicated circuits are designed to support high-power consumption appliances and devices. These are perfect for dishwashers, washers, dryers, air conditioners, and even small devices. The additional benefit of dedicated circuits is that the devices remain on their circuit and won’t draw power from other devices, further removing any possible interference. Letting our experts upgrade your circuit breaker helps your home’s appliances perform without causing any interruptions. As a bonus, upgrading your electrical circuit can help prevent overloads while reducing your risk of an electrical fire.

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Signs Your Due for a Circuit Breaker Update

When considering adding a new appliance or upgrading your home’s entertainment center, check your electrical system. Mr. Electric of Wichita can perform a full inspection to ensure your circuit breaker can handle the new power demands. There are also obvious and not-so-obvious signs that your circuit breaker is due for an upgrade. Take a look at some of the signs you should consider investing in our circuit breaker update service:

  • Overloading Circuits – When your circuit breaker is tripping breakers constantly without you doing anything different, it may be time to look into getting new circuitry. Tripping circuits like this indicate either a short or an overload in your electrical system. It’s possible you may be trying to run too much electricity than your circuits can handle.
  • Power Draw Issues – If you notice your lights dimming or flickering when you run the vacuum, it could mean that your circuits aren’t up to par anymore. This usually indicates that the upper limit has been met on your circuit’s capabilities and that it’s time to upgrade to a larger circuit.
  • Warm Outlets and Breakers – It’s not unusual for a circuit with too much power to become warm. This heat can also extend to your outlets and breakers as well. If left alone, this can eventually lead to electrical fires and is a vital and clear sign that it’s time for a circuit breaker upgrade.
  • Mr. Electric of Wichita has helped customers throughout Wichita, Andover, Douglass, and Wellington, KS, determine if their circuit breakers needed to be updated or replaced. Your and your family’s safety is our priority, so we recommend scheduling one of our electrical system inspections. We can offer a quote during your inspection with our upfront and honest pricing. Our Neighborly Done Right Promise backs all our work. We want you to feel confident that you picked the right time for the job. Reach out to schedule your quote today or to schedule your circuit breaker update and installation.

  • Dedicated Kitchen Circuit Installation and Service

    If tripping circuit breakers is a frequent occurrence in your home, your appliances may not be connected to dedicated circuits. The National Electrical Code requires dedicated circuits for major electrical appliances such as refrigerators because they ensure that appliances can operate safely.

  • Exterior Building Circuit Installation and Service

    Exterior buildings provide valuable space for a range of needs. Equipping those outbuildings with electricity makes them more accessible day and night and expands their functionality. Your local Mr. Electric® provides electrical services for detached buildings in your area.

  • Hot Tub Circuit Installation and Service

    A safe and effective hot tub installation requires a dedicated circuit. That circuit supplies power exclusively to the hot tub, and it should be installed by a licensed electrician.

  • Outdoor Kitchen Circuit Installation and Service

    Few home upgrades are as functional and appealing as an outdoor kitchen. If you enjoy cooking and want to spend more time outdoors, this renovation will be worth it. Allow your local Mr. Electric® advise about your outdoor kitchen electrical requirements and perform expert electrical services.

  • Pool Circuit Installation and Service

    Keeping your pool healthy and clear requires a pool pump, which in turn requires its own dedicated circuit. Your local Mr. Electric® offers full-service pool circuit installation, from obtaining the appropriate permits to connecting the pump to your home’s electrical panel.

  • Subpanel Installation and Service

    The main electrical panel in your home is the conduit through which all of your home’s electricity is distributed throughout the house. Every home has one. Some homes also have a subpanel (or multiple subpanels) installed to distribute electricity to a specific, often distant, area of the property.

  • Tankless Water Heater Electrical Circuit Service

    Make sure your household has a steady, reliable supply of hot water by having a tankless water heater installed. Your local Mr. Electric can upgrade your existing wiring for your new tankless water heater. For electric tankless water heaters, we also offer full installation service!

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