GFCI Outlet Wiring by Mr. Electric of Ocala

Mr. Electric of Ocala, FL electrician installing a power outlet.

GFCI Outlets Protect Your Family From Electrical Shock

Is your home up-to-code? Mr. Electric of Ocala can ensure your home is safe with GFCI outlet wiring in Ocala, Belleview, Summerfield, and Dunnellon, FL. Our experienced and highly-trained team of electricians can replace or install new GFCI outlets in the areas required under local and federal electrical codes. They'll not only keep your home compliant but also better protect your family. GFCI outlets are necessary for many places inside and outside of your home. When you choose Mr. Electric of Ocala, we'll identify the locations you should have a GFCI outlet and install one if necessary. Our team has the skills and experience essential to wire them into your home. Discover more about GFCI outlets and if you should have one installed.

Do I Need a GFCI Outlet in My Home?

GFCI outlets are required for 125-volt single phase, 15- and 20- ampere receptacles in areas inside and outside of your home in which water is present to help reduce the risk of electrical shock. Many newly built or renovated homes throughout Florida are already outfitted with GFCI outlets. Their most recognizable attribute is the "test" and "reset" buttons which can be seen on the outlet's face plate. Our team can ensure your home is compliant with regulations regarding GFCI outlets with a quick visual inspection of some of the most common places these types of outlets are required, including:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry Room Sinks
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Basements
  • Outdoor Outlets
  • Pool Areas
  • And More

Discover How GFCI Outlets Operate

GFCI outlets are a convenient electrical component utilized explicitly in areas where water is present to prevent the chances of electrocution. They are designed to react quickly to extremely small changes in the current. Once the electrical current is interrupted, they will cut the power before the electrical current can significantly affect the operator. If the outlet's breaker has been flipped, simply press the "reset" button to restore the power. This convenient feature makes them ideal and safe for use around areas where electrocution is a significant threat without making the outlet tedious to use. However, the safety features make it crucial you conduct a monthly test of your GFCI outlets to ensure they are operating correctly.

How Can I Test My GFCI Outlet?

Testing GFCI outlets doesn't require any special tools or knowledge. Their simple operation and testing process ensure that homeowners are safe even between having their home's electrical system inspected by a certified professional. If your GFCI outlet is not working at any point in the testing phase outlined below, it's essential you have a licensed electrician replace your GFCI outlet to prevent the possibility of electrocution. Follow our GFCI outlet testing process carefully:

  • Press the "Test" button to stop the electrical flow to the outlet.
  • Plug In a night light or anything with a small electrical output to ensure no electricity is flowing.
  • Press the "Reset" button to return power to the outlets.

What Are the Limitations of a GFCI Outlet?

Despite their unique safety features, GFCI outlets do have their limitations. It's essential to understand what they are for the safety of you and your family. Most home refrigerators or freezers require more power than your GFCI outlet can produce. Similarly, GFCI outlets are not compatible with stoves or washers. You may also trip your outlets if too many electronics are plugged into a single extension cord. Being mindful of how much power you're using from your GFCI outlet will ensure its safe operation.

Where Are GFCI Outlets Required in My Home?

GFCI outlets have become increasingly common in homes throughout the decades as electrical codes have been updated. They first became required in 1971 for outdoor pool areas and have grown in frequency since then. The professional electricians at Mr. Electric of Ocala have the knowledge and experience to ensure your home is GFCI outlet compliant. They are required in the following areas:

  • Spa and Pool Areas (1971)
  • Residential Exteriors (1973)
  • Bathrooms (1975)
  • Garages (1978)
  • Kitchen Countertops (1987)
  • Crawlspaces/ Unfinished Basements (1990)
  • Wet Bars (1993)
  • Laundry Sinks (2005)

Protect Your Home and Family With a GFCI Upgrade

If you own an older home or one that hasn't been updated recently, you may be at a greater risk for electrocution or house fire. GFCI outlets are designed to reduce the chance of a fire or safety hazard in areas in your home where moisture is present and more likely to cause an issue. There is a simple and easy way to identify and test your GFCI outlets. The professional electricians at Mr. Electric of Ocala can wire new GFCI outlets in your home if it's not up to date with the electrical codes. We have the knowledge, experience, and training to provide you with fast, reliable, and safe electrical services. Contact us today to schedule your installation.