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Electrical Code Updates in Ocala, FL

Mr. Electric Provides Electrical Code Updates and Corrections

As one of the area's most trusted electrical companies in the area, Mr. Electric of Ocala provides electrical code updates and corrections in Summerfield, Belleview, Ocala, and Dunnellon, Florida. Every year tens of thousands of commercial and residential properties are destroyed due to a fire caused by outdated or faulty electrical wiring. Luckily our team can ensure that your business or home is safe and up to code with all the local and federal electrical ordinances. Failure to comply can lead to significant damage to your property, injury, and in some cases, severe fines from the local or state government. Our team can help inform property owners about the local code and ensure they are compliant, and their electrical system is safe. Don't risk injury. Call our team today to schedule your service now.

Electrical Code Updates in Ocala, FL

Mr. Electric Provides Electrical Code Updates and Corrections

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  • Since 1897, licensed and qualified electricians have been required to follow the National Electric Code. It has been instituted to regulate electrical safety standards in the nation. Every three years, the code is updated to reflect the newest technology and regulations. The code is designed to ensure that all homes built or electrical systems that are upgraded are safe for you, your family, and any electricians working on them. By ensuring that every home follows a uniform electrical installation and wiring standard, we can ensure that everyone is safe.

  • What sets Mr. Electric of Ocala apart from other electricians is our ongoing training. The electric code is constantly changing to reflect the newest technology and the latest safety precautions for electrical installations. Our team is committed to ensuring our electricians have the knowledge and training to stay current on the latest electrical code updates. Every electrical project we complete applies the skills and knowledge we've acquired while also staying compliant, including updating and correcting issues for our clients. Staying educated about the latest electrical requirements set forth by the National Electric Code allows us to provide better service and safety to all our customers.

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Is My Home Compliant With the National Electrical Code?

Frequent updates to the National Electrical Code mean that your home may no longer be compliant. At Mr. Electric of Ocala, our electricians have the knowledge, skills, and proper equipment to ensure your home is updated to reflect the highest safety and energy standards to protect your home and family. We recommend scheduling a routine check of your home for outdated wiring, faulty panels, and more. There are numerous benefits to choosing us to ensure your home is compliant with the National Electrical Code:

  • Updated wiring, installations, and other aspects of your electrical system ensure you and your family are safe from faulty electrical equipment.
  • When purchasing a home, we can inspect its electrical components to confirm that the system is safe.
  • If you're selling your home, ensuring it's up to date with the National Electrical Code will prevent delays in the selling process.

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